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The Lady and the Beast Comic

"If you want to seduce me, come back in 100 years!" Momoko Mizusawa is an office worker admired as a "romance expert" by her peers, but in reality, she's still a virgin!! When a super-experienced boy, Asamune Tsutsumi, appears before her, Momoko tries to play it cool. "If you're that good, lemme fuck you." Now he won't stop hounding her for a taste......!! What will happen in this tug-of-war between a virgin woman and a horny younger beast of a guy!?


Afterschool Juliet Comic

Hana Yamada is a high school girl. Her boyfriend is the mean Mr. Kido, her school doctor... Hana can't tell anyone that she's dating him, but nonetheless, she's totally happy. Cracks in their relationship begin to appear when another girl starts hitting on Mr. Kido, who insists on keeping his past a secret... During this troubled time, a man that looks identical to Mr. Kido proclaims his love for Hana and steals a kiss from her. A daring story about the secret love between a student and a teacher. It includes a special extra chapter "Morning Star and the Sun's Dream".


Garden of the Sun Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Haruna loves Cafe KATARI. She likes the atmosphere, but the real draw is the owner Fuse-san. It's difficult for Haruna to communicate with Fuse-san, who lost his voice in an accident, but she soon falls in love with his kindness and warmth. Just when she thought their relationship was going well, a dark shadow from his past fall across their path... "I want to love you like the sun shining down on you." The long-awaited comic version of the popular story of true love that will melt your heart!


Suddenly Living Together -Morals in Disorder- ( Current vol 3 ) Comic

I decided to use my entering university as a chance to find a new place to live. But as I searched and failed to find a good new living space... I suddenly discovered a cheap place in really good condition! I decided to apply for it, which means that I'm required to keep an eye on it for one week. No going outside, no outside contact... Then, all of a sudden, a boy comes to live there as well! What's going on?!


Enshrined Comic


For reasons that even she's unsure of, Tsuru finds her body inhabited by a rather self-centered, mischievous deity. What's even more unclear is why she has to lose her virginity to get him out! Fortunately, the presence of the deity within her affords Tsuru the ability to ward off evil spirits that afflict her childhood friend and object of her affections, Hikaru. What isn't so fortunate, however, is that she has to kiss the deity residing within her to do it!


I Can't Fall in Love with My Husband! ( Current vol 10 ) Comic


Akane married the company's hottie, Takuya, just because of their perfect chemistry in bed. She wanted them to be in love, and even though they're living together under the agreement not to fall in love, her feelings just grow stronger every day. Is there any way for this married couple to find love with each other!?


Love in the Fujinami Household -A New Romance Begins in the Family!?- ( Current vol 8 ) Comic Hot

PublisherLove Chocolat

"I'll take responsibility." Is Saki's future husband already part of her family!? Saki, eldest sister of the Fujinami family, has never had a boyfriend. The cause? Her three brothers: Shinobu (oldest), Takaomi (older), and Mitsuki (younger). They're her incredibly good-looking and overprotective step-siblings. Saki's well into adulthood... and she wants a boyfriend! As luck would have it, she just got invited to a company mixer! But despite her attempts to shake off her brothers, they still stop her from going. "How dare you stop me from finding my future husband!" Saki objects. The brotherly reply? "You'll find your future husband right here." A shocking development!! Thanks to Takaomi declaring his intention to marry Saki, a fight breaks out between siblings over who gets to be her husband!! As they embrace her, not as brothers, but as men, and lock her lips in deep, wet kisses... what if Saki falls in love with one of them!?


The Older Beast and the Poor Bunny -I'll Pounce If You Get Too Close!- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Pennyless office worker Nazuna finds herself homeless following an unexpected incident. That's when Jotaro appears from the apartment above, asking, "Would you like to stay with me for a while? It's perfectly safe. I wouldn't go near a kid like you." That's how the secretive, whiskered older man and the serious Nazuna began living together... Ordinarily gentlemanly, the moment he removes his glasses he becomes... a sadistic beast!! Just what will become of the cohabiting mysterious carnivore and the pure rabbit?


Sweet Desire Slave - Concierge's Lovers [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic Hot


Today, new concierge recruit, Mei, starts work at a high-class apartment complex. All of the tenants consist of major corporation executives and managers.
The concierge's role is to support a stress-free lifestyle for these men of high social standing. However, Mei is suddenly fondled by her handsome boss and mentor, Chief Sakai, who exclaims "What is the worth of a concierge who can't provide physical support?"
"I didn't agree to this!" ? Day by day, Mei's body develops through the naughty education of the super-sadistic Chief, the superior technique of a competent lawyer, and the giant "trunk" of a perverted doctor..."What's to become of me?!"


Does It Feel Too Good to Speak? -My Secret Lover's Indulgent Lessons- [ Total vol 19 ] Completed Comic Hot

Working at the same company, the cool salesman Hazuki and project coordinator Mina are in the midst of a secret love affair. Due to the company's strict policy against office romance, if they are caught they will be forced apart. Even so, Hazuki has a sadistic side that knows no bounds and loves to cause mischief. Mischief that involves intense inter-office relations...


My Tyrant of a Childhood Friend Is a Romance Manga Artist? -What Does He Do with His Assistants in the Bedroom!?- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

AuthorAran Maeda
PublisherTakada Shobo

"I've never met a monster like him!" Chinatsu's childhood friend, Hiromi, was popular at school, but in reality a tyrannical, controlling bastard. He would only reveal his true form to her... Chinatsu was freed from her days of oppression when Hiromi went to Tokyo for college... "The devil's back in town..." Years later, Hiromi's returned home and wants to see Chinatsu. He has her come over to his luxury condo. Chinatsu's slightly hopeful after seeing Hiromi's fancy home, but soon realizes the beast is alive and well... "It's been forever. Enough with the gloomy face." He's the same jerk he's always been... "Be the model for my manga." Caught off guard by his demand, Chinatsu's unable to disobey as she lies beneath him! "No...! What're you doing!?" A touching (?) love story featuring a manga artist and a sweet, obedient girl! "I hate his guts, but I love him..."


My Younger Boyfriend Is Being Unreasonable [ Total vol 7 ] Completed Comic

AuthorLinda Sumi

Lise moves into a two-bedroom apartment she's supposed to share with her boyfriend, except he breaks up with her without warning. Furthermore, her ex brings an attractive guy, Subaru, to the apartment and asks her to look after him! Subaru's younger, but he can cook and he listens to all her problems. He tells her that he wants to make her feel better because she gives too much of her time and energy to both her work and her ex... Lise indulges Subaru's request. She melts under his lips that carefully travel her body and his soft touches... The next day, she gets a phone call from her ex warning her about Subaru... Who is this guy!?


I'll Tie You Down and Mess You Up [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic Hot


"Why?" ......He gazes at her like he sees into her soul, and whispers in her ear. As he ties up her virginal body and toys with her, she begins to know pleasure for the first time...... Because of her family's debt, Rino drops out of college and starts looking for a job. A flyer for a high-paying gig blows in front of her. She jumps at the opportunity and applies, but finds herself tied up in front of onlookers... Just as Rino is flinching from her tormentor's raised whip, she's saved by bondage-performer Kyoya. It turns out, it's a members-only S&M club. After learning of Rino's plight, Kyoya suggests she become his personal pet......!


The King's Pet Comic

Chiho Hayasaka accidently stumbles into and ends up aggravating "The King" - aka Akito, son of the great Haijima family corporation. He immediately makes her his servant. But unable to stand his despotic ways, Chiho decides to flee from his mansion. Her rebellious streak only makes Akito like her even more - "It's more exciting when you resist." He then declares that he's going to enjoy himself until she finally decides to do as he says!! Will Chiho ever escape her enslavement to this vain, self-centered man......!?


Steal My Virginity If You Can, Girl! Comic

AuthorNikki Sato

"Say 'it feels good', and I'll make you come." He's so bossy, and good in bed, too... I can't believe he's supposed to be inexperienced...! Shiho sees her high school crush, bad-boy Kaito Miyama, at their school reunion. But, he's turned into a mature businessman who looks great in a suit! Shiho's smitten and drinks too much, so Kaito escorts her to a hotel room, and... the guy who was a total gentleman until a minute ago gets bossy and seductive! Right when Shiho's prepared to give him her first time, he says it's his first time, too! How could that be!? But, he knows where to touch her to make her come...


Signal [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

"We're both dating other people." Kureha lives with her boyfriend, but that doesn't stop her from spending the night with her coworker, Ryota. Their relationship breaks all the rules. "I wanna try falling in love with a guy to the point where nothing else matters...!" "Signal" features a collection of mature, heart-rending romances, along with story from the past!


You're Not Getting Away Until I'm Done -A Hungry Wolf Finds Fresh Meat!- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

AuthorMona Yuuki

Yukina Saeki (25) draws adult manga for a living. However, she's never had a boyfriend in her whole life. Perhaps that's why her work falls flat on the page... With a deadline bearing down on her, she makes a bawling phone call to her supervisor, who sends her a temporary assistant. Enter Toudou, a young man ready to help. Extremely self-conscious, Yukina is forced to overcome her embarrassment and keep him around. However, his skill-level far exceeds her expectations. Manuscript complete and deadline met, Yukina collapses in relieved sleep. But when she wakes up, she discovers that Toudou, who she thought went home, is staring down at her! He tells her she won't last long in this business without some first-hand experience. But why would he go this far to help her out!?


Hey, Wanna Do Me Too? -The Loving Beast and the Rival- [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

PublisherLove Chocolat

"Very nice. Squeal louder." No, I don't want my dear Mr. Suga to hear...!! He's the most clueless middle-aged manager. But to Tsukasa....... Mr. Suga's kind, wonderful, and the most charming man on Earth. The man of her dreams!! One day, one of the hottest guys in the company gets transferred to her department. They call him "Sir Ebi," and all the ladies want him. Everyone's jealous when Sir Ebi is assigned to the project she's working on with Mr. Suga....... but he's totally in the way! Sir Ebi won't leave Tsukasa alone...... Until one night, when they're together in the office, he makes a move on her! He's no gentleman, he's a wild beast!! His very touch sends shivers down her spine......! "Why me?" Who is Mr. Ebi really after, anyway!?


Marrying My Childhood Sweetheart -Seduction in Nothing But an Apron- Comic

I finally married my childhood sweetheart! ...But, it's not nearly as passionate as I imagined... I can't believe it's been over a month and we haven't consummated our marriage. Am I just not an attractive woman...? Why did you marry me, Atsuya?


Come out from the Toy Box Comic

Glittery cuteness and things that make one's heart race. Hinako's world is full of things she loves, including the gallant "Prince" Sakuya! He has a gentle smile and twinkling eyes. She doesn't want to get close, nor is she in love with him. Hinako's happy just admiring from a distance... Then one day, their relationship takes a sharp turn! What will Hinako do once she learns of the "Prince's" unexpected true self? This is a fluffy and realistic love story between a devilish prince and dreamy-eyed girl!

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