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You're Not Getting Away Until I'm Done -A Hungry Wolf Finds Fresh Meat!- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic Hot

AuthorMona Yuuki

Yukina Saeki (25) draws adult manga for a living. However, she's never had a boyfriend in her whole life. Perhaps that's why her work falls flat on the page... With a deadline bearing down on her, she makes a bawling phone call to her supervisor, who sends her a temporary assistant. Enter Toudou, a young man ready to help. Extremely self-conscious, Yukina is forced to overcome her embarrassment and keep him around. However, his skill-level far exceeds her expectations. Manuscript complete and deadline met, Yukina collapses in relieved sleep. But when she wakes up, she discovers that Toudou, who she thought went home, is staring down at her! He tells her she won't last long in this business without some first-hand experience. But why would he go this far to help her out!?


Come and Eat Me, Breakfast Boy! ( Current vol 5 ) Comic


My friend decided to run off and leave me with her debt. I'd been working three jobs and living at an internet cafe... I was so exhausted, I almost collapsed... but this super hot chef saved me just before I did! With an exasperated look on his face, he cooked me some food, all the while insisting that I was being scammed by my friend. One thing led to another, and I ended up being invited for a night at a five-star hotel with him!! Is this the night I lose my virginity...? This is a 62-page long story created by a brand new author and brought to you at a special price. You'll see the climactic scene in full color and get a few more pages of it to read free!


Try My Love -The Man I Hate Knows Just What I Like- ( Current vol 3 ) Comic

Riko, a late bloomer, goes to a matchmaking agency after being invited by her friend. She writes down her preferences, only to receive the disappointing news that there is nobody on file matching her high expectations... However, there is a man that meets all her criteria except for one! Riko is introduced to Arata, her "99% ideal man," and they both fall in love with each other. Gently embraced by Arata, she begins to experience pleasure for the first time. But, a new suitor appears in front of Riko: a domineering CEO named Komiyama. He meets ALL of Riko's criteria, even the one that Arata doesn't have!


Better Pay Back Your Debt Soon Comic

Aoi signs a contract she shouldn't have and ends up shouldering her friend's debt. She's surrounded by gangsters who come to collect their money. Is her chastity at stake!? ...But, no. It turns out she's only to work as a live-in housekeeper. Her employer's a young, handsome, but arrogant mafia boss, and from this day on, she'll be at his beck and call...


Second Chances: Don't Let Me Down! Comic


Kyoko was so in love... nowadays, she doesn't know what Aki's thinking. Work's not going well, one of her best friends from high school is having a shotgun wedding with her soulmate... and she just keeps comparing herself to others. When's her life-changing miracle going to happen...?


Second Chances: The Kitten Bride Comic


Thanks to a cute cat, Keiko meets Koichiro, a vet who loves his job. However, she can't tell him about her past... Does she have the courage to open her heart to a new love...? This is the 2nd story in the popular "Second Chances" series!


No, Don't Lick Me There... -The Beastly Tongue of the Wolf Boy!- ( Current vol 2 ) Comic Hot


After hurting herself during a hike up in the mountains, Waka comes across a truly wild boy named Taiga who's even friends with a wolf!! After saving her from the wolf, Taiga goes to give Waka first aid, but actually goes so far as to lick the wound! His tongue starts caressing her all over... No way this is just first aid!! Will our heroine give herself over to this beastly boy...!!?


Second Chances: A First Time for Everything! Comic Hot


"Who needs men!?" That's what I, a strong-willed woman approaching 40, tell myself. In the worst possible situation, I encounter a young man with a really feminine appearance who is now following me everywhere I go! That being said, it turns out he might not be a stalker after all... This is a full-length, 50-page love story.


Love Lesson with My Home Tutor [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic Hot


Misled by the words of her home tutor, Chinatsu prepares for her big date by having a thorough lesson in pleasure!


The Wild Beast in His Suit... ( Current vol 3 ) Comic


Miyuki, a woman invested in her career, has a secret. That secret is that she used to be the leader of a local gang group. She kept that fact swept away, but Hiroyuki Yamashita, the most dull guy from work, somehow figures it out...! "I'll keep your secret," he says, and stirs her from the inside, almost as if he's a different man! His stamina and strength are way more powerful than expected... Everything feels so good...! Yamashita, who are you!?


Prince (Not) Charming Comic

AuthorSae Kimi

Smart, gorgeous, and sweet Yohei is considered the Prince Charming of the neighborhood street market. The only person he's ever mean to is Rio, his childhood friend. However, Rio can't help but feel butterflies in her stomach because she's always had a crush on him. That small bit of time before school when they "run into" each other is special for Rio. He teases her, is mean to her... and then he's sweet to her. They've been friends for so long, she can't tell him her feelings, but as long as she can be with him... This is a cute romance about two childhood friends!


Lady and the Butler!? Comic Hot

After living a simple, modest life, Ena suddenly jumps into life as an heiress at a mansion. With that comes days of grueling training at the hands of Takumi, her cold and uncaring butler...! But there's a reason why he wants her to quickly become the perfect lady... And so their relationship swings back and forth between hot and cold.


Give a Girl a Bone -The Beastly Vet's New Trainee- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

AuthorMomo Maeda

Shino is a college student aiming to be a veterinarian. As the first step toward her dream, she starts working part-time at a vet clinic where Dr. Hasumi, the man she has respected since high school, works. However, after finally meeting him again, Dr. Hasumi is cold and nothing like the doctor she knew back then! What happened to him?


Starting Today, You're My Woman -The Selfish Mobster and the Prince- ( Current vol 6 ) Comic

PublisherLove Chocolat

Yuna Soma encounters a prince-like stud on her way to work who cheers her up. That same night, she receives a phone call from someone claiming to be a friend of her deceased father. Something happened when her father was still alive and the voice tells Yuna he has something of her father's to hand her. She's not sure whether to believe him or not, but she goes to his place anyway. However, she ends up getting dragged into a mobster's office, and she finds the young gang leader who looks just like the prince she met that morning! She's being kissed all of a sudden, stripped of her underwear, and she finds herself being touched all over! She shouldn't like it, but she's starting to feel good...


My House Servant Is Naughty and Cocky with Secrets... ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

Karen is a director at a TV station. She decides to hire a housemaid because she doesn't have time for housework, but the person she hired is actually a man! This guy has an IQ of 200, and is very sadistic. He requires rewards after his perfect housework!! Also, he seems to hold some secrets...


Behind Closed Office Doors [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

Ai has been assigned to work as the newly appointed company president Kaiji's secretary. Although he is a bit aloof, Ai takes pride in the fact her new boss is good at his job and starts feeling something more. She thought that their positions in the company would make romance a fleeting dream, but when Kaiji says,"I see you as a valuable partner," the two spend the night together... The company president and his secretary; a love story that transcends status.


First Love Connection Comic

To college student Mahiru, relationships are just a cycle of hellos and good-byes. She only sticks around when the going is good and doesn't want any pesty deep connections. That all changes when she gets to know her next-door neighbor Kazuhiko, a kind-hearted man who's over ten years her senior. Although she goes into this new friendship with her usual blase attitude, their relationship becomes more important than she could have ever imagined...


Honeymoon Wedding [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic Hot

Misuzu and Seiji are a newlywed couple with a 14-year age difference. Misuzu is overjoyed to be married... to her childhood love! But even so, they haven't done more than kiss. They've never slept together! Misuzu enjoys being kissed and touched, but what's wrong with expecting a little more? Rather than touching herself, she longs for Sei to love her with his fingers and tongue. Could this be the beginning of a sweet and naughty honeymoon for both of them?


I Want to Back You into a Corner ( Current vol 3 ) Comic

Yoko, who works at a university, is a masochist. Her boyfriend dumps her, so she gets drunk and has sex with an older gentleman. The next day, he tells her, "I want to make you cry myself." He turns out to be a true sadist! She realizes there's no love between them, but she cannot reject him...


Kiss Me, Love Me, Hold Me Comic

Even though they've been dating for six months now, Yuna still doesn't know how her boyfriend, Eigo, feels about her. She knew he was a dorky researcher who doesn't talk much, but thinks it's unbelievable that they've only slept together a few times so far! When they're together, Eigo treats her like furniture, and whenever Yuna tries to signal that she wants some lovin', she fails miserably. The only reasons she can think of for this situation are all signs that something may be wrong... This is a compilation of relationships based on real-life experiences... where lovers fret, get excited, and fall passionately for each other!

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