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Doctor Lust -Momoka's Erotic Dreams- Comic

One day, I, Momoka, suddenly collapsed and was admitted to hospital. Despite thorough testing, the cause is still unknown. However, since that day, I've been having these erotic dreams... That's right. And in the dreams, I'm always another person having sex with someone I don't know. It's basically like I'm having someone else's sex... Huh, today's dream is... my sister!? I've become my older sister...! Whoa, Yukina... Her boyfriend is doing all these perverted things... The things he's doing to her body... feel amazing...!! If Dr. Kaji were to find out about these dreams, he'd probably think I'm some slutty girl... What in the world should I do...!?


Dirty Innocence Comic

Haruto and Ayano are childhood friends who grew up together. Ever since Haruto seduced her, Ayano finds herself doing "it" with him on an almost daily basis. Ayano, who'd always liked Haruto, can't help responding to his advances every time he comes to her, but she can't tell how he feels...... Even when their bodies are connected passionately together, her heart is unbearably lonely. But she keeps seeing him, despite her feelings of insecurity......


Late Night Office Romance Comic

Ryoko finds herself being pressured into staying at a love hotel with a guy she's just met at a party, only to be rescued by a handsome stranger. Even though Ryoko doesn't even know his name, she's unable to forget about her mystery man. Just when she's about to give up on seeing him again, she finds out he works in the same company! Under his passionate gaze, she feels his manly hands caressing her...... Ryoko starts falling head over heels for Kiryu. Despite her doubts about becoming a couple, a night of overtime pairs them together and they soon become closer......


Don't Call Me Your Teacher! Comic

Haruka Morikawa is a university student training to be a teacher, and her boyfriend, a fellow trainee, cheats on her. As Haruka drinks her sorrows away in a park, a hot guy just happens to be passing by and comes over to comfort her. The next day, when she's student-teaching at a local school - the same school her now ex-boyfriend is student-teaching at - she sees the guy from the night before in her classroom......! "Could it be that I forced my own student to do this and that with me!?" This is a love story full of passion that's sure to make your heart throb with envy!


Nonstop Desire -The Lust Within- Comic

My boyfriend Ryo will only ever have sex with me once, leaving me and my unsatiated lust to be seized by wild fantasies... Is it weird for me to want more sex? Thinking I should purge myself of these dirty desires, I try all sorts of meditation, but I can't control my sex-crazed mind!!! When I tell him how I really feel, my usually calm and composed lover suddenly changes into a beast!! He whispers into my ear, "Tonight I won't let you off so easy!!"


A Super Sweet Secret Comic

Ayumi finds herself on a luxury cruise with Mr. Yoshinaga, a co-worker she's long been smitten with, and he confesses that he likes her. Although she's elated, her department is at complete odds with Mr. Yoshinaga's, making their romance anything but smooth sailing. "But, after he said he likes me, touched me with his hand, and then kissed me...... I can't hold back my feelings for him any longer!" Even though Ayumi knows she can't get caught with Mr. Yoshinaga, he seduces her and they begin to make love......


Secret Love Comic

Chie gets her bag snatched on her way back from work, and Kazuya happens to be there to save her. Not long after, she finds out he's working at her company and develops a crush on him. But it turns out Kazuya already has a girlfriend...... She's in love with someone she shouldn't be...... Find out what happens next in the utterly tragic love story "DESTINY". The other works in this collection are "I WISH...", "SMILE FOR YOU", and "FRIENDS"!


Sweet Fingertips Comic

My boyfriend is a hot stylist, but he never has time for me. I'm getting sexually frustrated! So when I visited him at his salon and felt his hands on me, it was all too much! Read about this and all our other real-life love stories! Sex in public! What if somebody sees us? That would be hot! Or a rendezvous in the office, a hot run-in on the street, even a secret love affair with a teacher, and more! This second collection of true stories of love and sex is hotter than ever!!


Princess of the Night -Immoral and Forbidden Lovers- [ Total vol 9 ] Completed Comic


"Don't try anything funny... if you don't want to die." Kazuma, a hair stylist, is requested to make a house call and finds the grand residence extemely suspicious. He tries to back out of the arrangement but is ordered to stay by Akihito, the master of the house. Kazuma starts to develop feelings for his client, Sakura, who turns out to be a woman in captivity, but he is warned by Akihito not to try anything and that he'll be killed if he does. But Sakura and Kazuma can't help becoming fond of each other, and eventually the three cross a line......


The Unrequited Nocturne Comic

Miwa is the maid to Kazunari, a doctor with a private practice and the second son of the wealthy Mishima family. She's had a secret crush on him since she was little, though she's contented herself with just being by his side... until their relationship becomes physical. Society says they can't even be lovers, but Miwa can't stop dreaming of a happy future with him...


My Love is Your Love Comic

Natsumi, Hirotaka, and Mana three friends from high school have opened the cafe of their dreams. For Natsumi, the cafe is where she can indulge her love of cakes... and her crush on Hirotaka. Hirotaka has become such an important presence in Natsumi's life that she's chosen to be content with having him at her side, rather than rock the boat... Follow the intertwining love stories of three couples, all centered around this one small neighborhood cafe, bound in this single-volume comic.


Triangle Heart Comic

AuthorRion Yuuki

Suzu Murooka and her friends Satoshi Yamaie and Kyosuke Matsue have been inseparable since preschool.But after Suzu's lips accidentally brush against Kyosuke's, she realizes she might have feelings for him. Satoshi then gets suspicious, causing a rupture in their cozy friendship. The three of them take a trip to the beach, but......!? This collection features four new sweet and sexy stories of women falling in love!!


Erotically Exposed in the Bathroom -I Don't Want Him to See My Body- Comic

It's time for some lovely sex in the bath with the boyfriend I've had for a year! I've been trying to hide my body flab, but he wants to take a bath with me... Oh no! If he touches me there, he'll find out...!! This short collection kicks off with the title story, "Erotically Exposed In the Bathroom - I Don't Want Him To See My Body -," followed by others, like "Melty Syrup-Coated Sweet Room - Full-Course Caressing -" and "Love Me With All Your Lust - How To Deeply Melt Together With Him -." This book is jam-packed with five sweet, flirty, and sexy tales, each masterfully created by newcomer Kanoka Amamiya!!


Wolf Girl / Lamb Boy Comic


The "wolf" comes to me on nights when there's a full moon out, hollering, "Let me do you!" The one who jumps me hungrily is Cheena Sakamaki, a female! And I'm the guy getting attacked... She isn't my girl or anything, we're just friends who go to the same vocational school. So why is this happening? Because she gets super horny on full moon nights, and I'm the one she uses for her release. In other words, she's just after my body... The thing is, I've let this go on because I'm actually in love with Cheena, but I can't tell her that now, when things between us have been purely physical for so long. How long can this continue? Until Cheena gets a real boyfriend......?


Secret Hospitality at the Steamy Inn - The Hunky Guy and Naughty Me - [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

"Ma'am... are you wild?" Servicing guests with her mouth and letting them touch her private parts... Isn't this the wrong type of customer service for the young proprietress to be offering? "Juice is just flowing from her hole. She's so slippery." Responding to the demands of her guests, performing with her mouth and having sex... But this is the only way to keep them coming... isn't it? After running "Sawatari," an established hot-springs inn, for many years, Moeko's mother falls ill. Now it's up to her to keep the business going. With help from Mr. Tomioka, a business consultant, she vows to work through the tough financial situation and bring the inn back to life, but the going certainly isn't smooth! She bites her lip and tries to endure the erotic demands from her guests so they'll be happy... But wait... She never meant to go that far......!!


Dirty Little Secret Comic

"You promised I could have you". That is what Misaki's former student Yuki says when she sees him after 4 years. Yuki has grown to a man and aggressively pursues her. Although Misaki is confused and hesitant in the beginning, she slowly gives in, and the relationship becomes sweet and sexy... "He takes my heart by force and melts it... I cannot deny his love."


Selfish Boy Comic

AuthorRion Yuuki

Kei Kasuga has been on her own since her parents passed away in fourth grade. Out of work after her employer goes bankrupt, she takes a job as a live-in maid. But the son of the family, Tsubaki, a shut-in who's the same age as her, is a total jerk. Handsome yet selfish, Kei hates him at first, but is drawn to him after discovering his kind and lonely side. However, thanks to a slight misunderstanding, they're torn apart yet again...... As well as this pure love story between a selfish, mean boy and a stubborn, lonely girl, this collection features other girls working hard for love!!


Succumbing to the Pheromones Comic


"You need to get in touch with your instincts." To science-obsessed Mao, every day is one long research experiment. She figures love and fashion can come later! Despite that, she's no match for her hot, pheromone-gushing classmate, Naoki. Vexing as it may be, he teases her and even licks her finger with his lascivious tongue. Mao's "feminine" instincts slowly begin to emerge as her sexuality is awakened...


More Than a One-Night Stand? -Sweet Lessons from a Crafty Boss- [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

One minute I'm drinking with a strange man, and the next, I'm making out with him passionately in a hotel bed... When he whispers, "You make some cute noises," I can't help begging for more... "I'm getting married." With those words, I was dumped by my cheating coworker-boyfriend. "You're a strong person, so you'll be fine on your own, right?" And I even had to go to his wedding! Maybe it's my strong personality and independence, but men have always told me I'm "not very cute," because I'm "too strong-willed." Well, I'd be a cute girl if I could!! One night, I happen to meet a hot guy while drowning my sorrows... But what I thought was a one-night stand spills over into my job...!


Lovers' Suicide Comic

AuthorKou Natsuo

Kanon Saeki has a sexual relationship with her history teacher, Mr. Takechi, but there is no love involved. She's maintaining this relationship under the guise of "taking revenge" for her late older sister, who was Mr. Takechi's girlfriend. But then, their relationship takes a turn... What does it feel like to love somebody so much it makes you go mad...!? This volume is a collection of three sensual stories filled with dramatic love!!

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