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Dangerous Pranking During a Secret Office Romance (Current ch. 10) Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Mizuki Sarashina's a new employee at a company and her mentor's a guy rumored to be "cool and handsome"... No, he's named Hyogo Kishima and he has the nickname of "newbie killer"...!!

Mizuki has a strong fighting spirit and manages to keep up with the workload he gives her. Then, one day, Mizuki finds a piece of chocolate on her desk and doesn't know where it came from...

From the one-off story "Dangerous Pranking During a Secret Office Romance" comes the return of the ever-fighting couple! This is the start of a new series where we find out how Mizuki and Hyogo first met!


Take off Your Mask and Show Me Comic

AuthorShin Yui

"I want my body to become a masterpiece!" Art model Mai takes pride in her career of posing in the buff for various art school classes. However, she feels misunderstood when others find out what she does for a living. She's in for a huge surprise when up-and-coming artist, Takashi Kasahara, requests her as his next model...


A Slave to Lingerie -She Didn't Know She'd Gotten a Job to Model Underwear- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Tsumugi is shy, plain, and insecure, but passionate when it comes to gorgeous lingerie. She arms herself with beautiful underwear to boost her confidence. Though she has had no luck with her job hunting, Tsumugi is determined to land her dream job as a clerk with the major lingerie maker that produces her favorite brand. Clad in her favorite underwear, she goes to her interview and meets a peculiar interviewer. Pick any type of workplace harassment?you name it, he's into it... topped off with a photo session where he orders Tsumugi to take off everything but her underwear. Wondering if he isn't going a little overboard, Tsumugi perseveres and lands a job... but it isn't quite what she expected!!


I Can't Stay Friends Anymore -Love Begins with an Offer- [Total ch. 12] Completed Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

Shiori Mizuno is a university student, and Yamato Mochizuki is her childhood friend and next-door neighbor. They used to be good friends, but he confessed to her and caused a rift between them. Shiori was devoted to track and field at the time and, while Yamato was her biggest supporter, she could only see him as like a little brother. She distanced herself from him by going to a boarding school, and that was that.

Several years later, however, losing both Yamato and track and field made Shiori realize how important he really was to her. Shiori desperately wants to go back to the way they were before, and is prepared to accept anything if it'll change his heart... but their relationship becomes solely physical with no feelings from him, and the pain drives her to tears...


It Feels So Good, I'm Gonna Break...! -The Charming Devil's New Toy- (Current ch. 9) Comic


Sakura Kanou is a young woman who can't help but lend a helping hand to anyone in need.
Even though she's late for an interview, she still finds the time to rescue a handsome young man from a robbery. He reveals himself to be a CEO and offers Sakura a job as a "monitor" at his company. "What's a monitor...?" she asks.
In a room with walls lined with adult goods, he replies "Allow me to demonstrate!" and suddenly pushes her down...!
Sakura wants to escape, but why does this feel so good...!? How could such a monster be hiding behind that cute face?


My Former Bad Boy Boss Is Just Too Cute!! (Current ch. 6) Comic

Masumi sneaks into her family's rival company as a spy to steal their secrets.
While she thinks she is being hired to be the CEO's personal assistant, she ends up being assigned to the chief manager, Kouki Hasumi, who was supposedly bad news back in high school.
A quirk of fate leads them to a hotel together where she carelessly pushes him onto the bed and kisses him!
Contrary to his scary, tough-guy persona, his reaction is innocent and so cute...
How's he supposed to control himself when the woman he's in love with kisses him!?
What should Masumi do!? She didn't mean to, but it looks like she's provoked the beast inside him!
A love affair at the office.


I'm Not the Boy You Remember -My Housekeeper Has Trouble Keeping the Sheets Clean- (Current ch. 17) Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

Shizuka is a successful,career-driven woman. But,unbefitting of her pristine appearance,her apartment is a total mess. A friend,unable to accept the sorry state of her friend's place,books a cleaner to come and sort it out. On her doorstep stands her former junior high-school classmate,Takumi Yotsuya,who she had once said hurtful things to. As Takumi deftly cleans her apartment,he comes across a very embarrassing personal object. Mortified,Shizuka agrees to do anything Takumi says as long as he doesn't tell anyone. His reaction is to bring her close and lick her ear. The once timid and effeminate Takumi has grown into a hunk of a man... one that drives Shizuka wild!


We Can't Do Just Plain Love -She's Got a Fetish, Her Boss Has Low Self-Esteem- (Current ch. 5) Comic


Sakura Yuino, a go-getter on the job, has been transferred to work under a new supervisor, the handsome, gentlemanly Tatsuki Kiritani.
Sakura tries to make herself useful to Tatsuki right away (though she keeps her cool), but for some reason, Tatsuki is cold to her.
Plus, there's something about her that bothers him... huh? Has he got... a problem... in his pants?
It seems Tatsuki is hiding some secret physical troubles... but that works just fine for Sakura, who has her own unusual fetish!
So starts the "special training" between an employee and a boss with low self-esteem. Could it be good for both of them!?


Training the Boss -Sit! Stay! Heel!- (Current ch. 9) Comic


To ease her grief after the death of her beloved dog, the reclusive Miyawaki decides to attend a company party. But, after a round of heavy drinking, she wakes up in a hotel room... next to her boss! The next day, he confesses that nothing happened between the two of them, but that it did have the welcome side effect of relieving his insomnia. When he requests to sleep with her again, Miyawaki only agrees on the condition that he becomes her pet. However, she soon realizes that training her new pet isn't as easy as she thought it would be.


Infinite Bondage -Tied Up by a Rope Master- [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


A mean hottie has tied me up so well it feels good!!

Akane was recommended as a parts model for a special feature on bondage, so despite her fear about this porn-like job when she's never had a boyfriend before she goes to the studio for the first meeting.
It's the tall and model-like bondage master, Hayato Tsunakawa, who opens the door for her. But then, seeing how tense she is, he tells her that it's important in the art of bondage for the subject to entrust themselves to the other and... "He just started touching me... but why... does my body burn up like this!!?"


Stuck On My Stepbrother, Can't Escape This Paralyzing Love -I Love You, Shun...- (Current ch. 8) Comic

It's nice to be living with the man you love... even if he happens to be your stepbrother. Shun and Ruri have been stepsiblings since their parents remarried when they were kids. Now they both attend the same college, and share a secret that nobody else can know! In comparison to reserved and plain Ruri, Shun has always been popular with both guys and girls. He's rumored to being gentle in bed, but when it comes to Ruri, he can't stop his possessive streak from getting the best of him...!


Shall I Swear True Love, Makoto? -Please Be My First- [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Twelve years ago, Makoto-bobo, Airi's surrogate older brother, moved to Tokyo to become a chef.
Airi chases him to his bachelor pad in Tokyo, to make good on their childhood promise.
So, why does Makoto-bobo still treat Airi like a kid after all this time...?
Now's the time for Airi to show him she's a grown woman, so he'll make her his bride!!

*The author's name has changed from the cover and copyright pages since the manga was released.


Show Me Your Ecstasy -Our Bodies Are a Perfect Match- (Current ch. 28) Comic


Akane's cousin asks her to go on a blind date in her place. The guy that shows up is handsome, rich, and good at his job. Everything about him is perfect?which means he's not in Akane's league at all. But, at the end of the date he invites her to a hotel room to check their compatibility. Akane can't help but enjoy the way he makes her feel.
However, as she tries to move on from this encounter by thinking of it as a one-night stand, before she knows it, this very guy shows up at her office and says he can't forget about how great they were together. Does he want them to become friends with benefits!?


The Wolf Prince's Prey [Total ch. 27] (Current ch. 26) Comic


Momoka, a sheltered college student, wasn't used to men at all. After a dating party she attended, she was almost dragged away to a love hotel by a suspicious guy, but then a princely man came to the rescue! Or... did he!? It turns out that the prince was just a wolf in sheep's clothing after all! But, everything he does feels too good for Momoka to resist!


Held in the Arms of a Fabulous Star -The Sweet Seduction of a Box Office Star- (Current ch. 4) Comic

AuthorReiji Ito

It's a bygone period in Tokyo where modern-minded men and women stroll the streets showing off the latest styles. Junko is selling tickets at her father's theater when a man wearing thick glasses, his hair disheveled, appears in front of her. He clearly looks suspicious... but turns out to be Akira Nishiki, a major star in the theatrical world. Junko thinks he's despicable, but the night after seeing him perform a passionate love scene, she dreams about him... getting physical with her...!!
A playboy actor whose popularity is soaring and the daughter of a shabby theater owner, both clumsy, are in for the start of a retro romance...


I'm Making Love to You for Research -My Boss Writes Erotica- (Current ch. 19) Comic

Suzu's dream is to become an assistant to her beloved writer, Kyousuke Sasaki. While she's looking for him all over, she gets a job as an assistant to another novelist, also named Kyousuke. The only difference is that the Kyousuke she's working with now writes novels for adults and seems to have different plans for Suzu... Their turbulent relationship is riddled with misunderstandings and secrets, but their passion burns like fire.


Play Me Sweet And Live -Aimai Bboys- [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic

AuthorKimii MARO

On the way home from a concert with a friend, Misaki, a regular office worker, encounters a cute, good-looking member of the band. He invites her out for a meal, but things don't stop there. Before she knows it, she ends up in a hotel! The cute, pet-like boy's hands usually gently play the guitar, but now they're joining his tongue to turn Misaki on. Who could have imagined that this would be the beginning of her drift into the world of men in the music industry? This manga is an adaptation of an adult cell phone novel.


Did You Think I Was Going to Kiss You? -The Gentleman Transforms into a Beast in Bed- [Total ch. 9] Completed Comic


Manae works as a companion, and has done for some time. Her younger coworkers call her "Mana the Devil" because of her strict, haughty, domineering attitude at work. But the truth is, she's still not over being told, "You're strong, so you don't really need me, right?" by her ex-boyfriend. Since then, Manae has stayed away from love and been committed to work, but one evening she meets Rinya Shinozaki, secretary to a congressman, at a party. He's quite taken with her, and while acting like a gentleman, Rinya beautifully and cunningly tries to steal a kiss from her lips. Although it feels dangerous, Manae thinks that giving herself over to this man and the pleasure he has to offer could finally release her from her fears...


I Picked Up A Prince [Total ch. 3] (Current ch. 2) Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Lanokuma is a town outside of the peaceful royal capital. Lucy is a doctor that just started working in the order of knighthood. Even though she should be working exclusively for those within the subdivision, since she is not extremely busy, so she also takes time to interact and take care of the townspeople.

One day at work, Lucy hears that the new king will come and observe them, and everyone is hyped-up. Then, on her way back home, she comes across an unknown injured man! Considering that he's hurt, she can't just leave him, so she takes him back to her own home. His name turns out to be Harold, and he's a good-looking man with purple eyes, but is that all there is to him...?


Haruhiko is a Wolf Blindly in Love -My Ideal Partner was My Childhood Friend- (Current ch. 5) Comic


He's always thought of her as more than a friend...

Ayaka has the worst luck with men, only dating the worst of the worst. She invites her childhood friend and coworker, Haruhiko Naruse, over for a drink to complain.
Ayaka mutters to herself, wondering where the man of her dreams is. However, Haruhiko's reply is the last thing she expected him to say.
She's never thought of him as more than a friend, but...
A sweet story about a woman with terrible luck when it comes to men and her childhood friend, the ace of the sales department!

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