The Passionate Friends

Six years ago, Judith, an aristocrat from an old, noble house, tearfully left her first love, Dan. In order to stop her stepmother from spreading rumors that Dan was an orphan from the slums and to protect his honor, she had no choice but to abandon him. Now she's twenty-five and has chosen to marry a man other than Dan. Getting married is her only chance to escape the terrible years-long abuse from her stepmother. But with the ceremony close at hand, Dan suddenly appears?she cannot believe her eyes! This is a spin-off story starring Dan, who was a side character in The Love Child.


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The Passionate Friends 1

Pages: 145
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The Passionate Friends 2

Pages: 145
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Junko Murata original novel : Meg Alexander Publisher : Harlequin

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