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His Sexual Urges Are Unstoppable! -24-Hour Sex Care for My Stud Boss- [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

PublisherOtome-chika POP

"You seem to really be enjoying this!" Like an animal, he's digging and feeding off the juices of my body... Is this the CEO's illness he was talking about!? I was fired from my job as a healthcare worker. When a headhunter offered me another job for 50K a month, it turned out that my client was a hot young CEO who acted like the perfect gentleman! I was thinking of how happy I was caring for such an amazing person...... but then he changed into a perverted beast! Wait! Please! Don't put your dick in me! It's a lie that your illness won't go away unless you cum, right?


Puppy Love [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic

Yuzuki Madoka is an avid animal lover going to school to be a pet groomer in the future. One day, a hot college student, Shiro Kuon, moves in next door. He's sweet, too, and Yuzuki gradually finds herself drawn to him... but Shiro has a secret!! We're sure you'll love the ever-popular Hiraku Miura's sweet love story full of mystery!!


First-Time Lovers Reunited in Bed After Ten Years [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic Hot

Minami is working toward her dream of becoming an actress in Tokyo when she is reunited with her childhood sweetheart, a man she hasn't seen in over a decade. Ten years earlier, when they were both in high school, Yamato suddenly abandoned Minami in their rural home town. Why did he leave without a word...? After being reunited, the two lovers ravage each other as though trying to fill every second that was stolen from their relationship. Minami slowly copes with her first physical passions and her rekindled feelings for her lost love, but Yamato has a secret that prevents him from being with her forever...


A Pure Boy Meets an Imaginative Girl -How Much Is Too Much for the First Time!?- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic


Mitsuru Hayuka, the Art Director at M.J. Games, has worked so many late nights that she hasn't had time for a boyfriend and now she's almost 30. While her coworkers are dating and getting married left and right, Mitsuru has been out of the scene so long that coming up with a good scenario for a dating simulator app mini-game is a serious challenge. Mitsuru's one secret bright spot is the new guy, Ichito Katou, who showers her with encouragement. "I love (the games) you (make) so much!" She remembers him telling her point blank while burning the midnight oil and blushes. Then her imagination takes it to the next level ...! "Sleeping arm in arm? If it's alright with you, why don't we model it?" With that, Ichito's fingers and tongue hit all of Mitsuru's sweet spots. Knowing her sensitive places too well for it to be his first time, Mitsuru's body melts in a heat she'd long forgotten. Unable to withstand the urges washing over her, she starts to crave more of Ichito. "Was all that really just in my head!? Or was it...!?"


Undergarments That Beg to Be Seen by a Lover [ Total vol 4 ] Completed Comic Hot


"Think of me as your boyfriend." This sadistic businessman is trying to "educate" me! After sexually disciplining me, he strips off my wet panties, and then...!? Meet department store worker Arisa. One day, her neighbor, a real dreamboat named Motoki, finds her cheap (3 for $9.99) panties have blown off the clothesline onto his balcony! It turns out Motoki works for an underwear brand called "Stella". Arisa is ecstatic when she's suddenly transferred to being head of sales for Stella, but as soon as the two of them are alone, Motoki transforms completely, ordering her to "Take 'em off"! Then, when Arisa says she doesn't have a boyfriend and can't understand the idea of "undergarments that beg to be seen", Motoki lunges at her with a kiss!!


The Demon's Kiss Under the Full Moon Comic

Mei Miyama, a second-year student at Saint Anemone Private Academy, is forced to clean the school church as punishment for being late, when she stumbles upon a secret room. She opens up the large coffin inside, and out emerges Aldi Alto. He looks just like a vampire with his red eyes and white hair. From that day forward he claims Mei as his bride and won't leave her alone! This is a heart-racing love story about a demon and an average high-school girl!!


Honey Scented Secrets Comic


After a personal request from the principal, Kaori, a new cram school teacher, becomes Touya's tutor. She keeps getting pushed around by the selfish and perverted Touya, but can't help become intrigued by his sad gaze one fateful moment. Despite deciding not to get involved, Kaori's heart is set on Touya and after sleeping together they have much more to overcome... A bitter-sweet love story that will tug at your heartstrings.


First Love Comic

It was a warm spring day when Yuuji, my childhood friend who is one year younger than me, confessed to me. Our love began naturally, but before the cherry trees are in full blossom again, I'll have to leave my home town behind and go to study. The distance between us is getting longer, so I'm scared. Will Yuuji's feelings get more distant too? Perhaps my anxiety will go away if I give my body to him...? Perhaps we'll become adults who know what love is. This beautiful first love story takes place between the seasons of snow and cherry blossoms.


Are You Prepared To Be My Girl? ( Current vol 5 ) Comic Hot

Mai, a poor university student, was chosen to be a cosmetic model by a rich celebrity, Saionji. Mai doesn't understand why she was chosen, but Saionji teases her with a kiss, saying, "You have beautiful skin." Mai feels like she's falling for him, but wonders if he's just playing with her. It's a love story of a poor girl and a rich boy.


The Sadistic Boy Band and Their Sexual Plaything -Onstage He's One Thing, but Backstage She's Another- [ Total vol 7 ] Completed Comic

AuthorKou Narita
PublisherTaiyoh Tosho

"You've got such a hot body. From now on you'll be our plaything every night." Held captive by a sadistic boy band and forced to become their sex slave......!! Alphard is an up-and-coming boy band. But, it turns out that one of the members, Aki, is actually...... a girl! Even if she tries to keep it a secret from the fans, once the other members find out, it's like they're different people......! Coming on to her in the greenroom after shows, in the locker room after dance practice, even in the bathroom, with no regard for where they are, they kiss and lick and explore her body, always wanting more and more...... What does the future hold in store for Aki as her bandmates bicker and fight over who gets to have her next......!?


I'll Be in Charge of Your Body [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic


Sae Akino, who works at an apparel company, Lila, has a younger assistant, Kamiyama. Kamiyama works hard even though Sae is rough on him. He is someone Sae can count on, but he also tells her: "You're my type, Ms. Akino." One day, Sae gets fired suddenly unreasonably. Kamiyama tells Sae, who is very depressed, "If you'd be my maid, I can get your job back at Lila." He calls Sae by her first name and gets her into bed as if his personality has changed all of a sudden. Why does Kamiyama obsess over Sae so much? He also seems to have known her for a long time...


The Gangster, the Girl, and the Scent of Love and Money ( Current vol 3 ) Comic

PublisherLove Chocolat

"So you want me to kill you? How about I have my way with you instead?" He's touching me in places I've never been touched, and it feels like my whole body's on fire... I'm saying "no," but my body's saying "yes," and this sensation's driving me crazy...!! My name is Tsubaki Sawada. Not only did my fiance leave me at the altar, he also took all of my money. I was totally scammed. Dejected, I jump in front of a car, hoping to end it all. Except, the car belongs to yakuza member Tomoe Fujita, and I end up damaging the car. He's making me pay, but I'm broke... Hey, how about he kills me and takes my life insurance? But he'd rather I pay him with my body! Scammed by my fiance, picked up by the yakuza, enslaved for my body... my life just took a whole new turn!!


How a Mean Guy Falls in Love Comic

Capable Matsumoto is a hunky gentleman who has a great reputation at work. Dubbed "Desirable Bachelor No. 1," he's nice to everyone, but is always picking on his colleague, Megumi, and teasing her. Frustrated with the treatment she's been receiving, Megumi has come to hate him. But Matsumoto's sadistic side starts to get even worse: "I want to be mean to you and make you cry." A first comic containing the title work and other love stories that promises to stimulate and satisfy readers.


Full Service! A Brothel for Women. ( Current vol 2 ) Comic


After being blindfolded and tied-up, then made to cum multiple times with sex toys, a hard, hot dick penetrates me deep inside......! Mitsu has suddenly become the owner of black rose house, a brothel for women with a line-up of handsome service providers. But, being a virgin, Mitsu has no idea what should be on the service menu, let alone what kind of sex feels good. Then, one day, manager Hirito approaches her saying she should "experience what they provide on the menu"......! Soft S&M, molestation, threesomes... This kinky sex service has already made Mitsu's body all hot and moist......!


Work off Your Debt! No Escape! - Lady of the Night Sunk in the Dark Side of Yoshiwara - Comic

AuthorYu Tenmaru

Our heroine is left with a massive debt by her boyfriend and sold off to Yoshiwara, a house of pleasure, by a shady financing company. Of course, in order to survive there, she has no choice but to sell her body. On her first day, as despair and unease mix within her, she surprisingly ends up the partner of an extremely handsome man. She's completely taken in by his gentle smile... but he changes completely as soon as they're in bed! Forced fellatio as he grabs her head...!? And being roughly thrust into from behind...! There's no end to the brutal and sadistic play...! Will she just end up falling into misery in this place!?


How to Get out of the Friend Zone Comic

Tomo and Yuu have been together since grade school, but has that relationship matured along with them, now that they're adults? As she sees how much taller he's grown, his big muscles, and the size of his hand on her skin, Tomo starts to see Yuu as a "man." But he seems to be acting strangely... "Like," "like-like," "love." Where's the line between friends and lovers...?


When a Porn Actress and Actor Live Together... [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


"How did we end up meeting like this......?" Azusa Hiragi and Daichi Tateishi both work in the porn industry. By chance they became flat-mates, and gradually grew closer through an understanding of one another's work commitments. They share a small, fleeting romance, but it is cut short by the coldness of reality.......


Dating Practice Starts Today -I'll Show You What Guys Like- [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic


Miki's childhood friend, Yuuya, is like a big brother to her. He's kind and always has her back. He has a pretty girlfriend, so there's no way they would ever end up dating... Mochizuki, who looks just like Miki's favorite singer, asks her out on a date. Miki has never had a boyfriend before, and she doesn't know what to do on a date...! She gets advice from Yuuya, but the date turns into a disaster. She talks to him about it again, but he suddenly pins her down and says "I'll be your boyfriend"...!?


Imprisoned and Bound in a Honey Flower [ Total vol 3 ] Completed Comic

"How does it feel to have someone else touch you? It feels good, doesn't it?" The young man acts like a gentleman, but he's actually an incubus! And now he's infiltrated the mission academy as a priest, in order to get closer to Tsubaki, the noble woman who everyone calls the lady saint. His aim is to take her body... "Let's play a game," he says. Tsubaki, curious about the incubus, accepts... And so, days of his sweet seduction and twisted gazes begin. If she loses, pleasure awaits her...


Clumsy Love -Secret Cohabitation with a Younger Guy- [ Total vol 7 ] Completed Comic Hot


Hinayo Otose is a lively, cheerful girl whose slightly flashy appearance brings her a lot of attention from the boys, but also causes misunderstandings. Everyone thinks she's a flirt, but all she wants is to find true love! Enter Yuzuki Kiyohara, a younger guy she meets at work. He seems very serious and reliable for his age, but won't he get swayed by the rumors like all the others...? And when Hinayo finds herself in a bind, it turns out that they have to start living together!

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