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My Boss Comforted My Broken Heart -His Tongue Is So Forceful- ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

"I'm going to be your first man, Ichika." Ichika gets dumped by her boyfriend on the day of their first trip together. A man who was watching her getting dumped offers her to be her pretend boyfriend and go on a trip with Ichika. He has a sharp tongue and is mean to Ichika, but he holds her so gently, and melts her body... Ichika thinks it is just a one-night stand, but she meets him again at an unexpected place...


My House Servant Is Naughty and Cocky with Secrets... [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Karen is a director at a TV station. She decides to hire a housemaid because she doesn't have time for housework, but the person she hired is actually a man! This guy has an IQ of 200, and is very sadistic. He requires rewards after his perfect housework!! Also, he seems to hold some secrets...


Hot Communication Comic Hot

The only daughter of the Kiryu mob family, Midori, has a bodyguard/chaperone - the juvenile delinquent outsider, Umemoto. She kind of has a thing for him, but she also has a fiance she needs to marry to ensure her family's future...... "Run away with me...... Ume......" What is the fate of their pure love......!? Plus, a rough-and-tumble romantic adventure set at a venerable hot spring inn between the innkeeper's daughter Kozue and gangster Kagura! Enjoy these stories of burning-hot bad boy romance!


The Ultimate Hottie-Logue -Hottie Sex Catalogue- ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

There's a group of hotties known as the Guilty Seven at my college. I, Roka, have a crush on one of those guys, Shun. One day, I stumble upon him having sex with a girl on the roof. The president of the student council, Tenma, catches me taking photos of the guy I like getting it on...! In exchange for not handing me over to the police, I have to sleep with and collect photos of the Guilty Seven climaxing... even though I'm still a virgin!!


The New Guy Is Looking at Me Like He Wants to Be My Pet! [ Total vol 7 ] Completed Comic

PublisherLove Chocolat

Rika Niikura, 28, is currently hiding the fact that she has feelings for the young company president Satoshi Kojima. The two of them were friends as kids and were reunited by chance at Satoshi's company, but he doesn't seem to remember... Rika, on the other hand, still thinks of him as her first love. Everyone's getting married and having kids, and she knows she's falling behind, but...! With all that on her mind, a young yet dependable new employee, Takeshi Kiryuu, joins the team. Rika is charged with training him. She realizes that the gentle boy will be an asset, but then she lets her guard down...! She receives a passionate booty-call on the night after they just met, and he asks to be her pet!! What on Earth does that mean!?


Courtesans of Shimabara -Come, Ask for Me- [ Total vol 7 ] Completed Comic

Shimabara is a famous brothel in Tokyo. Gorgeous male courtesans with amazing techniques in bed take female customers to paradise each day. They captivate countless women with their skills. Will you be able to bear the sensual ecstasy of the sometimes fierce, sometimes sweet skills of Ibara, the number one courtesan?


Lewd Red Strings -The Night I Fell for a Sadistic Demon- [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

"Look at you wetting yourself like this. My hands are sticky with your nectar." On the night Koharu turns twenty, a guy named Sayle, who claims himself that he's a devil, showed up to Koharu's house suddenly. He insists that Koharu is a half-devil-half-human, and says he comes to take her as a bride..."I'm starving. My main dish is you," says Sayle as he fondles Koharu's body erotically! He spreads her legs in front of the mirror, caresses until the love juice pours out...Koharu is at her limit with an endless ecstasy! What does he mean that I'm a bride of a devil...?


The Lady and the Beast Comic

"If you want to seduce me, come back in 100 years!" Momoko Mizusawa is an office worker admired as a "romance expert" by her peers, but in reality, she's still a virgin!! When a super-experienced boy, Asamune Tsutsumi, appears before her, Momoko tries to play it cool. "If you're that good, lemme fuck you." Now he won't stop hounding her for a taste......!! What will happen in this tug-of-war between a virgin woman and a horny younger beast of a guy!?


The Young Master's Lascivious Commands -I'm Training to Be a Sex Proprietress!?- [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

"No......! Is he gonna penetrate me here and now!?" "Stop!" Honoka protests before being forcibly interrupted as his tongue, which had been tracing along the back of her neck, begins tantalizing her nipples...... Even if she were to run, they're in an open-air bath!! What's more, he said this is to be her "reward"!? Honoka has come back to her hometown after it turned out her dream of living in the big city wasn't all it was cracked up to be. However, she returns home to find out that her room in her parents' house is... gone!? As luck would have it, she's informed about a position at a local, traditional Japanese inn that includes room and board, but... Awaiting her there is Ryoya, her savage new manager!! He orders her to "Get naked!"......!?


Lion Comic

One day, Itsuki, a beast-like boy with a vibrant, fluttering gold mane and a sharp gaze that could kill, appears before plain-old Rika. She knows he's trouble but can't resist him after tasting the sweet poison from his bared fangs. She tells herself, "This is not love!!" The action she desires won't stop even if she's devoured and her heart is torn to shreds!! This title also includes non-serialised works gems of short stories by Yuuki Hinase.


High-Quality Hottie Office: The Suit-Stripping Devilish Stud ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

AuthorRe mimu

Kasuga works in an office and is going onto her fifth year in the planning department at an advertising firm; she just took a promotion exam. By mistake, she gets an exceptional promotion to be the secretary of the hot vice-president, who's also a selfish son of a distinguished family. He's forceful, but she does good work, so the vice-president treats her like a servant, working her as hard as he can and tiring her out. She even has to take care of stuff that her subordinates neglected to finish... That's when she reaches her limit! Late at night, she goes to the vice-president's office with the intention of giving him hell! That was the plan, at least... but she falls prey to him and they have carnivorous, rough, heavy sex, which melts her body! "I'm a demon who loves to tease, so how about we go three more rounds, OK?" Even with his suit off, he's still a super-sadistic demon!


Garden of the Sun Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Haruna loves Cafe KATARI. She likes the atmosphere, but the real draw is the owner Fuse-san. It's difficult for Haruna to communicate with Fuse-san, who lost his voice in an accident, but she soon falls in love with his kindness and warmth. Just when she thought their relationship was going well, a dark shadow from his past fall across their path... "I want to love you like the sun shining down on you." The long-awaited comic version of the popular story of true love that will melt your heart!


Erotic Host - My Quiet Employee's Hidden Side - Comic

AuthorKoshian uroco

"Want to see how I taste?" "Full-on sex inside a host club?! These guys just suddenly turn super horny and come after me!" Natsuki doesn't know how to deal with her quiet employee, until she happens to go to a host club and sees him working there! Unlike when he's at work, Natsuki's employee is elegant and outgoing, leaving Natsuki at his mercy. "You can take a host you like home," he says, pushing her down! Forced to feel pleasure inside the host club... what will Natsuki do?!


Enshrined Comic


For reasons that even she's unsure of, Tsuru finds her body inhabited by a rather self-centered, mischievous deity. What's even more unclear is why she has to lose her virginity to get him out! Fortunately, the presence of the deity within her affords Tsuru the ability to ward off evil spirits that afflict her childhood friend and object of her affections, Hikaru. What isn't so fortunate, however, is that she has to kiss the deity residing within her to do it!


Unspoken Truths Comic

AuthorSae Kimi

Kumiko and Haruki are stepsiblings. It doesn't take long for the warm and positive Haruki to become more than a brother in Kumiko's eyes. Their close proximity and Haruki's friendliness are more than she can handle. Kumiko struggles to admit to herself she's in love, especially since she already knows who Haruki likes. It breaks Kumiko's heart to watch him pine for someone who'll never return his feelings. She's too close to him to tell him how she feels, anyway. One day, Kumiko decides to end this once and for all....


The Security Guard with a Sadistic Streak Comic


"I'm gonna lick you where it feels so good." Late at night in the office... On the desk with her legs apart, under his gaze... Her body responding despite her embarrassment...! A secret office romance blooms for Satsuki and a colleague. But, one night after work, they're seen in flagrante by a security guard, Naoya, who happens to have been Satsuki's classmate. Now she must do as Naoya orders. She can never tell anyone about the perverse things that she's forced to do...!


Give Me Naughty and Nice Care -An Enchanting Night at the Heartbreak Bar- [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


The special menu has sex included!? With his gentle tongue and lewd fingers, my body and heart melt... Although I've just had my heart broken, is it okay to feel this good......? I was dumped by the guy I thought I would marry, and am crying by myself. Just then, by chance, I find Heartbreak Bar, which soothes my broken heart! As my last hope, I open that door, and what awaits me is a wonderful cocktail and a kind bartender...... and a menu with a sweet all-night date! I order it by mistake, and I melt at the bartender's gentle caress that heals my heart......


A Wet Flower in a Lost Paradise [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

I fell for the guy who exposed my lewd, true nature as I gave my virginity to him, but then he...... My name's Eya. I'm the daughter of a hospital director and was living a life of luxury. Then I met and was charmed by a gentlemen with a coldhearted nature, which led to us having a lot of sex in my room. My virgin heart and body were trained in the ways of indecency...... I thought this new sensuality and happiness would last forever... And then one day later, my father killed himself after a malpractice scandal was made public... and the person who leaked the information was none other than the man I loved......! Penniless and with no place to go, I was forced to become a butterfly of pleasure at a despicable sex shop... I despise the guy who took everything from me......!! Someday, no matter what, I'll kill him......!! Love, betrayal, loneliness, and despair...... A raunchy story of revenge begins......


Gemini's Nasty Prank -Sex with My Fiance's Brother- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

That night, Shin's brother said with a nasty smile... "Didn't sex with me feel better than with Shin?" Why is this happening!? Shin, my fiance, is so kind and comforting, while his older twin brother is dashing and sadistically perverted. I have to live under the same roof with that man... and I can't thwart his passionate advances! This is a dire erotic love-triangle story with beautifully drawn artwork!


Hands Off My Pussycat Comic

One day, Neneko Fukuzawa, who's had an easy upbringing, meets Arashi, the baddest boy in town. Observing how Neneko has absolutely no fear of Arashi, who's known as the "Invincible Devil," Tsubaki, Arashi's friend, half-jokingly gets the two to go on a date. However, just when Neneko starts to feel attracted to Arashi, he suddenly begins to treat her coldly...... "If you join my plan, we might find out how Arashi truly feels about you." Despite her reservations, Neneko agrees to take part in a "dangerous trap" cooked up by Tsubaki......!!

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