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A Family of Doctors Battle for a Bride! Shared and Impregnated by Brothers- Plus Comic

[The second Chapter of the popular series] The person who gets me pregnant will be the next director!! The lewd battle for the bride game wasn't over!! Having been ordered by the hospital director to be the bride of one of his sons, I was thrown into the dispute over who was to get the director's chair. I was a virgin, but I was violated and had vibrators and a chastity belt used on me. But my first love, Dr. Sou, saved me and I was able to lead a peaceful life......or so I thought, until I was targeted by his other brothers...? Is there no way to escape this destiny?


A Fleeting Vow [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

After Beni's grandmother, who raised her after the death of her parents, passes away, she learns that her father had actually been a gangster. What's more, at the will of her grandfather, who had been the gang leader, she is promised to be wed. As Beni tries to refuse becoming a gangster's wife, Udou appears before her like a ferocious animal. "Even if it's just temporary, we're now husband and wife..." he tells her as he almost forcibly has his way with her. Even though it's a relationship she never wanted, his kind hands, totally unlike his rough nature, begin to sway Beni's heart...


A Gangster in Drag -Filled with the Boss's Desires- [ Total vol 7 ] Completed Comic Popular

Madoka Takura lost both her parents and was brought up in an orphanage, separated from her twin brother Kaoru, who was raised in another city. By chance, the two are reunited at the same college. Madoka is overjoyed to have her brother back, but then one day, Kaoru leaves a large sum of money in Madoka's care and vanishes. The police won't help Madoka search for Kaoru, so Madoka goes to a private detective, only to find that Kaoru was involved with the mafia. Was he killed for knowing too much? Rumors abound. Frustrated with the inaction of the police and the private detective, Madoka cuts her hair, gets a tattoo, and vows to join the Hafu to search for Kaoru herself. But, when the Hafu mafia boss finds out she's a woman, he offers to keep her secret... as long as she'll be his mistress...!


A Gentleman or a Beast Comic

My sweetheart is a hunky public servant who wears glasses. He's gentle and mature, but once his buttons are pressed he can turn into a real animal! A collection of six terrific love stories featuring a hair stylist, researcher, and a businessman, full of the true desires of boyfriends who can sometimes have a bit of a sadistic touch.


A Girl in Chains -Bought by My Father's Employee- Comic

"I've always wanted you......" Sudou used to work for Maiko's father and he's now hiding her from debt collectors. The kind man turns into a wild beast all of a sudden as soon as they are inside his apartment and forces her to have sex with him... "Aah...! Mm!" Unable to leave his place, she's made to have sex with him every day...... But she can't hate him and wonders if it's because he's her first love, or because sometimes he seems to feel guilty...... In addition to the title story, this volume includes "A Gentleman from A Foreign Land and His Requests for Sexual Favors - Love at First Sight and a Business Deal -", "Love and Lust under the Blue Sky", "Intensely Possessive", and "A Sacrifice for the Wedding Night".


A Girl in a Boys' Dorm. -A Dangerous Guy on the Bottom Bunk- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic Hot Popular


Due to her family's size and financial situation, Mao Uchida hides the fact that she's a girl to enter an all-boys boarding school and have her schooling fees waived. Her roommate, Yota Enomoto, is a rebellious guy who brings a girl into their room immediately after they start school! After sneaking up on Mao in the shared shower room, Yota finds out Mao's a girl. In the blink of an eye, her fate at an all-boys boarding school is in Yota's hands!


A Girl's Wish Comic

"I want a boyfriend!" This is constantly on Kano's mind as she dreams of a romantic love life. Then one day, a friend introduces her to a kind, handsome prince of a man named Soushi. He indulges her every whim and Kano couldn't be happier with their budding relationship. They go to a fireworks festival and in a moment of closeness, she sees Soushi as the man of her dreams. She imagines him kissing her, fondling her with his fingers... As her fantasy runs wild, Kano is beside herself with desire...


A Honeymoon to Cherish Comic

It should've been days of lovey-dovey romance gearing up for the big wedding overseas. Instead, after a small fight, Maiko declared there'd be no sex until the wedding day. She thought Takumi would soon apologize, but he ends up on board with it......! Other than shameless pre-wedding sex, a girl is watched by her boyfriend's best friend as they XXX, and more. This is a collection full of slightly embarrassing yet erotic and exciting sex stories! A previously-unpublished story of three daring friends at the beach is included!!


A Kiss for the Prince Comic

AuthorErio Hori

When Mari Miyamae runs away from an arranged marriage she doesn't want to be a part of, she is saved by a young, dark-skinned foreign man staying on the top-floor suite of their hotel. What will become of their sweet and dirty love that started from such a chance encounter......!? In addition to the cover story of a dramatic love with a foreign man, this collection also contains five other exquisite erotic love stories that are sure to make your heart and body throb.


A Long Road to Love Comic

My childhood friend, Hajime, is incredibly stubborn and serious. He always saves me whenever I'm in trouble, like a prince from a fairy tale. But ever since he rejected me, I can't stay by his side like I used to. I feel so lonely all the time. Does it mean I'll never become his special someone? However, thanks to a certain incident, I ended up moving to his place. Living under one roof with Hajime and being so close to him confuses me, but at the same time, my feelings for him only grow stronger...


A Love Called Sin [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

When the wind scatters Lord Takaomi's drawings, Lady Tsubaki is injured while attempting to collect them. Takaomi brings Tsubaki to his home to treat her wounds, and Tsubaki is enchanted by his mischievousness. She'd only planned on going once, but finds herself visiting him over and over... However, Takaomi is of the house Otori, the mortal enemy of Tsubaki's house, Kosaka. Theirs was a meeting that should not have been... And yet, Tsubaki will not easily give up her precious time with Takaomi...


A Love Story Only for You Comic

In place of her older sister Sae, who's always at her boyfriend's place, Emi must start training as the next manager of her family's hotel. Ever since they were kids, Sae always came first... But now Emi's the one who has to train as "madam"!? She's unhappy with the decision, but finds out the man she has a crush on, Mr. Kaga, will help choose a kimono for her new role as manager. Mr. Kaga has never once compared her to Sae, and Emi slowly fell in love with him. However, she discovers he was promised Sae's hand in marriage...


A Melting Seduction -Capturing Her Sexual and Emotional Body- Comic


Rino is a plain, weak-willed girl who gets saved from an attack by a cameraman named Souta. She wants to thank him, so she asks him to let her help him out with his work. In the end, she becomes one of his models! She has such little confidence in herself that she can't hide her hesitation, while Souta aims the camera at her and says, "I won't let you go home until the shoot is finished." And so, as he snaps the camera, Rino's feelings gradually blossom...


A Naughty Dream Come True [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

On a relaxing trip to a tropical island with my co-workers, I met him, Qutub, by pure accident. Who would've thought that to thank me for helping him find his mother's ring, he'd invite me to dinner and we'd end up spending a magical night together in his hotel room......? He gently holds me from behind in his arms and whispers sweet words into my ear...... Just that is enough to get me hot...... I'm ashamed that I'm getting so wet, but just the act of him entering me causes my mind to go blank...... His gentle, yet powerful pelvic thrusts make me cum over and over. If you have sex with me so passionately, I'm gonna burst!


A Naughty Hot Spring Experience with My Younger Boss [ Total vol 14 ] Completed Comic


"Relax...... and let me make you feel good..." I'm in a mixed hot spring bath with my younger boss!? Unazuki works for a hot spring information website, but they decided to shut down her "Hidden Hot Spring Resort Tour" section next month! Wishing to show the world less-known but great hot springs, she tells her younger boss Touji Arashiyama that she can't accept it. He tells her to leave it to him and they go together to a hot spring resort located deep in the mountains...... Unazuki takes a bath in front of her boss who's holding a camera, but as she feels uncomfortable trying to look relaxed, Touji suddenly gets in the bath with her. Then he pulls her body against his......!! "Oh, no... He's running his finger... over my body... and slipping it into me...!"


A Naughty Lunch Meeting -Let's Get Down to Business, Boss!- [ Total vol 5 ] ( Current vol 4 ) Comic


"If you really want to be my girlfriend, finish me off in 10 minutes."

Tamaki Suto worked her butt off to get hired at the major advertising firm where the art director she idolizes, Haruto Okudera, works. She wishes to be his apprentice, but if that's not possible, she'll do anything she can to get closer to him! But, being his girlfriend!? Can she keep her promise to satisfy him, even with his busy schedule? She does not know, but she won't back down without a fight! Stay tuned for this office romance with a time limit!


A Naughty Side-job -My Perfect Boss's Dirty Training- [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic


Haru's been working in a small local factory for two years. She almost becomes a victim of trafficking because of her shopaholic mom's illegal debt. A mysterious man appears with an offer for a side-job that could help her clear it out. Haru, despite herself, accepts. It's a paid membership club that caters to people with eccentric preferences. The company delivers both goods and personnel. The mysterious man, Senichiro Kashiwayama, becomes Haru's manager and helps her push her boundaries by sending her to various naughty jobs. Haru, who has zero experience with men, blossoms for the first time under Senichiro's touch...


A Night with a Matchless Gentleman -Let Me Teach You the Real Thing...- ( Current vol 3 ) Comic


"Again? Just with my fingers... You're so sensitive." He's working his thick fingers and his tongue inside me... Is this really my boss, who is always so serious at work!?

On the same day that Sakura's heart was broken, a combination of grief and alcohol causes her to end up in a hotel room with an older gentleman that she doesn't know. In a state somewhere between dream and reality, she is gently and sweetly comforted... and for the first time, it feels good, and she feels cherished. She remembers that he is much older than her, but she wishes to see him again... only, it turns out that this mystery gentleman is her boss! Although it seems unbelievable at first, there is no doubt that this man and her boss are the same person. He's a true gentleman, but he's also matchless at...! He may be 16 years older, but Sakura is tossed and turned by him! "I'll teach you something even better... the real thing..."


A Pet for the Beasts to Play with -Moaning Sweetly for Sadistic Singers- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

AuthorMomo Maeda

Newbie manager Nana finds herself in charge of Kakeru and Shin, a.k.a. the popular singing duo " Quiche" ! However, both men are very different from how they act in public. Nana gets bombarded with ridiculous demands, and her daily life is filled with nothing but work... Yet, undiscouraged, she's determined to do anything for them that's within her power, devoting herself completely to her job. Then, one day, Kakeru turns into a new kind of beast and goes for Nana's body...! She knows it's wrong, but she can't help melting at the loving touch of a superstar's fingers and tongue...!


A Princess and Her Manservant's Naughty Playtime Comic


Being a servant: Rule #1 - Look good enough to put a model to shame. Rule #2 - Do all jobs well. Rule #3 - Love your master (princess)! Rule #4 - Be a Cassanova!! Meet a variety of servants: a chauffeur for rich boys, a phantom thief, and even a company president's private secretary! Which one will you fall in love with?

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