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Beautiful Men Comic

AuthorErio Hori

Marie Sawauchi is a mediocre model at a modeling agency, and the daughter of the agency's president. One day, her boyfriend, Keita, is scouted to be a model and in no time becomes a huge hit. Marie wants to be supportive, until she is told to break up with Keita! This is a collection of love stories featuring women doing everything they can for the ones they love.


Carry Me off to Paradise -Legend of Ecstasy- Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Minato Senjyu, born into a wealthy family, is on a world cruise with her father when their boat is attacked by pirates. She's taken hostage and is forced to live with her captor, the pirate leader, Navi. After experiencing his kindness and warmth, the two of them share their hearts and bodies with one another and start to fall in love! This is a new comic compilation that contains epic and erotic love stories of girls who fight to make their lives more exciting and meaningful.


A Bride's Training Comic

After participating in a singles party with some country guys (who are all unexpectedly handsome), she thought she'd hit the jackpot...... but suddenly the party turns into an orgy! Can she still get her man in such a bizarre situation!?


Jekyll and Hyde Boyfriend Comic

I'm Sachi Asahina, 17 years old. I'm concerned about my boyfriend, Yuki Saeki, who is way too stuffy. We've been dating for three months and he hasn't even kissed me yet... But one day a trendy-looking Yuki suddenly appeared at school. Seeing how surprised I was, he told me that he was Mizuki, the other personality within Yuki. My secret is that my boyfriend has a split personality!!


Christmas Eros Comic

High school graduation: Azumi told Kouichi about her one-sided love for him, and they ended up dating. Kouichi left to attend college in Tokyo, and Azumi's fine with a long-distance relationship... or she would be, but with Kouichi working to pay for his tuition, they never get to see each other. He even canceled his Christmas visit... Then one day, at a party with former classmates that Kouichi isn't attending, Akihiko tells Azumi he likes her, and forces himself on her...!? Unable to be with her beloved, the protagonist's heart and body ache. Enjoy reading the title story of miraculous love, as well as other high-quality emotional tales packed with romance!!


The Secretary's Confusion Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Kotori, who works as a male secretary, has a secret. She's actually a girl, and in a relationship with her boss, Keiji. Despite being unable to tell anyone in the company about this, Kotori lives a happy life. But one day, Kotori's dear lover suddenly loses his memories after an accident, and forgets all about their romance... Kotori does her best to hide her shock and sorrow to support and reassure Keiji, but...


48 Hours All You Can Cum: Studs-Only Sex Camp Comic


The heroine in this story receives an invitation to a 'Free Diet Program'. She's elated. "I can finally look pretty!" However, what awaits her is non-stop sex...! Even though she's not comfortable, her body compels her on, and she has an orgy with some major hunks. But someone catches her eye and makes her question what's important to her... Read for yourself and discover the secrets of this hardcore diet program...!"


Precious Love Comic

Shizue works at a cafe and is interested in somebody... He's a regular customer, a worn-out office worker "Mr. Staggy". One day, she mustered up her courage to talk to him and managed to get close to him. She was excited by their conversation, and remembering his small smile, she thought "I want to see him smile broadly someday!" A pure and cute story of a couple with an age difference.


My Dear Butler Comic

The young, spoiled Airi is enjoying living life on her own when who should appear in front of her but the absolutely useless butler, Soujirou. Airi can't believe how terrible a butler he is when he was sent by her very own mother to keep an eye on her. So, why does she start to find the things he does adorable? What would happen if a rich young girl fell in love with her butler? Besides the title story, this volume contains 3 one-shot stories revolving around Sumire Villa and the men that live there! Ulala's comics are bound to make your heart race!


My Master and Me Comic

My name is Mao Ohara, and I'm a dispatch maid. I was so excited to meet the owner of this wonderful house, but the person inside was a young, jobless slob who says he's the owner's grandson!! So this is who I have to take orders from?! He just lazes around, and I can't stand it! I promised myself that I wouldn't spoil him, but... for some reason, I can't stop thinking about him. What exactly is this difficult, yet exhilarating relationship?! Find out in this collection of heart-pounding love stories about housekeepers and their masters!


I Want Love (+Sex) Just like in a Manga! ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

AuthorShizuku uroco

The erotic scene I drew in a manga came true!? My first experience of intense sexual pleasure is pushing my sensitive body to its brink!! How can real sex feel this good!? Prior to her current job, Nanoka wanted to become a shojo manga illustrator. Even though she is now the secretary of a manager (a pure sadist), Nanoka dreams of finding love just like in a manga. However, this only leads to daily criticisms from her boss. Then, one day, Nanoka finds a mysterious notebook and, for old time's sake, uses it to draw a manga. But when she draws a manga based on her sexual fantasies with a handsome co-worker, it actually happens! Upon inspecting the notebook, Nanoka finds that now, for some reason, she has been drawn having sex with her boss......!


Hot Voice -Vocal Sex with a Handsome Voice Actor- Comic


"Show me more of your face in pleasure..." Whispering into my ear like that makes me so wet down there... Seika is a proud, normal office lady with a cute and great singing voice. One day, she meets a handsome man who happens to be a voice actor! A handsome, bespectacled voice actor... He's too good to be true!! Hearing him talk dirty in that erotic voice and being rubbed down there by his fingers is enough to make me cum...! Seika struggles to catch handsome voice-actor Yuto's attention. And in order to be with him, Seika becomes a voice actress herself.


My Obedient Love Pet [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic


"If you don't want me to tell your secret, then you're gonna have to do everything I say." Itoko was raised in the countryside and used moving to Tokyo as an opportunity to change herself into the fashionable and popular girl she always wanted to be. Everything was going well for her until she happened to be re-united with her childhood friend, Kei (Caution: Huge Sadist). In order to keep her past a secret, Itoko falls into the trap of agreeing to his condition of doing everything he says. Itoko's body becomes more and more sensitive as Kei takes his sadistic nature out on her. She has to try and balance this with welcome parties, studying, club excursions and the school festival. Just how is she going to manage both her school and love life?


Hitchhiking for Pleasure -Being Rode Against My Will- Comic

Has hitchhiking ever been a safe thing to do? "This is so embarrassing to wear" Yuri says after being agressively roped into taking a part-time job at a ski resort. To make matters worse, Yuri has no money and has no choice but to hitchhike her way to the resort. Walking along on a road with barely any traffic, she gets into the first car that stops, which just happens to be driven by a hot guy. She should have known that there was no way she'd be able to safely hitchhike as a young woman alone. When her ride asks her to put on a quite revealing outfit and then proceeds to take advantage of her body, what is she to do?


Cycle of Captivity [ Total vol 4 ] Completed Comic


Robbed of her parents due to an accident, Mitsuki is taken in by rich distant relatives who deprive her of her freedom. One day, her lifelong captor is suddenly found dead...and on the scene to help solve the mystery is her long-lost boyfriend Sota. Mitsuki is ecstatic at her reunion with Sota and the possibility of finally escaping her prison existence...but is freedom really finally hers?


Show Me Your Ecstasy -Our Bodies Are a Perfect Match- NEW Comic


Akane's cousin asks her to go on a blind date in her place. The guy that shows up is handsome, rich, and good at his job. Everything about him is perfect?which means he's not in Akane's league at all. But, at the end of the date he invites her to a hotel room to check their compatibility. Akane can't help but enjoy the way he makes her feel.
However, as she tries to move on from this encounter by thinking of it as a one-night stand, before she knows it, this very guy shows up at her office and says he can't forget about how great they were together. Does he want them to become friends with benefits!?


Keiichi Sagami Is an Impostor -Sleeping with the Childhood Friend I Despise- NEW Comic

Akira Eto is an office worker whose life revolves around games. She used to have a partner in crime, Megumi Makise, but after a certain incident in high school, she can't even look at his face again without bursting into tears. By a twist of fate, she goes to a mixer and ends up across from someone who's his spitting image! She thinks it's Megumi at first, but "Keiichi Sagami" and his calm and cool demeanor is so different to the hot-headed Megumi she remembers. The hot guy sitting so close to her makes Akira's heart beat faster, and he even likes games, too. She invites him over to play games without really thinking it through...

As a penalty for losing to him, Keiichi kisses her on the back of the hand, and things only escalate from there. Even though it's Megumi's face staring at her with desire, she can't push him away...! On top of all that, he even confesses his feelings for her!


Training the Boss -Sit! Stay! Heel!- NEW Comic


To ease her grief after the death of her beloved dog, the reclusive Miyawaki decides to attend a company party. But, after a round of heavy drinking, she wakes up in a hotel room... next to her boss! The next day, he confesses that nothing happened between the two of them, but that it did have the welcome side effect of relieving his insomnia. When he requests to sleep with her again, Miyawaki only agrees on the condition that he becomes her pet. However, she soon realizes that training her new pet isn't as easy as she thought it would be.


Kiss Trap -A Gay Guy and a Girl Who Hates Guys!?- NEW Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Yuri is one of the prettiest girls on campus, and she's always getting asked out. But, her answer is always no, because she hates guys. Despite this, there is one guy that she hangs out with all the time: her best friend, Yamato. Yamato is gay, so unlike all the other guys, there's no way he would ever look at Yuri in a romantic way.

Yuri's cousin Souta attends the same college, and it seems like Yamato just might be interested in him. Of course, Yuri will support Yamato no matter what... but how does Yamato actually feel...?


Three Stages of Love -The Beasts Come Out at Night- NEW Comic

AuthorMona Yuuki

Office worker Suzu and her neighbors Minato and Iori are childhood friends. Thanks, in part, to her having gone to an all-girls high school, Suzu finds it hard to speak to most men. In fact, Minato and Iori are the only two guys that she can interact with normally. Minato and Suzu work for the same company and enjoy a close relationship, but Minato, unbeknownst to Suzu, is in love with her. Suzu, however, is in love with Iori.

At work, Suzu overhears her coworkers gossip about inexperienced girls, and tries to distract herself from that topic with alcohol when she gets back home. Just then, Iori shows up, so she decides to confide in him. In the end, the intoxicated Suzu leaves it up to Iori to...?

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