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Love Laboratory Comic

Minato is a member of the science club. The club leader, Shuu Tajima, is an eccentric mad scientist with an incredibly high IQ! She's actually in love with Shuu, but what does Shuu think of her? What will be the results of this couple's love experiment?! Read this popular science series and other stories that'll play on your heartstrings in Yuuki Hinase's first comic book!


Cherry Trees in Bloom Comic

Sakura assumed the role of mother and took care of her childhood friend Ken after his real mother passed away. However, recently she can't help looking at Ken as a grown man. Although a year younger than her, there are times when Sakura can't face him and when they're alone her heart keeps pounding. She remembers their actual relationship with pain in her heart. Ken is no longer her childhood friend, but the one she likes. Sakura has realized her true feelings, but she cannot tell him. A sweet love story between childhood friends that will tug at your heartstrings.


Highway, When the Dawn Comes Comic

Chizuru likes one of the regular customers at her convenience store job. He's a truck driver. She doesn't know his name, but wonders what places he's seen... In addition to the title story Highway, When the Dawn Comes, which tells the sensitive tale of Chizuru's one-sided love, there are three more stories in this collection that will move any young girl's heart.


Love Trap Comic

Momoka was stuck creating documents for her boss, then on a rainy Sunday, her ideal man appears before her. She instantly falls in love with him, but she doesn't even know his name... Momoka thought they'd never meet again, but they reunite during an arranged marriage date set up by her aunt! It's a story about a wonderful love that will make your heart beat faster!


No Way! He's My Husband!? My Life, Ten Years Later [Total ch. 12] Completed Comic Popular


It should have be my first time, but for some reason, my body reacts to the pleasure like it knows it all too well! This isn't me! I fell down a stairway and accidentally slipped ten years ahead in time... where I found out that at some point I get married to a childhood friend who I do nothing but fight with! Then, he suddenly kisses me deeply, and I lose all control... and despite my virgin heart, my mature body accepts all of him... why is my body enjoying this so much?! What's going on?!


My Dear Butler Comic

The young, spoiled Airi is enjoying living life on her own when who should appear in front of her but the absolutely useless butler, Soujirou. Airi can't believe how terrible a butler he is when he was sent by her very own mother to keep an eye on her. So, why does she start to find the things he does adorable? What would happen if a rich young girl fell in love with her butler? Besides the title story, this volume contains 3 one-shot stories revolving around Sumire Villa and the men that live there! Ulala's comics are bound to make your heart race!


Spring Waltz Comic

Noriko is from a formerly poor family, and attends a school for the rich. She enjoys spending her days surrounded by the sons and daughters of the very wealthy, but still feels like she doesn't quite fit in. She longs to fall in love, but will dating lead to marriage with one of these young men? ...Impossible! How could she marry a prince, when their upbringings are so different...? During winter break, she takes a job at a high-class inn, and meets the somewhat mysterious Tatsuya. Elusive and a little overbearing, he's the kind of guy who will sneak into her room at night. They hold hands, they get a little closer, they kiss. Noriko slowly starts to fall in love... When they fall in love, every girl becomes a princess. This is a special love that sparkles like a jewel.


Baby, I Love You Comic

After Akane loses both her parents in an accident, her beloved next-door neighbor Aoi suddenly proposes! Of course she says yes and they begin their life together, but when Aoi won't take their relationship to the next level, Akane gets so anxious! "Hey, Aoi, did you just marry me out of pity?" In addition to the love story of Aoi and his schoolgirl bride Akane, you can enjoy a collection of other stories that are sure to make you smile!


It's Okay to Be Mean, Right? Comic

Kaori and Hisashi, an intelligent and handsome yet mean guy, don't get along at all!! One minute he acts as a gentleman in front of his boss/Kaori's mother and the next he completely changes his attitude toward Kaori. "He's mean and always treats me like a child. I realy hate him!! But I ended up spending a stormy night alone with him... This guy with glasses is going to seduce me." Bringing you short stories full of love!!


My Master and Me Comic

My name is Mao Ohara, and I'm a dispatch maid. I was so excited to meet the owner of this wonderful house, but the person inside was a young, jobless slob who says he's the owner's grandson!! So this is who I have to take orders from?! He just lazes around, and I can't stand it! I promised myself that I wouldn't spoil him, but... for some reason, I can't stop thinking about him. What exactly is this difficult, yet exhilarating relationship?! Find out in this collection of heart-pounding love stories about housekeepers and their masters!


Naughty Love Comic

Until she met the virgin class rep, Nagai, Kanna lived a rather dull school life, never bothering to get too sentimental with boys. Nagai's amusing reactions made him Kanna's favorite target to prank, but it's not just that. He's completely different from the other guys... Why can't she take her eyes off him? Enjoy the long awaited comic release by Ichimi Minamoto, an exciting and heartwarming collection of stories.


Colors. Comic

An awful situation... spawns a new love... When rich girl, Maria, is injured by soccer club member Hisashi, she demands he accompany her to and from school as compensation for her injury! "At first, I was using him for my own convenience, but why do I keep thinking about him." A series of sparkling girls' love stories which use color as a theme, such as "Dear Scarlet", featuring the stubborn girl Maria, "Green Days", an enrapturing story about flourishing love, and "Su Mi Re", where friendship becomes love. A girl's love is always colorful!


Sunny Dreams Comic

Engulfed by daily overtime, Rinka's only escape is her lunchtime. As always, she heads towards the rooftop's door, and is greeted by Takahata, a man who stumbled across that place one summer and has been joining her in peaceful recreation ever since. They talk about silly things, eat dumplings together and sometimes even nap. For the silent and shy Rinka, standing quietly by Takahata never felt awkward. Before long, the time spent with him becomes the most precious part of Rinka's day. She was certain these happy days would go on forever, but the winds of change start blowing...


I Love You! Comic

Kyouko had her heart broken by her manager at work. She tries her best to appear cheerful and hide her true feelings, but her head is full of thoughts about him. Suddenly, the newly hired part timer, Masaru, kisses Kyouko out of the blue.Is it sympathy? Is he comforting her? Or...!? Although Masaru's unsociable and not at all cute, the complete opposite of Kyouko's beloved manager, she finds herself growing to like him.Despite Kyouko not knowing what Masaru's intentions are, the two of them rapidly become closer...


Sweet Days Comic

Heartbroken by her senior at work, Ayano becomes sex friends with her colleague, Miyaguchi. Without any romantic involvement, there's no need to fret over each other's behavior. A relationship with no strings attached is supposed to be satisfying, but Ayano's heart races whenever Miyaguchi is kind to her. Since there is no love, just carnal desire, Ayano believes it's best to remain distant, however that's harder than she thinks. Enjoy a story full of love, depicting the awkward romance between two adults.


Secret Comic

Two children share their first kiss out of curiosity. Satoko cannot remember who she kissed, but her childhood friend, Tetsu, hints that it was him by bringing up 'their secret'. Tetsu's grown up a lot since and Satoko accepts his invitation. While their bodies intertwine behind closed doors, Satoko discovers pleasure and the truth. It's a thrilling love story about the secret that paints their past.


The Promise Between You and Me Comic

When Miho woke up one morning, she noticed she was sleeping next to her childhood friend, Hideharu. And they were both naked... "Did we really do it!?" was all she could think of. While she's panicking, Hideharu keeps repeating meaningful words. What does he mean by "I'm just keeping my promise"...? Miho just can't admit her feelings for her childhood friend who's grown into a handsome man... A love story with a surprisingly stubborn heroine.


Not Love Story Comic

Something unexpected falls before aspiring novelist Natsuru's eyes. It's a rough manuscript by the masked writer, Nao Okazaki! Mr. Okazaki's the writer Natsuru admires the most--how dramatic! But that annoying interloper, Jin Kurata, stands in the way of Natsuru's love. Though he can be unkind, Jin's literary abilities are top notch. Could he help Natsuru spell out her love for Mr. Okazaki...!? Read about Natsuru's incomplete passion and other tender love stories in NOT LOVE STORY, and let them soothe your heart.


My Darling the Wild Noble Comic


After incurring her mother's wrath with her free-spirited and uncontrollable behavior, Suzume is sent to Kyoto to learn the art of home making from her aunt. There, Suzume finds herself caught up in strict training, but she also gets to see her cousin, Miyabi, again. Miyabi is like a noble, with his elegant mannerisms and clothing. Suzume can't help but be fascinated by him, and bit by bit, she realizes her true feelings for Miyabi. But can a noble and commoner be together? The road to true love is a bumpy one! Enjoy these cute stories of girls who change through the power of love!!


Spicy Sweet Comic

Newly employed for only 2 months, I'm finally getting the hang of this job. I happily do my best every day, despite having a demanding senior and a perverted boss, thanks to Makita, the man I look up to. Admiring him from afar was my daily routine, but one night during overtime we got unexpectedly close. After I had the chance to see his surprisingly cute sulky and angry expressions, I felt I was on the same wavelength with the one I considered silent and cool. This new found affinity turned my admiration into love...

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