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What Happens When You Meet Your Ex at a Group Date? Comic

"You told me to stop even though you're dripping wet, huh?" says Kawashima as he fondles Eri's body. Eri, who used to be a geeky country girl, is now a popular girl living in Tokyo. She can get any man she wants at mixers, but deep down she always feels empty. One day, at a mixer, she runs into Kawashima, who turned down Eri in high school. He tells her that she's just kidding herself. "I'll rip off your mask." He binds Eri's arms and legs, blindfolds her, and fondles her breasts and vagina at the same time. Kawashima is sadistic and pushy, but Eri's body gets hotter and hotter...


What Hubby Doesn't Know! [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

AuthorCoco Satou

Maki's husband Akira is a sweet older novelist. He's fashionable, hot, and easygoing. It was love at first sight for Maki, and she clearly played her cards right because now they're married and so happy together. ...But, Maki's got a secret she's been hiding from her hubby: her being a rebellious terror when she was a teenager! She's been acting so graceful and proper this whole time, it's hard for her to show her true colors now... Scared that Akira would fall out of love with her, she'd been keeping this a secret until one day, her ex-boyfriend Yuji shows up as Akira's editor!! A heart-throbbing romance about a girl with a past and her caring husband.


What If My Boyfriend's Father...? Comic


Forbidden sex with my boyfriend's father! "My boyfriend's in the next room over, yet his father is forcing it inside me..." One day, Hinako meets an older man and cheats on her boyfriend with him... only to find out that he's actually her boyfriend's father! "I know it's wrong, but my body feels so hot and wet. I want 'him...'" What's going to happen in this dangerous love triangle?!


What a Cutie Comic

Masumi is a student council member and Amane is the highly admired student council president. Lately all her troubles are caused by his mischief!! They almost get up to things behind closed doors, which excites and embarrasses her... But while the enigmatic Amane is taking advantage of Masumi, she notices his loneliness and not before long, she seriously falls for him.This long awaited adult comics collection feature various love affairs in the student council room...


When Cheating's Alright Comic


Yamada finds herself constantly stood up by her model boyfriend. A subsequent bout with liquor drives her into the arms of her assistant professor, where she discovers the worth of temporary solace.


When He Embraced Me... [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

"For so long... I've had a crush on you." Sanae has a serendipitous reunion at the office with a younger student from her high school, Fumiaki, who was boyishly cute then, but is now a fully-grown, remarkably tall, handsome man. Unaware of his feelings, I wander aimlessly at work - constantly tripping over myself - only to have coworkers calling me incompetent behind my back. After excusing ourselves from a welcoming party for new employees, he and I stumble our way into a hotel and wind up crossing the line between coworkers. He tenderly squeezes my breasts, quietly working his way down my body until I see him extending his tongue toward my... Memories of him as a boy turn into mysteries of him as a man... With our reunion sparking such a spontaneous relationship, I can only wonder where we'll go from here...


When a Porn Actress and Actor Live Together... [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


"How did we end up meeting like this......?" Azusa Hiragi and Daichi Tateishi both work in the porn industry. By chance they became flat-mates, and gradually grew closer through an understanding of one another's work commitments. They share a small, fleeting romance, but it is cut short by the coldness of reality.......


Which Man Do You Choose to "Do"!? Comic

On her way to her company's year-end party, Kanako encounters a lost child. She's going to be late! As she struggles to calm the distraught child, her handsome senior Yuji and her playboy subordinate Makoto happen to pass by. The three of them end up drinking together, and on the way home, one of them suddenly steals a kiss... Being the respectable office worker she is, Kanako focuses on her work, but suddenly finds herself being seduced by the two handsome men!! In addition to this steamy office romp, this volume includes five more heart-pounding and downright dirty love stories!


Who Are You? [ Total vol 4 ] Completed Comic

AuthorHana Aoi

Aya is a carefree college student living alone and loving it. One day, she returns home only to be met by a stranger! The stranger, Noriko, turns out to be the neighbor's childhood friend. That neighbor is a fellow college student named Hideaki, who hates letting women into his apartment. So, when his flings want to come home with him, he pretends Aya is his girlfriend and gets rid of them. However, that won't work on Noriko... Instead, she says, "Well then, I wanna live here too!" Since Aya can't exactly kick Noriko out, their strange new life together begins...


Who Do I Love -My Step-Brother or My Boyfriend!?- ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

AuthorMoemi Nase

A love triangle between my step-brother, my boyfriend and me! Her mom got remarried and then her step-brother came to live with them. Which should be fine but he seems to be always watching over our heroine. And to make matters worse whenever she worries the least little bit about her step-brother her boyfriend gets angry! A heart-pounding soccer-filled love comedy!


Who Let the Horndog In? Comic

Ena Aoki has had the worst luck with men! One day, after yet another break-up, she decides she's had enough and can service herself using adult toys. "I don't need a man to please myself in bed!" she thinks. But then she runs into a man she has never met before, and he sees all the toys she has in her bag!! He uses this as ammo to blackmail her into letting him stay at her place...!! And, he makes her come so hard she can't even move. Read on for a hot and steamy romantic treat!


Who's Better, My Pet or My Boyfriend? [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

PublisherLove Chocolat

What would you do if your favorite pet turned into a human being and offered to "mate" with you...!? Himari's boyfriend is competing for her affections with her pushy yet adorable pet cat!! Akito is Himari's former home-tutor and currently her boyfriend. But, he won't make love to her at all... As such, Himari spends her days depressed and holding her dear pet cat Leon. Then, on one such occasion, Leon turns into a guy with a wild side to him! He pushes Himari onto her bed, saying, "I'd never let you feel such loneliness!!" After that, thanks to Leon's transformation, Himari's relationship with Akito takes a major turn...!!


Wicked Pure Love Comic

In the summer of her third year at high school, Erika Kanzaki runs into a big problem. A younger student, the gentlemanly Nagumo, asks her out in a way that makes it difficult to turn him down. Still, they start a relationship, and act like lovers. Erika isn't sure if she really loves him yet, but going out with him just feels so good. If Nagumo, who loves her whole-heartedly, found out about this, he'd surely despise her... When Erika gets scared and tries to turn Nagumo away, he is hurt deeply...... Their feelings of sorrow intertwine in this sensitive romance.


Wilder Than Passion, Purer Than Love... Comic

For the sake of her noble family, Yukari Shidou is forced into marriage. However, right before the ceremony, a mysterious young man suddenly comes through the window to kidnap her. Yukari's abductor tells her: "If you're going to marry a man you don't love, you might as well be forever captive in this room with me." There is more to the accomplice than meets the eye. The young man with gentle eyes is revealed to be... Find out, in this dramatic story overflowing with maddening, suffocating love.


Will You Let Me Satisfy You? -How My Younger Boss Looks After Me- [ Total vol 18 ] Completed Comic

"Do you feel so good now that you won't let go of my fingers?" The lips that are forming those words are gently caressing my body over and over...... The young boss who suddenly appears before Hina, an office worker, is her ex-boyfriend from high school! Even though he was a meek and naive boy, he's now transformed into a hot guy! To top it off, he's more passionate in bed than her current boyfriend... So what on earth should she do!?


Wolf Girl / Lamb Boy Comic


The "wolf" comes to me on nights when there's a full moon out, hollering, "Let me do you!" The one who jumps me hungrily is Cheena Sakamaki, a female! And I'm the guy getting attacked... She isn't my girl or anything, we're just friends who go to the same vocational school. So why is this happening? Because she gets super horny on full moon nights, and I'm the one she uses for her release. In other words, she's just after my body... The thing is, I've let this go on because I'm actually in love with Cheena, but I can't tell her that now, when things between us have been purely physical for so long. How long can this continue? Until Cheena gets a real boyfriend......?


Wolves in Lab Coats -Examined Behind Closed Doors- ( Current vol 3 ) Comic


"Just a heads up, I've never thought of you as my little sister." Natsuna was raised by her mother from a young age after her father's untimely death. Her family grew exponentially at 15 years old when her mother remarried, giving her two step-brothers: newly licensed doctor Hideo and Akihide, a medical student. Though her new family's elite status was intimidating, they welcomed her with open arms. Six years later... at the airport. The three siblings see their parents off as they embark on a year-long trip to study America's E.R. system. Now, the siblings will be living together without parental supervision as well as working at the same hospital. One day, Hideo kisses Natsuna out of the blue, sending her heart on a butterfly-filled romantic roller coaster. Just then, Akihide throws his hat in the ring as well. Which of the handsome doctors will win their step-sister's love...?


Won't You Be Mine? -An Eligible Bachelor's Pet Cinderella- Comic

The prince who appears in front of a working girl is... her superior who's the ultimate bachelor!? In order to send money to her family, the hard-working Yuri Miyoshi works every day. She's in an office by day and accompanying men to dinners by night. One day, as Yuri's being forced into a private room by a drunk customer, she's saved by her handsome and wealthy superior, Nagaharu Zaizen. Nagaharu learns about Yuri's current situation and offers her a new job, which includes living with him...! There's also a mysterious and handsome butler who ends up providing some hot and steamy education for a rich young lady. It's Yuzuru Ichimi's first book of short stories featuring wonderful guys' hidden attractiveness!


Work off Your Debt! No Escape! - Lady of the Night Sunk in the Dark Side of Yoshiwara - Comic

AuthorYu Tenmaru

Our heroine is left with a massive debt by her boyfriend and sold off to Yoshiwara, a house of pleasure, by a shady financing company. Of course, in order to survive there, she has no choice but to sell her body. On her first day, as despair and unease mix within her, she surprisingly ends up the partner of an extremely handsome man. She's completely taken in by his gentle smile... but he changes completely as soon as they're in bed! Forced fellatio as he grabs her head...!? And being roughly thrust into from behind...! There's no end to the brutal and sadistic play...! Will she just end up falling into misery in this place!?


Working with Condoms -Researching Rubbers That Make Girls Feel Good- Comic


"How does that rubber feel?" My first job is testing the latest condoms!? I'm too shy to say just how incredibly hot they make me inside...!! I'm working in condom development, and one day I get ordered to... write a report after trying out the new condom!? What can I do!? I'm a virgin...!! When I can't hand in the report, my supervisor responds, "Right... Let's test them together." No way! ...Does that mean what I think it does!?

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