Tamed: The Barbarian King Dark-Hearted Desert Men 2

Engagement to a billionaire, a huge feast and throngs of well-wishers. But at her own engagement party, Jasmine is far from elated. Thirteen years ago, she was exiled from Qusay over a family-destroying scandal. Though this marriage will allow her to finally return home, she feels no more than platonic affection for her new husband. But when she finds the soon-to-be King of Qusay, Kareef, among the guests, she goes from resigned to terrified as everything threatens to fall apart. Kareef is not only royalty-he's the man she secretly wed thirteen years earlier!


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Tamed: The Barbarian King Dark-Hearted Desert Men 2

Pages: 129
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Noni Kugatsu original novel : Jennie Lucas Publisher : Harlequin Series : Dark-Hearted Desert Men- 2 -

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