The Prince's Outback Bride

Pippa didn't know what to do. The milk tanks on the farm she runs are polluted. Her savings are almost gone. Now the truck she was driving is stuck in the mud from a heavy rain. Then a beautiful black-haired man named Max approaches her. Max says the boy she is taking care of, Marc, her late best friend's son, is an heir to the royal family of Alp d'Estella. Pippa is taken to Alp d'Estella and quickly drawn into a plot. She starts to have feelings for Max, who is protecting her, but then she learns the secret of his birth!


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The Prince's Outback Bride

Pages: 128
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

Buy : $6.99


artist : Mito Orihara original novel : Marion Lennox Publisher : Harlequin

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