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The Bachelor Prince Comic


With his noble features and toned body, Stefano is the perfect prince whom every woman wants. The prince of San Lorenzo is known as the world's most attractive bachelor, but to Hope, he's simply someone unattainable. She's too busy with her coffee shop to care about romance, anyway. But even so, she ends up on a date with the prince! While getting to be Cinderella for a night, she finds love in his arms. It's like they're under a romantic spell... Does their love story really need to end?



Asking God for a Hubby (Current ch. 4) Comic


Natsuki has struck out at speed dating a bunch of times and doesn't know what to do to improve her luck with men. Then, one day, as she's walking home drunk, Natsuki visits a shrine she used to play at as a kid and prays to the spirit there for a boyfriend... When she does, a hot and wild-looking guy in a kimono suddenly appears before her and unexpectedly says, "I'll be your boyfriend if you'll have me!" Since she's drunk and the guy's also her type, Natsuki doesn't hesitate to accept his offer... but then they're suddenly in her bed at home and he starts taking her clothes off!


Love at First Bite Comic

PublisherJunet Co.,LTD

College sophomore Makoto is full of anxieties about love. One night in the park,when he's practicing professing his love to an imaginary beau,a stranger called Shiro overhears him. Those words "I love you" intrigue Shiro so much,he takes up residence in Makoto's apartment! A demon that lives off words,Shiro grows bigger from eating pleasant words,and loses strength when he hears sad words. Shiro teaches Makoto everything about filling the void in his body and soul. Before he knows it,Makoto's first love has begun...!! Includes an original 23-page manga. This latest work of Sakana Tojo,author of the hit manga "My Lovely Bunny," is dripping with sweet,soothing sensuality. You'll catch happy feelings just from reading it!


My Secret with the Girl Next Door (Current ch. 15) Comic Popular


"Let me touch you more..." Miku, who suffers from a fear of men, finds a cute cafe close to the new apartment she just moved to. The manager is super-beautiful and, for some reason, takes a liking to Miku and asks, "Why don't you work here?" By sheer coincidence, they're even next-door neighbors. Miku starts opening her heart to this kind and cheerful woman... Wait... Man!?


My Thirsty Coworker Has His Way with Me Every Night (Current ch. 20) Comic


Ryo spends his days pining after his handsome and kind-hearted colleague at work, Ninomiya. Ryo never admits his feelings, hiding them deep inside his heart. One night when his desire grows uncontrollable, he starts to touch himself, only to be interrupted by a... ghost!? And it seems that the poltergeist actually wants to help him finish the job! Ryo asks Ninomiya, who claims to be a psychic, to help him. For better or worse, the whole ordeal is about to change their relationship forever.


At The Count's Bidding Comic


Nicola is a struggling dancer who was raised in an abusive household. For her, the two months she had been in a relationship with Giancarlo, the son of an Italian count, were the happiest days of her life?until her mother sold her relationship to a gossip magazine. Ten years later, Nicola is reunited with Giancarlo as his mother's personal assistant. He blames her for the past and accuses her of scheming to steal from his mother. She pleads her innocence and confesses that she still loves him. Refusing to listen, he makes the cruelest demands...



Before I Knew It, We Were Kissing -The Famous Actor Next Door and Our Secret Relationship- (Current ch. 9) Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Izumi Yasaka comes home one day dead-tired from work and is ready for a beer. That's when she receives a package from her family. It's vegetables. Lots of them.
Unable to eat all of them by herself, she goes to ask the neighbor if he wants any.
When she rings the doorbell, a really handsome guy answers the door... but he seems to be very nervous for some reason.
But, after talking to him, they hit it off and have a few drinks together, which leads to something else.


Sadistic Secrets and Masochistic Mysteries [Total ch. 7] Completed Comic


Mitsuki, a college freshman who is popular with all the guys for her sweet and innocent demeanor, has just begun dating senior student Nishino, the most awkward guy in their college club. No one can understand why, especially Komazaki, whose attempts at picking up Mitsuki have all ended in polite rejections. Suspicious that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye, Komazaki follows the happy couple into an empty classroom... Moans of pleasure, words of domination, and a secret no one would've ever imagined...


The Ceo's Love Command Comic

AuthorMiwa Sakai

Ugly, chubby, and short, Cecily Clarke has one thing going for her: her brain. However, her supposedly bright future as a CEO shatters when she discovers her father's debt and takes it over. Not only that, but when she sells herself off, she gets stuck with a haughty CEO of an IT company. Can she think her way back to a hopeful future?



Marrying The Runaway Bride Comic


This marriage is a mistake, Heather realized in anguish the day of her wedding. How could she have come to this realization so late? Her family and friends were already waiting to wish her well in the church. Just when she was going to collapse in panic, an unfamiliar man supported her. He listened to her and told her to follow her heart instead of thinking too hard. Three months after Heather called off her wedding, she moved to London, where she was unexpectedly reunited with Archie, the man who had helped her, at her new job!



Sinking into the Blue Sand's Kiss Comic

AuthorShoko Maki

Josie lives in New York, but in order to save the failing Sinclair Hotel, she travels to the Kingdom of Afrir with the blue diamond necklace in tow. There, she's constantly pressured by Sheikh Rasheed to give up the blue diamond in return for his financial support. On top of which, he steals a kiss from her...!?Will love prevail a third time in this saga spanning three hundred years?



The Runaway Princess Comic


The princess of Inbourg, Alexis, has concealed her identity and come to America so she can become the teacher she's always dreamed of. However, she gets lost and ends up crashing into the home of the board of education member she's supposed to meet with. And she somehow sets fire to his family heirloom quilt! He's handsome and burly, but he treats her like she's some kind of bearer of pestilence. To repair that awful impression and make the most of her time, she works hard at the school. She has only four months of freedom from the palace to follow her dream. After that, she has to marry a man chosen for her!



Slade Baron's Bride The Barons, 3 Comic


While stuck in an airport due to a heavy blizzard, Lara Stevens meets Slade Baron, a handsome man she is instantly attracted to. They spend an unforgettable night together, but when he wakes up the next morning, she is already gone, leaving him with only her first name. A year and a half later, Slade still thinks about Lara... Then his architecture firm launches a project to build a new branch for a bank, which happens to be the bank where Lara works as an executive. Despite there still being undeniable sexual tension between them, Lara tries to play it off, because she's hiding a secret from him... Slade is the father of her baby!



Chihira Can't Get Enough Magic Power [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


Chihira is an ordinary boy looking to lose his innocence.
One day,his "succubus blood" awakens,which means he now needs to steal other men's vitality in order to survive. He desperately asks his best friend Arou for help...
Wait! He wanted to take someone for the first time but now he's being taken!?
What is an ordinary high school student to do when he suddenly becomes a succubus!?
A rom-com featuring a taciturn airhead and a cheerful dunce.
Includes 10 bonus comic pages and exclusive digital edition content!


Sexy Gentleman's Superb Techniques -I'll Teach You How to be Sexy- [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic

Rika likes to drink. She goes to this bar to find a "man with a wrist watch" who once comforted her when she got drunk. But the only man who talks to her at the bar is Masa, who's an unshaven older man... One night, Rika finds herself in a strange place after she passed out, and sees the man she was looking for kissing her and caressing her body... But when she wakes up, the man next to her was not whom she expected!


The Ceo And The Sham Wedding Comic


Here comes a million-dollar marriage! Dumped by her fiancee, poverty-stricken Claire takes a well-paying job at a massive bridal corporation called Bannister Weddings. However, she discovers an ulterior motive behind her job. Now that she's rushed into an intimate relationship with her arrogant CEO, what fate awaits Claire? This is the story of a heart-pounding, whirlwind office romance.



This Reincarnated Cross-Dressing Princess Won't Be Looking for a Fiance (Current ch. 2) Comic

Princess Alicia doesn't want to be married off in an arranged marriage, so she agrees to an impossible wager with her mother: Enter an all-boys school as a "boy" and find real love among a number of approved candidates. What she doesn't plan on is falling in love with handsome Lucius, a non-approved guy who figures out her secret! Oh, and she realizes she's a reincarnation of a romance-novel-loving girl who is living in one of her favorite stories! Find out what happens next in this comical love fantasy!


15 Years Old: Starting Today We'll Be Living Together (Current ch. 47) Comic


"I was planning for us to stay just friends... but I'm not holding back anymore." I'm living with my childhood friend turned savage! My heart won't stop throbbing as each day passes and he just won't give up...!! After entering high school, Hiyori is finally able to fulfill her dream of living alone. Or so she thought... Her childhood friend Soushi is there waiting for her at her new apartment. He suddenly kisses her and Hiyori is unable to hide her confusion. Is he teasing her? Or is this for real...? For the first time, she begins to see Soushi, who she'd never paid too much attention to before, as a man. At the age of 15, Hiyori begins her radical, new life living with Soushi!


The Beast Beneath the Skirt (Current ch. 36) Comic


Shizuka goes to a party but can't get into the mood. Just then, a stunning woman named Ryou approaches her. They ditch the party to have a drink together and quickly hit it off. Shizuka ends up going to Ryou's place afterward, where Ryou suddenly pushes a kiss on her. Shizuka thinks that Ryou must be a lesbian, and then she feels something hard below Ryou's waist. Could Ryou actually be... a man...!? Shizuka's mind goes blank as Ryou's fingers delve into her deepest area...!


Not Cut Out For Love -But It's Our Duty to Marry.- [Total ch. 12] Completed Comic


Eimi Satou works at city hall on a small island. There's nothing to do there, and the only way to have fun is to fall in love, meaning everybody gets married in their 20s. However, after a bad experience with her ex, Eimi is 28 and still single, which makes life rather uncomfortable. One day, a man from Tokyo called Manabu arrives on the island and ends up staying at Eimi's house. He asks whether she'll consider marrying him if Manabu can satisfy her in bed. Eimi has never had much interest in physical pleasure, but for some reason, Manabu sets her blood aflame... This is a slow-burn love story between a workaholic and a reticent young woman, neither of whom have had much luck with romance. If everyone else can do it, why can't they...?

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