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The Love You'd Least Expect [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

Office worker Kida loves his private time and prefers silence to socializing. But one day, the previously empty seat next to him is filled by salesman Takamura, turning his peaceful days upside-down! Takamura drags him out to eat lunch every day and chats with him constantly. Plus, it turns out they live in the same company apartment block, and ever since then, Takamura won't stop barging into Kida's place...! Kida would never have taken this lying down before, but Takamura has him strangely charmed... But why...? A puppy-like playboy meets a serious, socially awkward introvert in this tortured, bittersweet office romance!


Ugly Boy -How to Get a Handsome Boyfriend- ( Current vol 18 ) Comic Hot


Plain-looking, short Ayumu's two best friends since childhood, Hayato and Ryuji, are good-looking guys who are perfect in looks and in character, but recently Ayumu feels there's something strange about their relationship. He asks Nishina, a girl they've been friends with since junior high, and she tells him there's a rumor that Ryuji and Hayato are a couple. Ayumu can't hide his shock, but... "Those two are together... That makes sense..." What will become of this cute little ugly boy's bittersweet love...!? Good-looking guys will regret not reading this! Don't miss this super transformation comic!


If You're Gonna Plow, Go Deep. [ Total vol 7 ] Completed Comic


A well-cared-for lotus spreads as far as he can see. Under the orange sunset sky, next to the quiet fields, something indecent is happening inside a small truck... After only a year, unable to adapt to the city life, Daiki's back with his parents in the countryside that he once abandoned. There, his high school crush, Goh, has married his older sister and is living with his parents. Every time Daiki pleasures himself thinking of Goh, he's consumed with self-loathing, but he can't stop. There's a guy who knows about Daiki's secret and spies on him... An understanding but aggressive guy and a guy who can't say no! An alluring heartthrob story set on a farm!!


Bon Appetit, My Love [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Chef Hiroto finds 19-year-old Haru on the streets and brings him back to live at the apartment complex he manages. After capturing Haru's heart through filling his belly, he's stunned when he receives a sudden kiss... This is a story about love blossoming between two couples who live in the same communal space.


You and Tonight Comic

Rikuro has been in love with his best friend, Yasutaka, for ten long years. Convinced that he never had a chance, he hid his feelings and moved to Tokyo, dreading the day that Yasutaka will get married and start a family. All that changes at a party one night when Yasutaka admits that he gave in to a desperate co-worker and slept with him. With a renewed sense of determination, Rikuro decides it's time to finally make his move, but his gamble may mean losing his best friend!


Teasing Voice Comic

Newbie voice actor Inaba, waiting for his time to shine, is ecstatic about being able to work with his idol, the extremely talented and successful Mizushima. But Mizushima, who Inaba looked up to as a senior voice actor, was hiding a sinister personality behind that friendly smile! Who would have guessed that he took pleasure in making other people cry...!?


Flutter Comic

Asada is hypnotized by a handsome co-worker he sees on the street nearly every day. So when the two men are paired up for a high-pressure project, he can't believe his good luck! But what will happen when Asada's defenses are shaken by their immediate, undeniable connection? Flutter beats with the racing pulses of brand-new lovers! When success at work leads to an after-hours confession, an exciting relationship sparks to life. But is the flash of intimacy the beginning of a fiery blaze...or just a passing flicker?


This Porn Star Just Doesn't Listen ( Current vol 2 ) Comic


Mutou wanted to become a famous director but his first directorial debut is as a gay porn director!? Low-energy Mutou gets in a fight with gay pornstar Sakuma and gets propositioned! Mutou learns to become a better gay porn director by using his own body! Via pro pornstar actor Sakuma, Mutou is guided through a host of gay madness and learns what it is like to experience new pleasures. This is the story of how Mutou becomes a great screenwriter/director!


Just Another Hard Day At Work! [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

AuthorNerima zim

Nozomu from sales is always coming to system engineer Teppei with projects that have ridiculous deadlines. No one else will do them but Teppei, and it's because he's always had a secret crush on Nozomu. One day, Teppei decides to blackmail Nozomu into getting intimate with him. What'll happen to the sweet, straight sales guy and the younger alpha male...? Treat yourself to this popular series and find out!
Includes four digital-only pages.


Ninth Life Love Comic

6 years ago, Koharu lost his beloved cat, Dorasuke. There is not a single day that goes by that he doesn't think of his cat. One day out of the blue, he meets a guy and turns out that it's Dorasuke! God gave him a second chance to be with Koharu ? and this time as a human! But there is a catch- God made him a promise that he must keep... if he breaks the promise, there'll be consequences...


Train Him Top to Bottom [Plus Bonus Page] Comic Hot

Takashi prides himself on being a "top," and he's in love with a close friend. Right when his friend is lying vulnerable before him... his other friend Kotaro makes a move on Takashi himself! Why does it feel so damn good in Kotaro's arms...!? A wannabe-top gets trained to be a bottom in this romantic comedy full of desperate crushes and hot, steamy action! Comes with bonus content for both the print and digital versions!


Shiba and Shepherd [ Total vol 10 ] Completed Comic Hot

Dog-lover Yuuto Shibamoto has recently taken to gazing at the German Shepherd who visits the convenience store he works at every morning. One day, he and the dog's owner, Ouki Inukai, are suddenly drawn together by fate! Why does Yuuto's heart race when he sees a rare smile on the gloomy man's face, and why can't he stop thinking about Ouki's large, masculine, athletic body...? Will romance blossom between this German Shepherd of a man and his little Shiba-Inu-sized friend!?


A Broken Heart Ally Comic

Shouta, who's in love with his childhood friend Mei, hates Chika, who is Mei's brother, because Chika always interferes with Shouta trying to confess his love to Mei. However, they accidentally have sex after the shocking news of Mei's new boyfriend... They try to forget the accident and now cooperate to break up Mei and her boyfriend, but one of their plans involves Chika disguised as a woman. Shouta cannot control the rising feeling he has for Chika in women's clothes, even though he doesn't look like Mei at all...

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A Love That Won't Float Away [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic Hot

Kobayashi is an obsessive man with a determined spirit, and clashes with his superiors at his job. He expresses his dark woes to his former coworker, Ishihara, whose calm personality contrasts greatly with his own. What's more, after some speculation about Ishihara, Kobayashi tries to lead him into a physical relationship, but things don't exactly go as he planned. Apart from a title romance that runs deeper than mere beauty, this volume contains warm and slightly heart-wrenching romantic tales centering around a small town "god" with mysterious powers, and the romantic struggle between an uncle and his nephew as they step into the world of physical love!!
Includes two digital-only pages.


Lovesick Odd Couple ( Current vol 14 ) Comic


"You're this turned on when I've hardly touched you yet? What a naughty boy..." Kaoru is a tough guy with a secret he can't reveal to anyone: after getting chased down by the police... he likes to jack off!! But how could he possibly tell anyone about a fetish like that!? It's a secret he can never allow to get out. After Kaoru and his friend get involved in another police chase, his arousal demands his attention in the park. Just as he's about to masturbate... a police officer appears...!! When a cop catches Kaoru exposed, is his darkest fantasy going to become real...!!?


Love from the Core [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic


Yomogi's Diner quietly operates at night. Male hosts who work in a nearby club go there after work. The diner is managed by Ichiro, a serious young man who can't be said to have good customer service. Ichiro finds the most popular host from the club, Seiichi, the hardest to deal with. He can't read the emotions on Seiichi's foolishly smiling face. Seiichi is someone who is strangely sharp, overly friendly, and yet offends him one way or another. But, when Seiichi compliments Ichiro's food, his image of the host changes completely...


He's a Doll [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

Tomo is madly in love with "Sakura," a character from a love simulation game. Then, one day, he finds out that the guy who moved in next door to him, Chihiro, looks just like her. Tomo's desire was for his first time to be with Sakura, but when he comes face-to-face with Chihiro, the combination of Chihiro's desperate advances along with his enchanting looks makes Tomo quickly change his mind about that. Chihiro has strange tastes and smokes completely naked, so he's nothing like the sweet and innocent Sakura... But with Tomo being completely new to pleasures of the flesh, he can't keep his mind off of Chihiro! And, to top it off, Chihiro's ex-boyfriend makes an unannounced visit! What will they do!? This is the love story of a gamer who's more than friends, but less than lovers, with a neighbor who's very raunchy and extremely difficult to beat as the last boss! This manga contains the following works: "He's a Doll Chapters 1-4" and "Shining Star Spotlight Parts 1-2"
Includes a bonus page plus a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


I Won't Accept a Happy Ending Comic


Mr. Sasazuka mistakenly slept with his student, Yamaguchi. Even though he was drunk at the time, the high school teacher still disgraced himself, so he keeps Yamaguchi at a distance. After all, his partner is known around school as the young hottie who could be straight out of a romance novel. Surely, the two would never get along...! Or, could a happy ending be waiting at the end of this younger boy's sweet seduction? Maybe at least... a slightly indecent love lesson?


Lovers Program Comic

Inexeperienced Haruma has accepted his feelings for his teasing bodyguard, Shoyo. He's fixated on their relationship, though, and toyed with to no end! Bodyguard-slash-boyfriend Shoyo and innocent Haruma become one emotionally and physically for the first time!!


Ruby Star in the Polar Night ( Current vol 5 ) Comic Hot


Royford, a travelling merchant, arrives in Kataris, hoping to taste both money and the thrill of adventure. A chance meeting with a mysterious red-eyed boy, Reza, changes his plans and perhaps even his entire life... Reza's past holds many secrets and ruthless enemies won't seem to leave them in peace.

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