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Ecstasy in Pink Comic

What's behind his cool and quiet exterior? Maybe his body will tell me the answer... After our graduation ceremony, under the blue sky, we feel our way into each other's hearts. Wanting each other, drowning in salacious intimacy...... His eyes, burning with lust, bring my body and soul to ecstasy...... It's all in this collection of sensually sad, short love stories.


Egotistical Fortune-Telling [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

A friend with benefits. That's all Nakura was supposed to be. We have the best sex ever, but we don't get along at all, and plus, he's not really my type. Our realationship so far has been comforable, but I want a real boyfriend. So, I do a little fortune-telling and wallah! It gives me the perfect result! Nakura keeps nagging me about it and so I swear to find my Mr. Perfect just to get back at him, but...


Elevator Sex, Caught in the Act! [ Total vol 8 ] Completed Comic Popular


Late at night, in the company elevator, I find myself getting fingered until I'm wet by my married boss, who then forces himself inside me. He thrusts into me over and over, and just as I'm feeling the brunt of his warmth, the door suddenly opens...and a junior worker sees us entwined!! "You're such a nympho after all," this once-sweet guy tells me, utterly transformed. Using the affair to threaten me, he molests me on the train, shoves a toy inside me at work, and... I have no idea what's going to happen next!!


Embrace Me Warmly Comic

I, Souko Fujimoto, like the advisor of the art club, Mr. Noda. He only calls me by a nickname... "Fuji-tsun"... Does that mean I'm special to him...? I got my hopes up, Mr. Noda. That's why I didn't want to hear that you call me Fuji-tsun because I'm "easy to talk to". I knew deep inside, but it still hurt It hurts, Mr. Noda... Six love stories packed with feelings of pure love. It's a collection of Iori Hanasaki's best works including an extra chapter as a bonus.


Engulfed by a Sea of Hot Sand [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Sakura is a normal high school girl... until she awakes one day in a foreign country surrounded by desert. She was taken hostage to convince her father, a famous doctor, to perform surgery. Sakura initially trembles in fear and despair, but she's touched by the kindness Far, the abductors' leader, shows her and she begins to gradually open her heart. A love like a storm begins... This popular love story in the scorching desert is finally released as a set!


Enshrined Comic


For reasons that even she's unsure of, Tsuru finds her body inhabited by a rather self-centered, mischievous deity. What's even more unclear is why she has to lose her virginity to get him out! Fortunately, the presence of the deity within her affords Tsuru the ability to ward off evil spirits that afflict her childhood friend and object of her affections, Hikaru. What isn't so fortunate, however, is that she has to kiss the deity residing within her to do it!


Entranced by Love Comic

Yumika Kurokawa can't help feeling uncomfortable when she's around her good-looking and popular classmate, Kon Hiromi. It's because he's always teasing her, and she doesn't know how to react. Class representative Mamoru Kanaya is the only guy that she can depend on. Always helpful, he's kind, gentle, respected by everyone, and totally natural, even with plain and sensible Yumika, in this tale of a fair maiden whose feelings sway between two boys. This collection of six stories will tug at your heartstrings.


Entwined at Twilight with a Demon -Again... And Again... He Can't Be Stopped!- ( Current vol 7 ) NEW Comic Popular


You can feel it, right? It's spreading through your body every time I thrust into you.

Why does he look exactly like he did several years ago?

For a photo shoot, Arisa has come deep into the forest. To this place where she was saved by a certain man a long time ago... Right before the shoot, she gets into a fight with her fellow models and ends up mortally wounded. As her consciousness drifts away, the man from her memories appears before her!? "Succumb to me if you don't want to die!"
Just why does she feel pleasure surging from every place he licks and touches!? Something's wrong! This couldn't be the work of a human. As she looks up at him in the darkness, she sees proof that he's not of this world...


Ero-Mantic Tour -Erotic Detective Ryosuke Akiba- Comic


Kana works as an assistant to Ryosuke, a university student who is also a detective. Although Ryosuke has fine detective skills, his main problem is that he can't make any deductions without erotic stimulation! Even when he is listening to the stories of his clients, his hands are fondling kana's body. She gets felt up, which arouses her, but he always ends the foreplay after he's made his deductions...... so she's fed up with being the assistant to such an ego-centric jerk! ...Or so she thought...... In addition to "Ecstasy level 5" where Ryosuke and Kana use sex to fuel their brilliant deductions(!), this book also contains the chapters "The Piano Prince" and "Ero-mantic Tour"from the same series. Prepare yourself for a love-mystery filled to the brim with eroticism and deductions!


Eros, At Your Service. ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

After her boyfriend dumps her for "being a bad lay," a devastated Arisa finds herself with a handsome mystery man, "E." Blindfolds, numerous sexual partners, in meeting rooms, and in elevators... She learns how to open up as he penetrates her body and soul while introducing her to a world she's never known before... This is a love story about an alluring "rental boyfriend" who heals the hearts of girls everywhere!


Erotic & Romantic Comic

Michiru Mochida finally realized her dream of living independently in her own apartment. When she is going around greeting her new neighbors, she notices the guy next door looks strangely familiar...!? It turns out to be Fujiya Masato, a member of the popular boyband, SWITCH! On that day, Michiru's rollercoaster romance started....! In addition to this series of forbidden love between a celebrity and an ordinary girl, this volume also contains a collection of delightful love stories featuring bold and pure-hearted girls!


Erotic Host - My Quiet Employee's Hidden Side - Comic

AuthorKoshian uroco

"Want to see how I taste?" "Full-on sex inside a host club?! These guys just suddenly turn super horny and come after me!" Natsuki doesn't know how to deal with her quiet employee, until she happens to go to a host club and sees him working there! Unlike when he's at work, Natsuki's employee is elegant and outgoing, leaving Natsuki at his mercy. "You can take a host you like home," he says, pushing her down! Forced to feel pleasure inside the host club... what will Natsuki do?!


Erotically Exposed in the Bathroom -I Don't Want Him to See My Body- Comic

It's time for some lovely sex in the bath with the boyfriend I've had for a year! I've been trying to hide my body flab, but he wants to take a bath with me... Oh no! If he touches me there, he'll find out...!! This short collection kicks off with the title story, "Erotically Exposed In the Bathroom - I Don't Want Him To See My Body -," followed by others, like "Melty Syrup-Coated Sweet Room - Full-Course Caressing -" and "Love Me With All Your Lust - How To Deeply Melt Together With Him -." This book is jam-packed with five sweet, flirty, and sexy tales, each masterfully created by newcomer Kanoka Amamiya!!


Eroticism of Pure Love Comic


...A hole in my heart that can only be filled by the body of another. My love is intense and, at times, warped... CHIKUHIME, the author who brought you the smash hit "Love's Kaleidoscope", is back with her second love manga! Read it, love it, be consumed by it!


Even Dirty Manga Artists Deserve a Little Love! Comic

Sakura's finally landed the boyfriend of her dreams. After their dates, they often end up at his place, or even a hotel, and now he wants to go to hers. There's just one little problem... She draws racy manga for a living. Will her first sleepover at home end up being her last?


Even If We're Banished from Paradise Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

"He's so, yet so far away... But I still want him, even if means committing an unforgivable sin..." Two years ago, I couldn't have been any happier. Masahiro, a co-worker I'd been dating for the past year, proposed to me, and I thought I'd make my childhood dream of marrying someone I loved come true. But he was hiding a grave secret... In another story... "My cousin is a famous actor. Even though we make love sometimes, there seems to be little actual "love" involved. Can we really keep up a relationship on uncertain grounds...?" There's the title story and others in this comic collection.


Even a Hero Has Desires. [ Total vol 10 ] Completed Comic


While working as a stagehand for a show at a department store, Haruka meets Ichiya, who performs onstage as a hero. Even offstage, he comes to her rescue whenever she has a problem, just like a true hero. He fits the hero profile so well that she simply can't imagine him with a girlfriend... But one day, after doing some overtime, Haruka and Ichiya are the only two left, and his attitude totally changes! He embraces Haruka and makes her lose control of her voice...


Every Breath You Take ( Current vol 6 ) Comic

AuthorHana Aoi

It doesn't take Miyako and Sei long to become more than friends as they go to the same college and work at the same cafe. Even though she knows he's taken, Miyako can't resist her feelings for Sei. She tries to settle for having her carnal desires met, but really she wants more. Miyako's thrown for a loop after another guy from work, Atsushi, kisses her and says he has feelings for her... This is an earnest story that paints the truth about love.


Everything Beyond Kissing Is a Breach of Contract! -My Strict Boss Won't Stop Loving Me- [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

AuthorEdogawa Ku

"Don't you know how to take orders?"
When Azusa's boss tells her this, it makes her lose her mind!

Azusa has started a new job at a law firm as an assistant to the super-strict lawyer Yoshitaka Hasebe. Despite his tough demeanor, she respects him plenty... but he's also very scary! One day she ends up finding out about a secret of his, and ends up agreeing to pretend to be his live-in girlfriend. How did it come to this...? At home, she gets to his soft side that she has never seen before, and when he then asks "You're my girlfriend, right?" there's no way she can say no. Why does he insist on teasing and playing, when the whole relationship is supposed to be an act? If he keeps this up, she might just fall for him...


Ew! My love letter from 7 years ago was delivered to that pervert! [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic Hot

Yu spends her days working at a family friend's cafe when suddenly her high school classmate Kanda shows up. He spent the whole time they were in high school together harassing her and now suddenly he shows up and steals her away while she's working!!! After whisking her away, he tells her that the letter she wrote for a time capsule ended up being sent to him and revealed how in love with him she had been. Without waiting for her to respond, he locks his lips with hers in a passionate kiss, giving her no time to respond and tell him that he wasn't the Kanda she meant. The strange thing is, although she hated him back then, the way he's treating her now and showing her love is starting to awaken something in her...

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