The Bridesmaid and the Billionaire

Ever since the loss of their parents eight years ago, Susannah has worked herself to the bone looking after her younger sister Jackie. But she has a dream: to live out her late parents' unrealized plans of traveling to Paris. To see the world. Now Jackie is about to get married, Susannah has the money saved up, and her travel plans are set. Enter a man dreamy enough to overshadow even Paris-Kane, the groom's best friend. Kane asks Susannah to show him how to live a "normal" life during his vacation. He's never felt grass beneath his bare feet before, never gone fishing. Who is he, really? And what's Susannah to do when she finds herself falling for him?


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The Bridesmaid and the Billionaire

Pages: 129

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artist : Akiko Miyagi original novel : Shirley Jump Publisher : Harlequin

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