Training Trap -Qualifications Needed to Become My Wife-

author :

Saya Dando


Today Yumiko has a date for an arranged marriage. She meets the serious-looking Takeda, who works at City Hall. However, He rejects the marriage before anything can start without any indication as to why. When Yumiko demands to know the reason, he takes Yumiko to his condo. There, she's handed a small vibrator...!! Mr. Takeda can't be turned on unless he sees an aroused woman. Yumiko is told to use the vibrator on herself. Can she accept Mr. Takeda's strange sexual habits...!?


Mature_Romance_MangaSadistic_BoyfriendOneshotLocalized by Renta100pts-199pts

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author :

Saya Dando

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Japanese :

Choukyou Trap Hanayome no Shikaku

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Training Trap -Qualifications Needed to Become My Wife-

Pages: 25

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September 04, 2017 (JST)
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