[Sold by Chapter] The Darkest Prison Lords of the Underworld 3.5

Sold by Chapter: This is one chapter of "The Darkest Prison Lords of the Underworld 3.5". The chapter is sold individually here. The whole book is also available in a single volume. Please make sure you haven't already rented or purchased it. At long last, he'll finally have his revenge. He, Atlas, remembers when Nike, a goddess, had trapped him, a Titan. She had carved her name into his chest, and even now it burned and ached. Following the fall of the Greek gods, he's become responsible for this prison. His imprisonment, until only a few days earlier, is still fresh and raw in his mind, especially the female prison guard, Nike. She had tried to claim his body for herself by carving her name into him, and the hatred he feels for her can only be reduced by inflicting the same humiliation upon her. He pins her down, while she screams and cries, and carves his own name into her porcelain-white back. After he is done, he commits to memory this dark yet pleasant feeling. With this she will know who she belongs to.


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The Darkest Prison Chapter 1 Lords of the Underworld 3.5

Pages: 44
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The Darkest Prison Chapter 2 Lords of the Underworld 3.5

Pages: 42
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The Darkest Prison Chapter 3 Lords of the Underworld 3.5

Pages: 46
Rent (48hrs) : $

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artist : Earithen original novel : Gena Showalter Publisher : Harlequin Series : Lords of the Underworld

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July 21, 2019 (JST)
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