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Lovers' Suicide Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Kanon Saeki has a sexual relationship with her history teacher, Mr. Takechi, but there is no love involved. She's maintaining this relationship under the guise of "taking revenge" for her late older sister, who was Mr. Takechi's girlfriend. But then, their relationship takes a turn... What does it feel like to love somebody so much it makes you go mad...!? This volume is a collection of three sensual stories filled with dramatic love!!


Jekyll and Hyde Boyfriend Comic

I'm Sachi Asahina, 17 years old. I'm concerned about my boyfriend, Yuki Saeki, who is way too stuffy. We've been dating for three months and he hasn't even kissed me yet... But one day a trendy-looking Yuki suddenly appeared at school. Seeing how surprised I was, he told me that he was Mizuki, the other personality within Yuki. My secret is that my boyfriend has a split personality!!


Sweet Memory Comic

Chika encounters a blonde-haired, college guy with model good-looks while working part-time at a lodge. He's visiting from the city in late summer and is broken hearted. She becomes excited as she falls for the city boy, and they become closer and closer. He tells her, "It's fun being with you," and even kisses her on the cheek. Her heart longs for him, and her simple crush turns into something more serious. However, he is just a visitor who will soon go home, leaving Chika hurt. She tries desperately to control her feelings...... This love story is bursting with sweet, fleeting, heart-pounding romance.


What a Cutie Comic

Masumi is a student council member and Amane is the highly admired student council president. Lately all her troubles are caused by his mischief!! They almost get up to things behind closed doors, which excites and embarrasses her... But while the enigmatic Amane is taking advantage of Masumi, she notices his loneliness and not before long, she seriously falls for him.This long awaited adult comics collection feature various love affairs in the student council room...


Precious Love Comic

Shizue works at a cafe and is interested in somebody... He's a regular customer, a worn-out office worker "Mr. Staggy". One day, she mustered up her courage to talk to him and managed to get close to him. She was excited by their conversation, and remembering his small smile, she thought "I want to see him smile broadly someday!" A pure and cute story of a couple with an age difference.


Spring Waltz Comic

Noriko is from a formerly poor family, and attends a school for the rich. She enjoys spending her days surrounded by the sons and daughters of the very wealthy, but still feels like she doesn't quite fit in. She longs to fall in love, but will dating lead to marriage with one of these young men? ...Impossible! How could she marry a prince, when their upbringings are so different...? During winter break, she takes a job at a high-class inn, and meets the somewhat mysterious Tatsuya. Elusive and a little overbearing, he's the kind of guy who will sneak into her room at night. They hold hands, they get a little closer, they kiss. Noriko slowly starts to fall in love... When they fall in love, every girl becomes a princess. This is a special love that sparkles like a jewel.


My Sadistic Instructor's Erotic Lesson - Learn How to Drive... with Your Body! - Comic


"This is part of the class!" My super sadistic teacher manhandles my body in the car... then takes me in my most intimate parts! He instructs both my body and my heart... I don't think I can live without him anymore! I joined the driving school that my boyfriend works at, but it turns out that my supervisor is my first love from middle school... "Every time you miss, you get penalized." All of a sudden he shows me his dominant side, and I just don't know what to do! Even when we're driving, all of a sudden he starts touching me erotically, and won't get his hands off me! He makes my body make such lewd sounds... It won't stop pulsating... I think I'm at my limit!


Mind Hacker -Inescapable Desire- (Current ch. 3) Comic


"You are now my sex slave." A computer virus that can control humans has been invented that spreads to anyone who looks at the screens we see in our everyday lives. Those who look at affected monitors show a variety of symptoms. Some feel physically sick, while others develop an insatiable sex drive. This is the tale of one particular female victim. The developer of the virus spends a long time slowly hypnotising her until she's under a deep spell. Rei is a junior member at her company who is secretly in love with her. He develops a vaccine and tries to save her, but what's going to happen when his younger brother Reo sets a new plan into motion!?


It's More Than Pleasure with the One I Love Comic

"Make me cum with your boobs." Maybe Yuuma doesn't like me... he just likes my boobs? Every day, Yuuma seems completely wrapped up in Manami's big boobs, which makes her more and more nervous with every passing day... Then one day, she goes to a familiar bar and meets someone and something unbelievable happens to Manami's chest...! Can Yuuma handle the shocking transformation?!


Cycle of Captivity [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic


Robbed of her parents due to an accident, Mitsuki is taken in by rich distant relatives who deprive her of her freedom. One day, her lifelong captor is suddenly found dead...and on the scene to help solve the mystery is her long-lost boyfriend Sota. Mitsuki is ecstatic at her reunion with Sota and the possibility of finally escaping her prison existence...but is freedom really finally hers?


I Can't Stay Friends Anymore -Love Begins with an Offer- NEW Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

Shiori Mizuno is a university student, and Yamato Mochizuki is her childhood friend and next-door neighbor. They used to be good friends, but he confessed to her and caused a rift between them. Shiori was devoted to track and field at the time and, while Yamato was her biggest supporter, she could only see him as like a little brother. She distanced herself from him by going to a boarding school, and that was that.

Several years later, however, losing both Yamato and track and field made Shiori realize how important he really was to her. Shiori desperately wants to go back to the way they were before, and is prepared to accept anything if it'll change his heart... but their relationship becomes solely physical with no feelings from him, and the pain drives her to tears...


Pierre Takigawa Enjoys Making Me Melt -He Can See Right Through Me- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


Depressed about being scolded at work, despite doing other people's jobs on top of her own, Akari makes her way home and happens to cross a bridge. She stumbles, and suddenly the famous half-French pretty-boy patissier Pierre Takigawa is there to catch her. Akari has liked him for a while, and she's shocked at his sudden appearance. It seems Pierre thought Akari was about to jump, but once he realizes that isn't the case, he begins to point out why she's depressed with such accuracy that he might as well be reading her mind... Wait, how does he know all that!? Although Pierre can be teasing at times, the sweet-as-chocolate, intoxicating patissier sees straight through Akari and drives her wild...


The CEO's Mistress -A Prisoner's Contract- (Current ch. 2) Comic

With her mind made up, Ichika goes to Yuri with a proposition. She will ask him to help save her step-father's restaurant. Yuri is the president of the company that they work with and a regular customer, and what she offers him in exchange is herself. "If you want me to buy, you have to show me how much you're worth," says Yuri coldy, as Ichika does her best to make it an offer he can't refuse.


Dear Teacher. Comic

AuthorSae Kimi

Her old crush from high school was her teacher, Mr. Haga... Now in college, Aoi has a run-in with Mr. Haga at a mixer. Not only that, but they drink too much and...! She continues to see him while hiding the truth about that night. As she gets to know him, she begins to see a different side of him she never knew before. Aoi begins to be drawn to him like she was back in high school, but... A collection of fluffy love stories for girls in love!!


Look at Me, Teacher! Comic

Nene meets her former tutor Keita again after five years. She's always been in love with him, but he didn't see her as a woman back then. Now that she's grown up, they can start over!! ...Or so she thought. In truth, he's still behaving like before. Is she the only one whose heart races whenever they're close, feeling each other's warmth and touch...? To change things between them, Nene invites him on a date, but...! This is a collection of short stories packed full of passionate puppy love!


Forbidden After-School Lovin' Comic

After having her heart broken, out of spite, Akiko has a one-night stand with Satoru, but she didn't know he was a student at the school she teaches at. Is she failing at both love and her job!? As Akiko is writhing in hopelessness, Satoru blackmails her into continuing to sleep with him in exchange for his silence. Since Satoru is a handsome guy with a sexy voice, Akiko can't understand why he wants to keep seeing her. Over time, she's torn between feelings of immorality and the pleasure they enjoy. Even though they're sleeping together in secret, when she sees how popular Satoru is with the girls in his class, she's overcome with sadness. They share a platonic relationship in the classroom, but after school, their nights continue to get rougher and more passionate. When Akiko realizes that she's falling for Satoru, she...


Just Drown in Me (Current ch. 13) Comic

I want you to marry me. But first, I want to taste you. Mari is a plain office lady who's never had a boyfriend, until the hottest guy at her company, Kitamura, proposes to her. He also says that physical compatibility is important, and forcefully fondles her!! Kitamura's fingers slide far into the deepest area of her undeveloped zones, causing thick honey to come gushing out. "Why are you so wet? I'll make you feel even better." Kitamura's perverted seduction just keeps getting more and more extreme... He doesn't even like me... But then why does he keep coming back to me?


Apple and Poison Comic

When her parents disapprove of her boyfriend, Marie chooses to run away from home. Without anywhere to go, she's picked up by a mysterious woman while loitering in a park and goes back to her house where she meets the woman's younger brother, Haru... Haru's got a little bit of a cold streak when it comes to women, but Marie can tell he's really got a heart of gold. The more time the two of them spend together, the more Marie starts to realize that maybe this is where she belongs...


Second Chances: Don't Let Me Down! Comic


Kyoko was so in love... nowadays, she doesn't know what Aki's thinking. Work's not going well, one of her best friends from high school is having a shotgun wedding with her soulmate... and she just keeps comparing herself to others. When's her life-changing miracle going to happen...?


Love Lesson with My Home Tutor [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic


Misled by the words of her home tutor, Chinatsu prepares for her big date by having a thorough lesson in pleasure!

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