Counterfeit Princess Catching the Crown 4

One fateful day, Shannon was offered the acting role of a lifetime and pay to match its grandeur. Since she could pass for the pPrincess Iliana's twin, Greta and Freddy wanted Shannon to stand- in for the currently ill princess during everyday the occasions she was required to attend over the next few days. To Shannon, a grad school student drowning in debt who waitedand waiting tables for a living, this opportunity was too good to pass up. She figured that waving at people and cutting ribbons couldn't be all that difficult. It's It wasn'tnot until she's she was forced to meet the princess's Iliana's fiance while pretending to be the princess that she starts started to fear this job was much more than she'd bargained for.


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Counterfeit Princess Catching the Crown 4

Pages: 130
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artist : Ayumu Asou original novel : Raye Morgan Publisher : Harlequin Series : Catching the Crown

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