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Underwater Flower of Love: Senior Courtesan Shikun Comic


Death by euthanasia if she doesn't find a man to buy her freedom by the age of 24!? A dramatic love story about a high-class courtesan in modern times!


Love's Locus Comic

When I come to, I'm having sex with a stranger. What on Earth is going on!? I know for a fact that it's my room, but I have no recollection of the events that happened before this. I ask for his name and before I know it, he's asked me to be his girlfriend... And I go and say "ok"...


Sexful with You Comic

Tokiko Matsunaga, age 32. She's never been satisfied in bed. No matter who she dates, she ends up dumped. Her sex drive is so strong, she drives men away. After being dumped by her boyfriend of two months, Tokiko is reunited with her old high school pal... A spin-off series of the popular "Sexless With You" series!


Under the Sun [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

AuthorHana Aoi

Mai cannot see a way out of her one-sided and unattainable love with Jun. She spends her days being taken to bars and listening to his problems. She can't express her feelings to a married man, and doesn't plan to. ...But her love for Jun, unspoken for ten years, continues to burn...


Egotistical Fortune-Telling [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

A friend with benefits. That's all Nakura was supposed to be. We have the best sex ever, but we don't get along at all, and plus, he's not really my type. Our realationship so far has been comforable, but I want a real boyfriend. So, I do a little fortune-telling and wallah! It gives me the perfect result! Nakura keeps nagging me about it and so I swear to find my Mr. Perfect just to get back at him, but...


The Makings of a Dog. Comic

"I'm your pet dog. So... please pleasure me over and over!" I went to a dog-training center to stop my puppy barking, but ended up being trained myself instead. My master put dog ears and a tail on me and "trained" me sensually with his fingers, tongue, and gaze... He disciplines me every day, and I do my best to be a good, lovable pet. This is a cute, extreme love story between a sadistic trainer and his puppy girl.


Crime, Punishment, and Passion Comic

"I want you." Hijiri, the man who saves Noa when she falls into a lake, is only after one thing... Noa herself. Under the pretense of a business visit, Hijiri approaches Noa and warns her that she can't let her fiance have her, and leaves behind a red mark on her chest. He comes back later to check if she's kept her promise, groping around her hot insides with his fingers... And that's enough to get her juices flowing and send her wild with desire. There's no way they can get away with this......


Train Sex Comic

AuthorCoco Satou

Kaoru hates traveling in a packed train every morning, but there's one thing she looks forward to: staring at Hayato, her crush from high school, and imagining having sex with him. She knows she shouldn't be doing it, but she can't help her naughty imagination! One day, she happens to stand next to him on the train! Her dirty thoughts get out of control as her body touches his...... but Hayato starts to act strange...... He's breathing heavily, blushing and groaning...... Is someone groping him!? In her attempt to find out who the groper is...... Kaoru realizes that it's her! She's touching him between his legs! "......Are you going to take responsibility for this?" The accidental groping gives her a chance to get close to him! And her naughty fantasies come true......


The World's Best Marriage Proposal -You Are Everything to Me- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Yukino was asked to act in place of her twin sister, Marino, for a blind date with Hikari, who is the son of the president of a law firm. He is half-Japanese, half-English, and he says he fell in love with Marino at first sight. He proposes to Yukino on their first date, and asks her to be his secretary. Yukino hates Hikari's selfish behavior at first, but starts falling, little by little, for him as he stares at her with his beautiful hazel eyes, talks about his dreams, and tells her how much he loves her. However, she knows she can never be Marino, so decides to run away from Hikari, to stop him from finding out that she will never be as good as her sister...


Fingertip Prince -Where Do You Wanna Be Touched?- [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


"Please.... Give me more...... More!" With those fingers she's been longing for inside of her, she's melting all over! Mr. Tanizaki reminds Ayaka of her favorite junior high school teacher, especially his hands. She has a hand fetish, and she falls completely and secretly in love with him; so in love that she sneaks pictures of his hands on her phone every day. Her obsession knows no bounds!! She's even made herself a 3D-printed replica of his hand, which she uses to pleasure herself every night. One day, while working on a project alone with him, she finds herself stuck when trying to write a bedroom scene for a women's love-simulation game. "I'm... actually a virgin......" When Mr. Tanizaki hears that, he suddenly......! "Okay, I'll use my hands. For research."


Sweet Services by My Personal Butler Comic

My boyfriend doesn't care about how he looks and only wears sweats. But he's turned into a super-hot butler! I can't help but react to this new side of him, emotionally AND physically... His sweet, naughty services make me oh so hot and bothered. This is a collection of stories packed with sweet romance!


Learning to Draw the Hard Way -Draw Me Next, Baby- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic


"Isn't it important for your manga to be realistic? Here, I'll show you how it REALLY goes down......" Sachi Oshima is an office worker who moonlights as a pornographic-manga artist. While she often finds herself daydreaming about the pleasures of the flesh, she is in fact a virgin. Sachi has nothing to base her sex scenes on except her own imagination, so she often spends long hours trying to make them right. Still half asleep when she gets to work, she mistakenly hands over the draft of her pornographic manga to a coworker - the cold, teasing Shibamichi!! "Ms. Oshima, are you still a virgin? All these sex scenes are totally unrealistic. It's all just fantasy, right?" comments the mean Mr. Shibamichi. When Sachi tries to object, Shibamichi suddenly pounces, coaxing her to "see what comes next in the story"!! She can't believe his fingers inside her could feel this good......! Shibamichi's forceful fingers provoke pure pleasure! Who could've seen this coming!? Sachi's way past fantasizing now... "I know that this is wrong, but I can't help but want to see what comes next......!"


Ecstasy Train: From the Front and from Behind Comic

AuthorAki Hiura

I hate crowded trains. Taking advantage of the fact that I can't move, perverts grab me from behind...! They whisper stickily in my ear and even though I hate it, I end up getting turned on. Barely able to stand, at this rate I'm sure I'll... Or so I thought, when Tohru, my classmate from university, catches the pervert's hand and stops him for me. "I can't believe that Tohru, the guy that I like, saved me..." I think so happily to myself, when he says, "If you don't like it, you should say so yourself. Or do you actually like to be molested?" What a shock! I cry and he apologizes, and then goes out of his way to ward off perverts, but...


Caught by an Arrogant Beast Comic

Mizuho fell in love at first sight with her college classmate, Hayato. She tells him how she feels, but not only does he not look her way, he doesn't even treat her like a woman......! Her every day is spent being teased by the arrogant, cool Hayato, but her feelings just become stronger. She tries whatever tactics she can to get him to come around, but......! An arrogant man, a younger boy, a stubborn girl...... A collection of heart-warming stories filled with all kinds of love!


A Tale of Two Virgins: Let the Sweetness Melt Our Bodies' Lies Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

"Your clit's hard... Does it feel good?" "Stop touching me there......" "But you said I could try it... with your body." When her childhood friend Masato admits there's a girl he likes, but that he's never had sex, Lisa is shocked. "Wanna try it with me?" she asks him in the heat of the moment. Lisa hides her true feelings from Masato, trying to satisfy herself with a purely physical relationship, but it makes her want to cry. And Lisa's a virgin, too! Then Masato's best friend, Togawa, finds out about the relationship, and asks Lisa to be his girlfriend!!


Sugar & Spice ( Current vol 7 ) Comic

There's a guy I have to have! He looks selfish and flaky and he's always gambling. Sometimes our eye's meet, but he's always surrounded by others... The man China has fallen in love with is a formidable-looking player. Despite not even knowing his name, she tries to get his attention by suddenly kissing him. However, he fights back with an even deeper kiss, and... Their love begins at the lips, but where will it go...?


The Maid's Torment Comic

Anzu's university club is opening up a cafe. She asks her older boyfriend to stop by, and can't wait to show him her maid uniform. "Welcome, Master!" she says, charmingly. But his reaction isn't what she expected... She's dressed as a maid, and she's going to service him as sweetly and seductively as she can.


The Ephemeral Love of a Hostess -Hold Me Before I Go Mad!- Comic

My name's Yurika and I work at a hostess bar. One night, I'm walking home pissed off after some customer named Fujiki gave a me a hard time, and a stalker tries to have his way with me. And believe it or not, Mr. Fujiki comes to my rescue!! We go on a few dates after that, and I really start to like him... But we're just hostess and client, nothing more, right...? Then, I hear that he's moving abroad for work!! I go sprinting out of the club, and to my surprise I find out he felt the same way as me!!


Sexless with You [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic

That day she sees her coworkers having sex in the secluded file room... The muffled moans and wet sounds of bodies rubbing together. Affected by the shocking spectacle, Emiko masturbates in the office restroom and becomes aware of her irrepressible lust. Her relationship was going well - her live-in boyfriend, Sou, is kind to her. But they haven't had sex in three years. She'd always assumed it was normal to be like this after dating a long time, but......


My Naughty Butler's Irresistible Seductions Comic

With her uncle hospitalized, Shino takes over as the acting Grand Master of a traditional Japanese flower arrangement house. Her uncle's butler, Katagiri, is there to show her how to dress, act, and even make love like a lady... All he wants in return are her moans of pleasure, and she melts under his intimate caresses. She wants all of him, but their love must remain a secret... Find out what happens in these stories bursting with the hidden romance between a lady and her butler!

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