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Beastly Boys. [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

AuthorShuu Aono

I'm Kyo, a 22-year-old late bloomer with no experience in love. ......And the first time I go on a group date, I take a guy home without even asking him his name! His soft kisses and sweet caresses make my heart and body melt. His lustful gaze makes me want him now! Is this what love feels like? Still, he just comes over to sleep with me, doesn't take me out on dates or tell me he loves me. What kind of relationship is this......? How can I make him mine?


Beautiful Men Comic

AuthorErio Hori

Marie Sawauchi is a mediocre model at a modeling agency, and the daughter of the agency's president. One day, her boyfriend, Keita, is scouted to be a model and in no time becomes a huge hit. Marie wants to be supportive, until she is told to break up with Keita! This is a collection of love stories featuring women doing everything they can for the ones they love.


Because I Love You Comic

They're best friends who've become a couple. Chiaki and Shintaro's relationship started in high school, and they're still dating even in college. Every day they're eating good food together... After the story of this lovey dovey couple, previously seen in the manga "CAN I EAT YOU LITTLE KITTY?", there's also a moving story about two people who care deeply for each other, "To Protect You."


Become a Beast!! Comic

AuthorCoco Satou

Chizu is in a lovey-dovey relationship with Tooru, a childhood friend two years her junior. They have great sex... but his boundless sex drive keeps them going forever! She's touched, licked, and driven to climax for hours every day...... She can't keep up with this!! Even on dates, he won't stop feeling her up, and before she knows it, Chizu finds she's becoming a beast too...... Things can't go on like this, so she decides to cut him off, but......


Bee-Sting Babe and the Gorgeous Guy ( Current vol 17 ) Comic Popular


Though she's a tomboy with a hangup over her tiny chest, Iori has a crush on Sota Seto, who is the pastry chef at the cafe where she works. Iori was sure that he wasn't interested in her until one day, he suddenly professes his love for her and goes on to kiss her. She sees him unclothed for the first time - and my, he's huge!! She never would have expected the graceful man's lips to be caressing her all over. It's terribly embarrassing, but she discovers that his you-know-what isn't gross at all...


Before I Knew It, We Were Kissing -The Famous Actor Next Door and Our Secret Relationship- ( Current vol 5 ) NEW Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Izumi Yasaka comes home one day dead-tired from work and is ready for a beer. That's when she receives a package from her family. It's vegetables. Lots of them.
Unable to eat all of them by herself, she goes to ask the neighbor if he wants any.
When she rings the doorbell, a really handsome guy answers the door... but he seems to be very nervous for some reason.
But, after talking to him, they hit it off and have a few drinks together, which leads to something else.


Before I Start a Bad Romance -Mobster Girl Seeks Fake Boyfriend- Comic

AuthorKei Kisaki

"Your nipples are so hard. I knew you were a bad girl, Rin." As the only daughter of a mob family, Rin is fed up with being constantly pressured to accept an arranged marriage by her father. In order to get him off her back, she asks playboy Tohma to pretend to be her boyfriend after he randomly hits on her one day. As soon as he comes home with her, Tohma seems to transform! He forces a kiss on her in the bath, telling her, "It's fine because we're lovers," and makes her dripping wet with his sadistic finger techniques. Additionally, Rin has to deal with guys from her mob family who also want her for themselves. How is she supposed to escape from so many bestial men who want to ravage her? What's gonna happen to her body...!?


Before and After My Unrequited Love Comic

Kanae finds out her coworker, Kaji, has just broken up with his girlfriend. When Kaji teases her, asking her to "comfort" him, she agrees despite herself ? after all, she's always had a crush on him. The stolen kisses, his large hands gently stroking her skin, the deep voice murmuring her name into her ear...... Kanae had always dreamt of this.
Fearing their time as lovers will end when morning comes, Kanae tries to tell Kaji how she feels......


Behind Closed Office Doors [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Ai has been assigned to work as the newly appointed company president Kaiji's secretary. Although he is a bit aloof, Ai takes pride in the fact her new boss is good at his job and starts feeling something more. She thought that their positions in the company would make romance a fleeting dream, but when Kaiji says,"I see you as a valuable partner," the two spend the night together... The company president and his secretary; a love story that transcends status.


Being Pretty Is Not Enough Comic

It all started with one book. A book that Yuuki borrowed from her classmate, Akiyuki, a long time ago. Yuuki remembered her time in junior high and, along with it, her first crush. That nostalgia and bittersweetness made her eager to learn more about the "present" Akiyuki. What is her first crush doing now......? Could the embers of romance be rekindled......? This innocent curiosity brings Yuuki unexpected pain......


Better Pay Back Your Debt Soon Comic

Aoi signs a contract she shouldn't have and ends up shouldering her friend's debt. She's surrounded by gangsters who come to collect their money. Is her chastity at stake!? ...But, no. It turns out she's only to work as a live-in housekeeper. Her employer's a young, handsome, but arrogant mafia boss, and from this day on, she'll be at his beck and call...


Between an Angel and a Devil Comic

"If you don't come over, I'm going to tell my brother we had sex." Yukina was working on the front desk at a hotel when Hiroki, the grandson of the CEO, fell in love with her at first sight. Now they're engaged, and she's filled with happiness because he's kind and takes good care of her. But, Yukina has a deep, dark secret... She's having an affair with Hiroki's younger brother, Wataru...... One bad mistake leads to an abnormal relationship between Yukina and the two brothers...


Beware of the Beast ( Current vol 8 ) NEW Comic

Rio Iwai works at the planning department of a big sports goods maker. She is known for her beauty and efficient work, but she stands out in the company to the point of having been given the nickname of "Miss Malediction." The reason for the distance she keeps with her colleagues lies in her past... She's particularly bad at dealing with Motoki Noguchi, a colleague a year younger than her. However, he suddenly confesses his feelings at company drinks after she's had one too many! She turns him down right away, but he won't give up! And on top of that, his skilled caresses make her lose her mind...
A heated story of a love affair in the office!


Big Brother, Little Brother Comic

Yayoi Komatsu has liked her neighbor, the handsome university student Hideto Kaga, since they were little. But when his little brother Masato becomes the student-council president at her school, she takes an interest in him aswell. While Yayoi is trying to figure out which brother she likes best, Hideto suddenly asks her out...! Besides this titular story featuring an illicit love triangle, this volume also contains chapters about a female office worker struggling with her love for a younger boy, and more... These are the stories of girls who are determined to find some love!!


Bird-in-a-cage Lover [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

In the Taisho period, a girl named Suzu comes to Tokyo to look for a job to send her family money. She is attacked by some guys and gets injured on her way home. A guy from a rich family named Kaname Hanabusa helps her and brings her his home. "Why does he touch me so gently and wash my body?" Kaname desires Suzu's body night and day. "You say I'm just a little girl to you, but what's the name of your act that you do to me?"


Birth Machine 20XX Comic

AuthorAmone Hagi

In the year 20XX, the government starts a special program to counteract the declining birth rate in Japan... the Forced Pregnancy Project! Women get taken to the Crimson Room one after another in this unbelievable government plan, and waiting for them is a hell of inescapable rape! They know it's horrible, but for some reason, their bodies can't resist! And so, the main character is gradually corrupted by pleasure!


Bittersweet Darling Comic

Working part-time at a cake store is no laughing matter around Valentine's Day! What do I do when the cold patissier coats me in chocolate instead of the cake!?


Black Prince and Teased Princess: Forbidden Adult Picture Book [ Total vol 18 ] Completed Comic Popular

PublisherOtome-chika POP

I was drawn into a picture book. After being caught by guards, a prince's naughty tongue teases embarrassing sounds out of me... Is this a dream? Or is it... I, Arisu Tsumiki, work as a picture book editor under a hot editor-in-chief. When I was in the company's storage room, a picture book suddenly started glowing and I was pulled into its world. I first met the prince after I was mistaken for a witch and captured by the guards! But the prince looks just like the editor-in-chief... Almost instantly, he tears my blouse off and starts playing with my breasts. "I want a sensitive bride," the prince says as his hand reaches lower. What will become of me now...!?


Blast from the Past... Who's Best in Bed? Comic


"My two childhood friends want to use my body to compete via a threesome!? My eyes are covered and I'm being held down as they start! They're licking me down below while pinching my nipples. I'm losing my mind......! They're talking dirty as I get more and more turned on...!"Judge which of our dicks feels better...First, get a taste of my cock..." Their hot, throbbing members take turns to enter me...... How can I judge them like this......!?


Blind Date Scapegoat -Secret Meeting at the Hotel- Comic

"You're already wet down there." I, Koko, went as my friend, Haruka, to destroy the marriage interivew arranged as a strategic marriage by her family. I was going to destroy the arrangement, but I found myself attracted to the man instead... I want him to call me Koko instead of Haruka when he touches me there! Plus, studying with two handsome guys!? "Wet Sleepover Study Group" and "A Bumbing Girl's Cafe Time" are among the six collected stories.

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