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Our New Life Together Comic

AuthorHana Aoi

Koyuki is starting work this spring, while her boyfriend, Tono, will be continuing his college studies. Since Koyuki is worried about them pursuing different paths, Tono sweetly suggests that the two of them move in together. Now they can be together, talk, and do it whenever they want. Koyuki thinks this will make them even closer, and will motivate her to do well at her new job, but... you really learn what somebody is like after you start living with them.


Look at Me, Teacher! Comic

Nene meets her former tutor Keita again after five years. She's always been in love with him, but he didn't see her as a woman back then. Now that she's grown up, they can start over!! ...Or so she thought. In truth, he's still behaving like before. Is she the only one whose heart races whenever they're close, feeling each other's warmth and touch...? To change things between them, Nene invites him on a date, but...! This is a collection of short stories packed full of passionate puppy love!


Forbidden After-School Lovin' Comic

After having her heart broken, out of spite, Akiko has a one-night stand with Satoru, but she didn't know he was a student at the school she teaches at. Is she failing at both love and her job!? As Akiko is writhing in hopelessness, Satoru blackmails her into continuing to sleep with him in exchange for his silence. Since Satoru is a handsome guy with a sexy voice, Akiko can't understand why he wants to keep seeing her. Over time, she's torn between feelings of immorality and the pleasure they enjoy. Even though they're sleeping together in secret, when she sees how popular Satoru is with the girls in his class, she's overcome with sadness. They share a platonic relationship in the classroom, but after school, their nights continue to get rougher and more passionate. When Akiko realizes that she's falling for Satoru, she...


Just Drown in Me ( Current vol 13 ) Comic

I want you to marry me. But first, I want to taste you. Mari is a plain office lady who's never had a boyfriend, until the hottest guy at her company, Kitamura, proposes to her. He also says that physical compatibility is important, and forcefully fondles her!! Kitamura's fingers slide far into the deepest area of her undeveloped zones, causing thick honey to come gushing out. "Why are you so wet? I'll make you feel even better." Kitamura's perverted seduction just keeps getting more and more extreme... He doesn't even like me... But then why does he keep coming back to me?


Apple and Poison Comic

When her parents disapprove of her boyfriend, Marie chooses to run away from home. Without anywhere to go, she's picked up by a mysterious woman while loitering in a park and goes back to her house where she meets the woman's younger brother, Haru... Haru's got a little bit of a cold streak when it comes to women, but Marie can tell he's really got a heart of gold. The more time the two of them spend together, the more Marie starts to realize that maybe this is where she belongs...


A Scandalous Lie Comic

Miwa is constantly getting her heart broken by her habitually cheating boyfriend. Usami, her friend from work, usually listens to her problems, but lately seems a little tired of hearing about Miwa's boyfriend. So, Usami suggests getting back at her boyfriend by having an affair with him...! Miwa, who's never thought of Usami in that way, is a little unsure. She tries to make a joke about it, but with a broken heart it's hard to turn down his sweet seduction...


Handsome Harem -Their Special Training Will Make You Wet- ( Current vol 3 ) Comic

"If this is all it takes to get a reaction, you're going to get your cover blown in no time." After my twin brother Akira gets injured protecting me, I disguise myself as a boy and take his place in the boy band LOVE FOX!! But then the leader, Seichiro Kurosawa, figures out my true identity, and...


Heartthrob Cafe: Undress Me and Make Sweet Love to Me Comic


You know how it feels to want to untie the sash of a man in a kimono, don't you...? Optimistic office worker Toko throws herself at the heartthrob owner of a cafe, drawn in by the same desire, but...!


My Flower Ikka Comic

For Ikka, her relationship with Mr. Saiki, her college teacher who used to be her tutor in junior high school, means happiness. She's his student, half his age, but her feelings are stronger than that. She knows, however, that for him it's a problem... His words, his kisses, his love... Everything says their feelings for one another are true and cannot be undone by that, so why do they have to part...?


Floral Temptation Comic

Ritsu, his father, Yui and her mother were happy in each other's company. That happiness disappeared in a car accident, when Yui's mother died behind the wheel. Ritsu's father also lost his life in the accident, and Ritsu himself was injured. He left Yui's life... until two months ago. After her mother's death, Yui had been taken in by the head of the Hosho family. She and Ritsu have a chance run-in. Riddled with guilt, Yui doesn't know how to react as Ritsu takes her in his arms and says, "I'm glad to see you." The two grow closer as the bonds lost in time awaken once again. They join as one, the blissful old days seemingly upon them. However...


Underwater Flower of Love: Senior Courtesan Shikun Comic


Death by euthanasia if she doesn't find a man to buy her freedom by the age of 24!? A dramatic love story about a high-class courtesan in modern times!


Do As I Say Comic

Kazuya joins the home cooking club that Hitomi belongs to. He's rude and egotistical. Just who does he think he is!? But he apologizes immediately when he's yelled at, and seems to have a surprisingly gentle side to him. While she's being aggressively swayed by Kazuya, the distance between them closes up bit by bit...


Spilling out Comic

Kaori isn't good at letting her emotions come to the surface, which causes misunderstandings with those around her. But, with Joji it's different. He tears down her walls and slowly inches his way inside her. To spend more time with him, Kaori attends a company barbecue. On the verge of slipping, Joji catches her with his big, strong arms. His body heat sends tingles through Kaori that rock her to the core...


Beastly Boys. [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

AuthorShuu Aono

I'm Kyo, a 22-year-old late bloomer with no experience in love. ......And the first time I go on a group date, I take a guy home without even asking him his name! His soft kisses and sweet caresses make my heart and body melt. His lustful gaze makes me want him now! Is this what love feels like? Still, he just comes over to sleep with me, doesn't take me out on dates or tell me he loves me. What kind of relationship is this......? How can I make him mine?


How to Get a Guy with Glasses [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


"Don't be so tense." A glasses shop offering "secret services"!? Starting with the chivalrous boss, there's a full slate of dreamy men on staff with a "secret" power over their female customers. A college student named Io falls for one of them, a man named Saeki. It felt so good when he fitted her frames for her... "...What's happening...? I've never felt this before..." Completely under his spell, she gets a job at the shop. But after working alongside him, she sees his true, narcissistic colors... Though the other staff members treat her well, they each have their own "secret" techniques, and... "...It feels too good... I-I can't... resist anymore." So how do you get a guy with glasses!?


Secret Virgins Comic


"When he touches me there, I start to get hot... Nobody's ever touched me there before, and now that he is, I'm dripping wet and twitching and feel all tingly inside... He hasn't noticed that I'm a virgin, has he...?" Soichiro and Kanano are both pretty popular in school, so everybody thinks that they've got plenty of experience. But, the truth is, neither of them have ever done it before! After they begin dating, it doesn't take long for them to start making out, and panic ensues while they both try to hide that it's their first time. "What!? He's putting it in THERE!?" How will their first time go!?


The Fever That I Craved Comic

Something's missing. No matter who I date, I never feel satisfied... That is, until I meet someone who fills that void, both in mind and body...... He turns into a sadistic monster when we get it on after school, all tied up! Seducing my neighbor - what a thrill, knowing that he belongs to someone else!! A bittersweet affair that starts on the night of the summer festival!! Losing my virginity to a guy who's more than a friend; less than a lover! Incredible sex in a secluded karaoke box with the guy who runs the place! A miracle on a lonely Christmas night... This is a collection of comics about both sad and sensual experiences of sex as experienced by real women!!


Maid for My Master Comic

When her parents die in a car crash, Akari loses everything. Tatsuya Shinjo, a CEO who attended her parents' funeral service, offers her a helping hand. Akari begins working as a maid at the Shinjo estate. She's drawn to her savior's kindness, and finds herself growing attracted to him. They come together one night to heal each other's wounds, but... Also in this volume, we catch up with Saho and Masato from "LOVE SECRET" and "SECRET LOVE LIFE". Find out how newlywed life is treating them in "OUR NEWLYWED LIFE".


Stoic Love Comic

"It's boring watching other people have sex, isn't it?" Mutsuki is a dedicated yet klutzy student with top grades, and she's often teased by Itsuki. The ever-so-popular Itsuki became her step-brother after her mom remarried, and Mutsuki can never seem to act naturally in front of him! This is a compilation of four love stories filled with hidden secrets. You'll get to witness things such as the forbidden relationship between a hot guy and a serious student, and a girl's secret love for a younger pop star!


Secret Love in the Office Comic

I'm Mayumi, and I spend my days in a lovey-dovey office relationship with my younger coworker, Naoto. He's normally a nice and gentlemanly boyfriend, but when he gets jealous or possessive, the beast in him comes out! I want to spend more quality time with my cool and adorable Naoto! This is a heart-throbbing and salacious anthology of stories about Mayumi and Naoto, with a sad and wistful standalone short story thrown in!

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