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Caught by an Arrogant Beast Comic

Mizuho fell in love at first sight with her college classmate, Hayato. She tells him how she feels, but not only does he not look her way, he doesn't even treat her like a woman......! Her every day is spent being teased by the arrogant, cool Hayato, but her feelings just become stronger. She tries whatever tactics she can to get him to come around, but......! An arrogant man, a younger boy, a stubborn girl...... A collection of heart-warming stories filled with all kinds of love!


My Childhood Friend Is One Mean Doctor -Don't Touch Me There- Comic

PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

Sakura's anemia flares up during job-hunting season - the most pivotal time of her life. She turns to her mother for support, only to have a hot young man come over in her stead!! With her business taking up all her time, Sakura's mother asked Sakura's childhood friend and neighbor to take care of her. He's back on break from studying at some famous medical school in America. He's here to cook, clean, and give her a physical examination...... She's hesitant at first, as he always used to tease her, but the more he feels (examines) her body, the hotter she gets... Until...!


Teach Me Everything Naughty -Steamy Employee-Training in Session- [ Total vol 4 ] Completed Comic

"Didn't I tell you that if you don't like it, you should just say so?" Mizuki applies for a job, but the man conducting the interview is the guy she had a one-night stand with. He was so skilled with his fingers and the sex was so good that for the first time ever, she begged for more. Now that she looks different he might not realize it's her, but she never imagined she would end up working in his department! And then, when they're alone in the elevator, he suddenly kisses her!


Take Me, Teacher Comic

AuthorErio Hori

Even though I became a couple with the guy I like...... My teacher...... He's making me wanna rush things! Mayuri Torigoe told her teacher, Mr. Misato, how she feels about him, and they became a couple in secret. He does sexual things to her just about every day, but they haven't actually gone all the way yet. Amidst all this, one of Mayuri's juniors plans to ask Mr. Misato out......! In addition to the forbidden love story between a student and her teacher, this new love manga compilation is full of heart-throbbing stories about youthful sex and girls crazy for love!!


The Maid's Torment Comic

Anzu's university club is opening up a cafe. She asks her older boyfriend to stop by, and can't wait to show him her maid uniform. "Welcome, Master!" she says, charmingly. But his reaction isn't what she expected... She's dressed as a maid, and she's going to service him as sweetly and seductively as she can.


The Ephemeral Love of a Hostess -Hold Me Before I Go Mad!- Comic

My name's Yurika and I work at a hostess bar. One night, I'm walking home pissed off after some customer named Fujiki gave a me a hard time, and a stalker tries to have his way with me. And believe it or not, Mr. Fujiki comes to my rescue!! We go on a few dates after that, and I really start to like him... But we're just hostess and client, nothing more, right...? Then, I hear that he's moving abroad for work!! I go sprinting out of the club, and to my surprise I find out he felt the same way as me!!


My Naughty Butler's Irresistible Seductions Comic

With her uncle hospitalized, Shino takes over as the acting Grand Master of a traditional Japanese flower arrangement house. Her uncle's butler, Katagiri, is there to show her how to dress, act, and even make love like a lady... All he wants in return are her moans of pleasure, and she melts under his intimate caresses. She wants all of him, but their love must remain a secret... Find out what happens in these stories bursting with the hidden romance between a lady and her butler!


Sucker for Love Comic

Izumi and Akira are always teasing each other and joking around, and Izumi feels comfortable, even safe, in his presence. She confides in him about her love life, banters with him, and feels satisfied just being his closest female friend. But her heart races at the kindness and smiles he sometimes shows, and her feelings start to change...... Is this friendship? Or is it...? Izumi's hesitant about her feelings, but she sees Akira with another woman... This story about a guy/girl friendship blossoming into love will make your heart pound!


A String of Fate [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

"I'll sleep with you 'til I devour you." When Nao was a child, she was picked up by Prince Jake, who was visiting Japan from a desert country. After ten years, she grew into a woman and was by Jake's side as his favorite toy. She spent her days trapped in the bedroom waiting for Jake to return. While she loved Jake and did not want to give him up, she couldn't see herself in his future...


Prison Flower Comic

"Cry out and let them know who's fucking you...Who you belong to..." Renge's been offered a marriage proposal from hotshot CEO Takao. Renge's happy about the arrangement, having harbored tender feelings for the man all this time, but then realizes the purpose of this agreement with her venerable family is merely to bolster the Takao company name. Unwilling to marry in the name of money, she decides to run away to the red light district, but her first customer turns out to be Takao, of all people. Renge loses her innocence at his hands, learning the ways of pleasure......


A Girl's Wish Comic

"I want a boyfriend!" This is constantly on Kano's mind as she dreams of a romantic love life. Then one day, a friend introduces her to a kind, handsome prince of a man named Soushi. He indulges her every whim and Kano couldn't be happier with their budding relationship. They go to a fireworks festival and in a moment of closeness, she sees Soushi as the man of her dreams. She imagines him kissing her, fondling her with his fingers... As her fantasy runs wild, Kano is beside herself with desire...


Cage of Pleasure [ Total vol 8 ] Completed Comic

"You're so dirty. Begging for me, your master..." For a maid like Kayo, her master, Shiro, was someone from a totally different world. But the painful expression on his face that she accidentally saw stole her heart. She wanted to do something for him... But what he demanded from her was... Shiro plows her pure body, which had never been touched by a man. This surely should not be allowed, but Kayo gradually drowns in the pleasure she receives...


The Forbidden District [ Total vol 4 ] Completed Comic

AuthorMon Oumi

Makoto lived in the lap of luxury until she was forced to pay off her father's debt - at a modern-day brothel out at sea! Now she must work as a prostitute and become a high-ranking "tayuu" in order to earn enough money to free her parents. Why is it, then, that she can't get her mind off the owner of her establishment...?


My Adorable Puppy Comic


Ishimaki is a freshman who came to me and declared his love when I was devastated, mind and soul, by my two-timing boyfriend. "You're probably just after my body, too. If you say you aren't, then can you prove it by doing everything I say?" Contains four heart-pounding love stories including the title work, "MY ADORABLE PUPPY".


Pleasure Dolls ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

AuthorAzumi Kana

My name is Momo, and I just got kicked out of my house because my mom is getting married again. She sent me to her old friend's house and it turned out to be a huge luxurious mansion! And there live two handsome but weird boys...... I can't believe I have to live under the same roof as them! One of them tries to get rid of me, and the other one tells me to become his...... Hey, give me back my panties! "What're you saying, Momo......? You can't have sex with your panties on." Oh, no...... Am I going to get violated!?


Robo Nerd! Comic


It was love at first sight when Aya met pretty-boy Sohei from the design class. But between Sohei's obsession with toy figures and Aya's love of fashion, nothing clicks even after three months. One day, in her desire to have him try on the clothes she designed, Aya suddenly approaches Sohei under the guise of taking his measurements! Aya gets a close look at his face, and finds she can't look away...... Two people who seemingly couldn't be more different find common ground in this exciting romantic comedy!


My Naughty Honey Comic

Nurse Moe Jingu is currently chaperoning students on a school field trip. Though she's hit on repeatedly by boys with naughty ideas, she has absolutely no interest in younger men! There's one boy though, Suguru Amamiya, who only scowls at her. "But why? He asked me out a few days ago..." Along with this story about a risky relationship between a teacher and a student on a field trip, this book features other stories about girls who dare to face love head-on.


Honey-Love Girl: The Rose-Cutter and His Love Slave Comic


I'm dating my boss and we're madly in love, but sometimes I don't know what he's thinking... One day, a beautiful woman shows up. He knows her. They're close. So I start to wonder... How does he actually feel about me...?


Noble Temptation Comic

Inn-worker Etsuko falls in love with none other than Rashid, the prince of a desert kingdom. She's incredibly happy to be with Rashid, who's arrogant and sadistic but has moments of kindness. No matter how devoted she is though, those around her won't acknowledge her because of her low social status. Wanting to become worthy of her lover, Etsuko decides to help Rashid's cousin Lucian with his work. The more time she spends with Lucian, the more Rashid wants Etsuko's company, while Etsuko just wants to be of more help to Rashid. Their feelings lead them to clash, gradually creating a rift between them......


Love Secret Comic

Saho is now living a life full of happiness as she's finally going out with her boss, Masato, who she's always had a crush on. But, even though she expected to be all lovey-dovey with him in the office, Saho learns that whenever a workplace relationship is found out, the guy always gets transferred to another region. Due to these unforseen complications, in order not to be forced into a long-distance relationship, and to keep their love for each other strong, Saho has to make sure no one discovers their secret. Despite their love just having started, they already seem to be headed down a very rocky road! This is an office romance manga that contains the popular series featuring Saho and Masato.

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