Love with My Next-Door Neighbors

author :

Yumi Ayakano


Mitsuru Ooiso, a university student, spends his days in idleness. Then a new neighbor, Yuki Koyama, turns his entire life around. Like the hollyhocks blooming in front of the old apartment building, love awakens with color and vividness. But Yuki can be a bit helpless, and Mitsuru, who's unable to convey his feelings, tries to distance himself... Aside from these two fumbling for love, there are as many rooms as their are flowers, blooming with stories of love.


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author :

Yumi Ayakano

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Japanese :

Mukou Sangen Ryoudonari no Koi

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Love with My Next-Door Neighbors

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Pages: 180

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June 22, 2016 (JST)
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