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An Intimate Relationship Wet with Love Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Shiho is sold off to Yoshiwara by her aunt and cousins after her uncle, Lord Takie, dies. However, before seeing any clients, she is again sold to be a concubine. The man who purchases her is Count Iori Yuuki, a man with a sharp eye. When Shiho questions why a man she's never met before would take her in, he refuses to answer and then begins to ravish her body. During her stay with the Count, Shiho experiences his awkward kindness and grows a strong desire to comfort his lonely heart...... In addition to the cover story, this book also contains dramatic and erotic stories, including a forbidden romance between a teacher and her student, and a love/hate relationship featuring twin sisters and the man they love.


Calligraphy of Desire -Private Lessons with a Sadistic Teacher- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

Concerned about her messy handwriting, office worker Umino decides to attend a calligraphy class. However the teacher of the class, master calligrapher Suou, is incredibly sadistic and perverted. During what he calls "private lessons," the master traces the characters on her body with a brush ... Is this really the way to improve one's handwriting?


Dungeon Princess -Trained by The Capricious Dog- (Current ch. 2) Comic


"Become a princess and tell the future through sex." Aya thinks she'll get permission to marry her childhood sweetheart Yuuta on her 20th birthday, but instead she finds out that she's bound by blood to predict the future through sex and orgasms. From that day on Yuuta becomes Aya's servant, and Aya must marry his playboy older brother, Daiki. A love triangle controlled by fate...


Oiran Games (Current ch. 2) Comic


Rindo-tayu is known as the most Oiran in Yoshiwara. One day, she made a terrible blunder......And it was found out that she has never slept with a man before......! The owner of the brothel got angry, and he decides to punish her with the help of some other guys......!


My Darling the Wild Noble Comic


After incurring her mother's wrath with her free-spirited and uncontrollable behavior, Suzume is sent to Kyoto to learn the art of home making from her aunt. There, Suzume finds herself caught up in strict training, but she also gets to see her cousin, Miyabi, again. Miyabi is like a noble, with his elegant mannerisms and clothing. Suzume can't help but be fascinated by him, and bit by bit, she realizes her true feelings for Miyabi. But can a noble and commoner be together? The road to true love is a bumpy one! Enjoy these cute stories of girls who change through the power of love!!


Yoshiwara Games -A Maiden Courtesan's Forbidden Love- Comic


Sakura was sold to the red light district, but she dreams of the promise of her first love, "I'll come to get you someday"--. But every day the men of the district open her legs in training... Then one day a man appears who tells her, "I'll come to visit you for one hundred nights if you will be mine on the one-hundredth day"...! This wonderful bittersweet courtesan's love story is a must-read!


Private Pleasure Doll Comic


Miyako has lost her fiance, and the one who heals her broken heart is her second fiance, Takashi... But then something happens that tears them apart...! It drives Takashi crazy with jealousy, and he forces Miyako down and...!


Secret Shrine Comic

AuthorHana Asuka

"Shall I grant that wish?" 'I can't feel good during sex......'In front of a girl with such troubles, suddenly appeared a God of Sex......!? "I want to have a nice sex too! "In order to grant that wish of the girl, the sex lessons of the God starts......! "'re all wet here......"The man with holy techniques make her come so much that her voice escapes from her lips......! Don't miss the heavenly outdoor sex held in the back of the shrine......!


Enshrined Comic


For reasons that even she's unsure of, Tsuru finds her body inhabited by a rather self-centered, mischievous deity. What's even more unclear is why she has to lose her virginity to get him out! Fortunately, the presence of the deity within her affords Tsuru the ability to ward off evil spirits that afflict her childhood friend and object of her affections, Hikaru. What isn't so fortunate, however, is that she has to kiss the deity residing within her to do it!

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