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An Honest Kind of Love NEW Comic


"That summer was a mistake." Hajime Nonokawa ends up accidentally reuniting with his childhood friend Keisuke Koya after going back to his hometown for the first time since it was turned into a reservoir 12 years ago. 12 years ago, Hajime suddenly realized he had feelings for his friend, but he chose to hide those feelings away... What will happen during this reunion? Will his feelings resurface again?


The Voluptuous Guy! NEW Comic

AuthorKaya Aota

When Masaki Shiina, a student living in the dorms of an all-boys college, wakes up one morning, he discovers that he now has the body of a woman! Since Masaki is surrounded by young guys, if this news gets out, he's in danger of being taken to bed before he can do the deed as a guy...!! Unfortunately, Masaki's roommate, Yuuki Kashii, quickly discovers his secret. In return for his silence, Yuuki demands that they have some fun together. Even though Masaki resists this at first, he starts to get addicted to the bodily pleasures!!


My Cute Pet Boyfriend NEW Comic

Toko is going out with Takashi, who is six years younger and is madly in love with her. Toko is hooked by his outgoing and energetic demeanor. He's like a baby, or a loyal pet dog. But, when it comes to making love, he becomes a fierce beast that wants to devour her entire body. This is a cute and hot two-chapter love story. It also includes other sweet, heart-pounding stories.

25% OFF

The Artist and the Beast ( Current vol 21 ) NEW Comic Popular


Annoyed by everything and lacking any interest in love whatsoever, manga artist Rui gets an unexpected visit from a built, scary-looking yakuza. After carelessly becoming the guarantor for her friend's loan, she is told to settle his debt of tens of thousands of dollars... "I'll wait for payment. That is, if you let me have sex with you." And just like that, she's pulled into it. "But, I'm a virgin... Am I gonna be okay?" Just as she thinks she's going to be made to suffer, she gets treated kindly and gently, making her first sensual experience all the more confusing...


Steamy Love -My First Crush Is Now My Boss!- NEW Comic


Aoko has finally returned to the place that's home to one of her most precious memories from childhood... From today, she'll be staying here... with a special someone... Aoko has held a flame for Soji since she first met him in elementary school. Now as an adult, she begins a job at the same hot springs resort where he still works. However... her long awaited reunion takes place when she's completely in the buff! What's more, Soji seems different than she remembers. He's actually a little scary... Being apart for so many years, it's not unusual, but it's almost like there's an additional reason he's closed his heart to her... When she happily finds herself alone with him a couple days later, there's a complete 180 to his behavior! What did he mean by "Sorry to disappoint you, but the real reason you wanted to work here is gone"!? Still in a state of confusion, he forcefully kisses her and asks... "Do you wanna play with me for a bit?"


Intertwined with My Stepbrother, Loved by a Beast. ( Current vol 3 ) NEW Comic

Authoranco Kazuichi

Dumped by her boyfriend, and with her workplace bankrupt, Maiko Nishino's life is a series of misfortunes. To make things worse, an old friend sold her off as debt insurance, putting Maiko in dire straits! That's when her younger stepbrother, Touri, who she hasn't seen since she parted ways with him 15 years ago, steps in to save her. In that time, Touri has grown into a handsome young company president. In return for his help, Touri wants... Maiko's body!?


I Would Do Anything for You, You Know? -Captured by an Obsessive Guy- ( Current vol 3 ) NEW Comic

PublisherLove Chocolat

Nana's fear of men started when she was a kid after being bullied by a boy. As a result, she started college full of anxiety until she met Kaoru, a beauty that captivates even women. Ever since, they've been inseparable since Kaoru protects Nana from the guys at their school. One day, Kaoru crashes at Nana's place and Nana passes out after a few drinks. Kaoru then looks at her sleeping with a satisfied expression, takes off his wig, and shows his true colors... Yes, Kaoru is a guy who's dressed up as a woman in order to get close to Nana!


First Love Reset ( Current vol 3 ) NEW Comic


Ako and Hiro were always together. Ako was so sure that Hiro reciprocated her feelings, but after he rejected her, it left a deep scar in her heart. Ten years have passed since then. Ako decides she needs to spread her wings and forget all about what happened. Right when she's having trouble convincing her dad to let her move out on her own, someone comes to the door. It turns out to be Hiro, her first love, and they haven't seen each other since the rejection. But, since Ako's parents trust him a lot, they let her move into his apartment building. Ako is thrilled to be on her own, but when she forgets to call the gas company, she's forced to ask Hiro for help and close the distance between them. Ako wants to reset the bittersweet memories of her first love and try her relationship with Hiro again.


I'm Straight, But My Friend Gets Me Hard ( Current vol 3 ) NEW Comic


Atsushi can't rise to the challenge with his girlfriend and starts panicking. Could it be that he's run into a medical condition already!? Looking for help on the internet, he finds an article recommending a certain kind of stimulation that's apparently very effective... Unfortunately, just as he's trying it out, his best friend comes back home and finds him in a compromising situation. To Atsushi's surprise, Tsukasa rushes to the rescue and helps him achieve what his girlfriend couldn't... But, Atsushi is straight, isn't he!? How is this going to change their friendship...?


I'll Act, But I Never Said I'd Do That! ( Current vol 2 ) NEW Comic


"I'll help you with your 'special training'!" Aspiring actor, Tetsu, spends day after day auditioning for roles, but is turned down due to his delinquent personality, leaving him with little choice but to lodge with his long time friend, Satoshi, who is a popular scriptwriter. Finally, a shot at a lead role presents itself to a disparaged Tetsu, but the offer turns out to be for a "man on man romance" movie. Being attracted to men himself, Satoshi offers Tetsu his guidance to help him get into character, but ends up getting jeered at... Clearly irritated, Satoshi says, "Fine. I'll help you out as an 'experiment'. Why don't we give it a try?" And with that, the two friends cross a line they never thought they would... all because of a movie! A cool-headed, popular writer meets an idiotic delinquent actor in this heart-pounding sensual story!


Undercover Night Visits -An Apartment Full of Handsome Beasts- NEW Comic

AuthorMoto Akeno

Ritsu, the main character, suddenly has to cover for the janitor of a small apartment. She decides to go around and introduce herself to the tenants of the apartment in the evening, and to her surprise, walks into a room where a super handsome guy is standing half-naked...! The guy asks, "What are you doing walking into my room dressed like that...? Are you hitting on me?" That guy, Mr. Yano, is quite relentless! He starts kissing her and makes her melt with his fingers... The following day, another young and handsome neighbor, who overheard Ritsu and Mr. Yano sleeping together, also approaches Ritsu... This apartment is full of wild beasts. Will she be able to handle all this...!?


Wanna Go for a Ride? ( Current vol 3 ) NEW Comic


Yukiya's been jilted by his girl, and he comes to Kyoto on a quiet trip to lick his wounds. Motoharu, a mysterious but handsome rickshaw driver, appears before him, and Yukiya can't help finding his perfect looks and conversation skills appealing while he's given a ride. That night, he visits the bar where Motoharu works, but an unexpected danger awaits...!

An affair of a lost soul that starts during a trip. There's nothing for Yukiya to lose in this debut work by a promising new star!!


Before You Fall in Love NEW Comic

Mr. Mamiya teaches at an all-boys school, and he has a secret. The first time that he had a class as a homeroom teacher, one of his students had professed his love for him. Three years later, Haruma Seta appears in front of him. He's matured, he's become a trainee teacher, and he continues to tell Mr. Mamiya that he loves him. Will Mr. Mamiya be able to resist Haruma's approaches...?


The Paradox of Deep Obsession ( Current vol 2 ) NEW Comic


"The males chase the females around... until they get pregnant." Strong-spirited Makoto Mizushima belongs to the biology club, which he can't quite get used to, and calls "a quiet, subdued club for geeks". There was a freshman named Kido that Makoto thought was a particular oddball, who came up to him one day and said, "I want to copulate with you." Disgusted with the proposition in the empty classroom, Makoto tells him to touch himself in front of everyone if he wants to date him. Little did he realize the extent of Kido's obsession! A story about an unpredictable freshman and an older guy with an attitude...


I Can't Fall in Love with My Husband! ( Current vol 6 ) NEW Comic


Akane married the company's hottie, Takuya, just because of their perfect chemistry in bed. She wanted them to be in love, and even though they're living together under the agreement not to fall in love, her feelings just grow stronger every day. Is there any way for this married couple to find love with each other!?


Marco's Pride NEW Comic


"I won't allow her to ruin the wedding!" Marco boomed, his voice reaching the ceiling of the design studio. The famous fashion designer is two and a half months away from marrying his duchess fiancee, Marilena, when his ex-wife, Payton, arrives with their twin girls from San Francisco. Payton, who swore never to return to Milan, has come to entrust the children to her ex-husband's care. She has a dark secret: it looks as if the same awful disease that killed her mother will take her, as well...



My Precious -Ravished by a Mafioso- ( Current vol 2 ) NEW Comic

Ayumu's boyfriend, Jun, is second-in-command of the Ryusei Association family. In order to prove her independence, Ayumu has been focusing on her metalwork apprenticeship for the past two years. She was supposed to return to Jun soon, but now, he's telling her to wait a little longer. While they've seen each other a few times during their separation, it's been months since the last time they met. Ayumu knows it was her choice to be with a guy from a different world, but she just can't shake off her anxiety... Enjoy the dangerous thrills of loving a mobster in this much-anticipated sequel of the smash-hit romance, "My Precious"!


Her Little Secret, His Hidden Heir NEW Comic


Her marriage to the wealthy Marcus ended after only three years. Vanessa left his house in sadness, but she was suddenly struck with nausea. One year later, Vanessa is helping with her aunt's bakery. Vanessa's dream is to deliver her aunt's pastries all over the United States, so she wants to expand the business. One day, she receives an offer from an investor, who turns out to be her ex-husband, Marcus. She can't let him find out about her secret! Vanessa tries to turn his investment offer down, but then Marcus tells her a surprising truth!



Public Scandal, Private Mistress NEW Comic


Veronica came to Paris from New Zealand to sightsee. But right after she arrived, she spent her days in bed with the flu. Her only pleasure was staring at the attractive man sitting in the bar across from her hotel. On her last day in Paris, she recovered from the flu and decided to go to the bar he frequents. One thing led to another and they decided to go sightseeing together. They couldn't communicate well linguistically, but Vanessa had an amazing night with the man she'd been dreaming about for the past few days. The next morning, she left him without saying goodbye to keep their meeting as a good memory of being in a foreign country. But when she arrived at her next destination, he was at the station!



Spanish Nights NEW Comic


While on a trip to Spain, Laura meets the man who will change her destiny. Dizzyingly handsome, Luis De Rivera is the richest man in Andalusia and the two fall in love instantly. They marry and expect that their happiness will last forever. Until a horrible secret from Laura's past is revealed. An ex-boyfriend forced himself on her, resulting in her father suing for damages and winning. When Luis finds out, he becomes cruel and hard, so Laura leaves him. But two months later, he tracks her down, determined that she should come back to Spain with him.


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