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An Over-The-Hill Former Martial Lord And His Daughter, The Lord of Sorcery. -A Loving, Unrivaled Family- (Current ch. 7) Comic

PublisherRenta Comics

Dylan is a former hero and one of the Eight Martial Lords of the war against the demons.
30 years have passed since the war ended, and martial arts is now a dying craft due to the widespread use of magic items called "Arks." Unable to use magic artifacts, Dylan was looked down upon and demoted.
Now 45 years old, Dylan lives with his adopted daughter Yuria who possesses "special" talent.
They move from the countryside to the imperial capital, where he becomes a guard while Yuria is sent off to a magic academy...

Together, the rustic father and powerful martial lord Dylan and his loving, prodigious daughter, bring light to the darkness of the capital!


This Mage Desires Mediocrity (Current ch. 21) Comic Popular

"No one will capture me!" Mizuki, a grown-up who loves gaming, is suddenly swept away to another world. She resolutely survives by using her inherent grit and magical talent. Then, two useless knights and one particularly kinky knight arrive on the scene. The appearance of so many disappointing hot guys marks the beginning of Mizuki's unprecedented, alternate-dimension life! Her chosen lifestyle involves nothing but "being herself!" This is a meritocratic, alternate-dimension fantasy that features hot guys with sublimely deplorable flaws and a sadistic mage!


The Hunt [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


Once upon a time... on the night of the village festival, our heroine Setona, a girl born to a warrior clan, is perplexed to hear of her love Manibe's sudden disappearance. She soon learns that he was chosen as a sacrifice to the mountain god. When she runs to the temple where he was sacrificed and breaks the enchanted mirror that divides the temple and the outside world, she finds herself facing some sinister entities... and... a man...!? And so, the hunt begins...! CHIKUHIME pours her heart and soul into this romantic historical drama!



PublisherMAG Garden

An alternative take on the Shinsengumi, this story follows a young boy named Tetsunosuke Ichimura who is determined to become stronger and so tries to join the Shinsengumi.The young Tetsunosuke is treated like he's just some dumb kid and is turned down at the door.Soon after, he meets a black-haired young man walking his pet pig. Inspired by the man's words, Tetsunosuke is told he can join the Shinsengumi... if he takes on Souji Okita.


The Ponytail Ninja Comic

AuthorKei Arita

Meet Tsubame Kurenai. At first glance, just your everyday high school student - who just happens to be a member of a long line of guardian ninjas! When evil suddenly strikes Tsubame's high school and girls start dropping like flies, it doesn't take long before the princess under Tsubame's protection, a fellow student, becomes the next target. Will the Ponytail Ninja come through?

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