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A Prisoner of Love Comic

Nanako Minegishi's a college student who's turned down by her crush and decides to drink her troubles away. This leads to her sleeping with a guy in her research group, Tomoya Akutsu, who she doesn't really like. Tomoya's a playboy and she figures that he wouldn't mind having a one-night stand with her. But, when Tomoya learns about his, he becomes upset and says "Since we've been in bed together, I want you to start loving me." Following that night, Tomoya starts treating Nanako like his girlfriend and she let's him have his way with her, but... This is a compilation of sweet, rich, and dramatic love stories!

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A Pure Boy Meets an Imaginative Girl -How Much Is Too Much for the First Time!?- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic Hot


Mitsuru Hayuka, the Art Director at M.J. Games, has worked so many late nights that she hasn't had time for a boyfriend and now she's almost 30. While her coworkers are dating and getting married left and right, Mitsuru has been out of the scene so long that coming up with a good scenario for a dating simulator app mini-game is a serious challenge. Mitsuru's one secret bright spot is the new guy, Ichito Katou, who showers her with encouragement. "I love (the games) you (make) so much!" She remembers him telling her point blank while burning the midnight oil and blushes. Then her imagination takes it to the next level ...! "Sleeping arm in arm? If it's alright with you, why don't we model it?" With that, Ichito's fingers and tongue hit all of Mitsuru's sweet spots. Knowing her sensitive places too well for it to be his first time, Mitsuru's body melts in a heat she'd long forgotten. Unable to withstand the urges washing over her, she starts to crave more of Ichito. "Was all that really just in my head!? Or was it...!?"


A Scandalous Lie Comic

Miwa is constantly getting her heart broken by her habitually cheating boyfriend. Usami, her friend from work, usually listens to her problems, but lately seems a little tired of hearing about Miwa's boyfriend. So, Usami suggests getting back at her boyfriend by having an affair with him...! Miwa, who's never thought of Usami in that way, is a little unsure. She tries to make a joke about it, but with a broken heart it's hard to turn down his sweet seduction...


A Secretary's Dignity -Polishing a Plain Office Worker Through Beauty Training- Comic


Mina is an office worker who doesn't like the fact that she's still a virgin at her age. She wants to become beautiful, so she gets a job at a beauty treatment company, but she's still as plain as ever... However, it seems that when for some reason talk of moving her to the secretarial division comes up, it seems they're looking for her to improve her appearance as well in order to be suitable to the handsome boss. She's sent to receive her company's beauty treatment, but in the treatment her chest is rubbed deeply, and she feels fingers being put in "down there"...!? She's never heard of such obscene beauty treatment! What will happen to Mina as she is trained by the company men to tempt the handsome company president...?!


A Slave to Lust Comic

"If you want to stay here, you'll have to please me." Having just lost her job and home, Chino is rescued by the wealthy Kaoru Tokiwa. She's hired as a maid to take care of his personal needs, but there's one more duty she must perform - that is, she must give her body to him whenever he desires. As their physical relationship deepens, Chino finds herself getting aroused at just the touch of his muscular, masculine hands on her secret places, and begins to get accustomed to having him inside of her. Before she knows it, the innocent Chino finds herself yearning for Kaoru's love...


A Soaking Wet Lesson in Sexual Harassment -Sir, I'm Burning up Inside- Comic


"Hey, Kozue, let me put something bigger than a finger in here." His fingers play over her wet, most sensitive parts. She can no longer deny that her body is responding to his... Kozue, a less-than-average employee, has trouble talking to others. When she attends a communications seminar, the teacher offers to give her private lessons. They end up being of the x-rated variety though, and she gets caught in the act by her colleague, Taketo Osuga! The carnal lessons she learns take her from the company conference room to an outdoor cafe... and there's only so much her body can take! "I'm... burning up and throbbing deep inside."


A Steamy, Naked Night Stuck in the Car with You [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic


"Warm me up some more." Pounced on in a small car one night, unable to resist... A hot tongue and fingers slide all over her, making her wet......!! As the appointed driver for her elite coworker, she rushes to see a client with him one day. An accident forces them to spend the night together in the car and he gives her loving kisses and caresses instead of the usual teasing. She thinks it was just a one-off fling, but the two end up being paired up at work! The closer they get, the more his kindness throws her off. When she calls his actions out at their client's hotel, he pins her to the bed and...


A String of Fate [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

"I'll sleep with you 'til I devour you." When Nao was a child, she was picked up by Prince Jake, who was visiting Japan from a desert country. After ten years, she grew into a woman and was by Jake's side as his favorite toy. She spent her days trapped in the bedroom waiting for Jake to return. While she loved Jake and did not want to give him up, she couldn't see herself in his future...


A Super Sweet Secret Comic

Ayumi finds herself on a luxury cruise with Mr. Yoshinaga, a co-worker she's long been smitten with, and he confesses that he likes her. Although she's elated, her department is at complete odds with Mr. Yoshinaga's, making their romance anything but smooth sailing. "But, after he said he likes me, touched me with his hand, and then kissed me...... I can't hold back my feelings for him any longer!" Even though Ayumi knows she can't get caught with Mr. Yoshinaga, he seduces her and they begin to make love......


A Symphony of Love and Sin Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Yui Konoma goes to her fiance Kazuki Sakuranagi's house to prepare to be housewife. Kazuki can't be there because he's away for business, so instead, his younger brother Hiroki looks after her. He picks Yui up when she's feeling down about living in such a huge mansion with a family who has countless rules and traditions. She falls for him, and he feels the same. Then, on a stormy night, they finally cross a line... This series portrays love between two men and one woman, bound together by passion.


A Tale of S & M - Forcibly Aroused - My Two Faces Comic

AuthorRio Fukuda

By day, Ryoko is just your average office worker. However, at night she transforms herself into a queen of the night at her part-time job. Her double-life is going just fine until the night the boss' son comes to her club. He is a man who looks down on everyone but himself and Ryoko becomes determined to knock his pride down a notch or two and lure him into her world by putting on a show more amazing than she's ever done before. However her plan backfires and although his attention is captured it's because he knows who she truly is and her true nature is exposed to him with just one touch. "You're really just a masochist who loves being teased" With a few simple words Ryoko is wet and willing to be taught by him.


A Tale of Two Virgins: Let the Sweetness Melt Our Bodies' Lies Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

"Your clit's hard... Does it feel good?" "Stop touching me there......" "But you said I could try it... with your body." When her childhood friend Masato admits there's a girl he likes, but that he's never had sex, Lisa is shocked. "Wanna try it with me?" she asks him in the heat of the moment. Lisa hides her true feelings from Masato, trying to satisfy herself with a purely physical relationship, but it makes her want to cry. And Lisa's a virgin, too! Then Masato's best friend, Togawa, finds out about the relationship, and asks Lisa to be his girlfriend!!


A Taste of Adultery Comic

Noriko is having an affair with Akito, the married manager of a bar. Despite her guilt, she can't hold back her feelings for him. Unlike other boyfriend's she's had, the older and more experienced Akito is an addictingly creative and electrifying lover, and she's hooked on the thrill. But cheating is cheating...... and she knows that they can never truly be together. Will she stay with him because she loves him, or break up with him for that very same reason......? After tasting illicit love, what will Riko do?


A Taste of Love! Comic

A cooking class to meet new people, with a famous hot chef as the teacher. Aki's sister forces her to take the class. She's reluctant at first, but maybe......? Anticipating some kind of romance, she goes, only to find her boss in the same class! Aki is a little hesitant, but she starts having feelings for him when she sees that he's not just the cool, quiet boss she knows... This and other love stories to set your heart aflutter.


A Three Player Love Game! [ Total vol 4 ] Completed Comic


"It feels much better when I lick you, doesn't it?", says the sadistic older brother with glasses. He's like a king. "I can't stop......!" says the gentle but reckless younger brother. He's like a prince. These super handsome twin brothers are making extreme advances! Minami is a typical nerdy girl. She was leading a boring school life, when suddenly two of her childhood friends transfer into her school! They're the Maijou brothers, and they've both grown up to be super handsome...... Minami feels inferior for having degraded into a total nerd, and tries to avoid the two of them. But despite her efforts, the brother's advances are ferocious! At school, in public and at home... Wherever Minami goes, they cause her big trouble! But amongst all the fuss, Minami finds her cold heart and body slowly warming up to them......!


A Wet Flower in a Lost Paradise [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

I fell for the guy who exposed my lewd, true nature as I gave my virginity to him, but then he...... My name's Eya. I'm the daughter of a hospital director and was living a life of luxury. Then I met and was charmed by a gentlemen with a coldhearted nature, which led to us having a lot of sex in my room. My virgin heart and body were trained in the ways of indecency...... I thought this new sensuality and happiness would last forever... And then one day later, my father killed himself after a malpractice scandal was made public... and the person who leaked the information was none other than the man I loved......! Penniless and with no place to go, I was forced to become a butterfly of pleasure at a despicable sex shop... I despise the guy who took everything from me......!! Someday, no matter what, I'll kill him......!! Love, betrayal, loneliness, and despair...... A raunchy story of revenge begins......


A Wild Guy's Dirty Pre-Marital Class [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Due to the family factory doing poorly, Midori enters the college of "Oedo Women's Institute" on a full ride. Known as the "Institute to marry into wealthy families", the institute is a "Super-gentlewoman preparatory institute" that promises their students' future. To ensure her family's future, Midori is adamant on marrying a rich boy. But she gets kissed by her beautiful female roommate... And pinned down...!! On top of that, the institute's true curriculum is to have their students use night time techniques that pleasure men, get impregnated, and get married...!? This isn't what was promised!!


A Wolf in Boy's Clothing Comic

A boy Hinako Miyashita can't forget about suddenly appears: her younger brother's best friend, Kaname! She jokingly flirts with him, which somehow escalates into Kaname punishing her (in a sexy way)! This volume features not only a story about a charming, excitable young man, but also two other comics: one about a secret love affair with an idol; and another, which is an epic, moving tale of love that spans over one hundred pages! It's a compilation loaded with fresh stories that'll capture your heart.


A Young Boss and His Pet Secretary -Our Secret Playful Overtime- [ Total vol 4 ] Completed Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

"A badly behaved pet needs to be punished." Is my young sadistic boss training me!? I was just a normal girl, average in all aspects. I finally found a job at a company run by two brothers who were childhood friends of mine. The elder brother, Chikage, is as hot as ever. I was ecstatic about getting to be his secretary, until he told me: "Your job is to look after my younger brother Haruki." That younger brother turned out to be the company president, and a super selfish bully! When he noticed my feelings towards his brother, he approached me: "Let me teach you who your real master is... Through your body!"


A Young Lady Dressed Like a Man -How Much for My Virginity...?- Comic

AuthorSauro uroco

"I want to see the moment when a young lady dressed like a man becomes a woman." She's licked and touched and forced to orally pleasure a man until she's dripping wet... What's happening? She's never felt this way before......! As a child, Ichiko was made to take over her sick older brother's identity, and live as a "man". Then one day, she's suddenly told to be a woman again and marry the man who will pay back their family debt. When she evades him, the man says he'll spare her from marriage and give her checks of money, as long as she "performs" for him. With every lewd "performance" she's forced to put on, Ichiko is made more into a woman, but to what end...!?

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