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Invisible Stars Comic

Hikita was hit on by Imai, an older member of his baseball team who he's always respected and looked up to. After practice, they start kissing each other, deepening their love, but then... This is the continuation of Silent Voice!


The Color of the Clear Blue Sky Comic

Sakae Sugiura wants to become a teacher, and finally gets assigned to an elementary school. There, Sakae reunites with Ryuuji Fukada, who was his teacher when he was a student there. Sakae always looked up to Fukada, who acted like a life-support for him at times. Their meeting again surprises Sakae, and he feels hesitant due to how much Fukada seems to have changed. But then, his feelings toward Fukada gradually change...


A Night of a Thousand Nights [ Total vol 1 ] ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

Sora, who was raised by a strict father, has a precious older childhood friend named Tetsuya who lives in the house next to him. Tetsuya was always by his side, through good days and bad. As Sora grows up, their time together begins to change. And when Sora starts focusing on Tetsuya, Tetsuya realizes his desire for Sora... "I'm going to protect Sora. That's what I promised, but..." It's a bittersweet love story!


Silent Voice Comic

Imai, a member of a baseball team, has his eyes on Hikita, a younger member who works so hard despite how awkward he is. Whenever Hikita gets nervous, he seems to glare at people. Imai just finds him so cute. "I'm the only one who's noticed how sexy you are..." He tries to get close to Hikita, looking after him in the way a more experienced member should, when deep down, he just really wants to touch Hikita's naked body!


Want to Depend on You Comic

"Was I just a replacement from the beginning?" On the night of his father's funeral, a college student named Yamato meets a man who leaves a big impression on him. He doesn't give his name, but leaves behind some words that stick in Yamato's mind. "Are you his son? You look much like him." Several days later, much to his surprise, Yamato meets the man again, and beneath the moonlight, their love secretly begins...


Yaoi Fairytales - Imaginary Tales for Young Females "The King Has Donkey Ears" Oh, How They Feel Comic


The prince has a secret and it is because of that secret that he's been shut away in the basement of a castle all his life. His parents have all but abandoned him and it isn't until a young barber with a marvelous smile comes along that the young Prince is able to open his heart. And that is because, the barber is the first person to look at the prince's unusual ears and tell him they're charming. Told by the barber to keep his hair long, he does so just to feeling the barber play with his hair and touch his overly sensitive ears, because it's the only happiness he can find in life. The Prince just can't stop himself from falling in love.


Knight' s Terms Comic

AuthorYuna Aoi

After entering Shirasagi Academy, Izumi Etou eagerly joins the fencing club, along with his friend Yuuji Saeki. Why? Because the senior he looks up to, Captain Takasaki, is there. He wants to become a graceful, strong man like him... Izumi tries his best, but gets irritated by the vice captain Ibe, who always sticks to Takasaki. On top of that, Yuuji seems to have complicated feelings about how entranced Izumi is with Takasaki... Nothing goes as easily as planned! What will happen to Izumi' s love?!


Indefinite Sociogram [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

On his first day of college, Shingo reunites with his older childhood friend Kyou. Kyou ran away from home all of a sudden, and Shingo had wished for so long that he could see him again. And so, Shingo decides to move into the mysterious Seifuukan where Kyou lives. However, Kyou seems to be avoiding Shingo... This is a sociometric love story where pure and impure feelings intertwine.


Pride [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

Two men appear in front of Chiyuki Amamiya, a public prosecutor who works at the West Tokyo Public Prosecutor' s Office. The first is Yoshitaka Morooka, the son of a well-established family and a junior of Chiyuki' s from Nihonbashi, and Masachika Katori, an ex-elite public prosecutor who was once called the prince of the office, but fell from power. Chiyuki just broke up with his lover, and misses the feel of warm skin beside him, so after getting drunk he sleeps with Masachika, but...


Healing Music Comic

A popular new pianist named Kunio Tokiwa lost his passion for piano after the death of his beloved uncle. He has no more reason to play... Then one day, after plummeting to the depths of despair and giving up on his life, a miracle happens. He meets a tuner named Yui Hasegawa. "I want you to tune my piano," Kunio says, but Yui immediately refuses. Then, Kunio hears a rumor that Yui is the boyfriend of the brilliant young pianist, Yamanouchi Kouji!


A Passion Of Oranges Comic

AuthorRuis Maki

Kento' s mother passed away 7 years ago. Her second husband was a cuisine researcher named Kazuaki. Kento has a dream about being with his father-in-law that will never come true. He never thought he' d be jealous of his mother... Will he ever be freed from these sleepless nights? "Treading Blue" is just the first in this anthology of masterpieces filled with loveable characters, starting with this story of frustrated love between an adorable step-father and his adorable step-son.


Rainy Day Love Comic

Yuuta Yoshizawa' s family runs a rice-cracker shop. One rainy day, as he' s watching the shop, Shizuno, who was in the same club as him in highschool, comes inside. They weren' t really that close when they were students, but ever since that day, he starts coming in every few days. The truth is, Yuuta' s secretly had a crush on Shizuno ever since high school... This is a warm, cute and sexy love story that' ll make your heart pound! This also contains a love story about the Yoshida family' s trustworthy older brother Shouichi and his wild childhood friend Seigo.


Neck Tie Comic

Nishimura Asagi gets saved by a lawyer named Ei Takatsukasa after being attacked by his older brother and some yakuza. Asagi was blamed for something he didn' t do, and is being chased by his father. Without anywhere to run, Takatsukasa is the only one who believes that Asagi is innocent. But that night... Asagi hears Takatsukasa talking on the phone with his father...


All The Time Comic

Because I' m in love with you. Sanpei Morimura has a cool personality and beautiful looks. One day, his co-worker Tani expresses his feelings. Morimura doesn' t dislike Tani - if anything, he' s attracted to him. Tani is aloof, but sometimes has eyes like a beast. From the moment their hearts awaken to love, their romance begins! A love between two men on equal footing!


Yaoi Fairytales - Imaginary Tales for Young Females - "Rapunzel" First Love Comic

AuthorMoe Haruno

Rapunzel is a magical young man with long, beautiful hair, who contrary to his elegant looks is crazy about sex. One day, the kind Prince (who also just happens to be class president) is shown Rapunzel's true self by the Witch. Prince finds himself drawn in by the curious difference between the Rapunzel who loves sex, and the Rapunzel who always looks so lonely in class...


My Sempai Comic

"I'm a vulture of love! I'm waiting for you to exhaust yourself!" The self-titled bald eagle of love, Amemiya, is in the middle of feverishly attacking Saburou Ninomiya, an older student who everyone in the school fears. Saburou acts irritated at Amemiya hanging around him like a hyena, but his loyal, straight-laced, head-on approach to asking him out ends up hitting the mark! "Smiling, getting depressed, eating... I got to spent the whole day with you again, so I'm so happy!" This is Hebiko Habuyama's first ever published volume!


Interval Comic

Ayumu Kashiwagi is a member of the track team, and secretly has feelings for his peer Takato Shinohara. One day, an older student, named Sawatari, finds out about these feelings, then, in order to kill time, forces Ayumu to sleep with him. But just when Ayumu was convinced that he was cold, Sawatari shows him some kindness. He feels resistant, but at the same time, he's not sure what to do!


Kizu Ato Kizuato Comic

After half a year, Izumi Morita forgot about the man who he dumped in a horrible manner, and spent half a year searching for a new love. Then, his old lover Tomoya Shinguuji appears before him. However, due to an accident, Tomoya's lost all memory of Izumi. Tomoya's previous gentle personality has been completely changed, and he's now a haughty, arrogant man. He kidnaps Izumi, then binds him up and tries to force himself on him. Tomoya... I never knew you were such a sadist! Izumi resists Tomoya, but he can't forget the old Tomoya, and his heart wavers... Hard love swirling with lust!


Faraway Places Comic

AuthorJuji Fusa

Three years ago, Tooru Kanda threw everything away and moved to Tokyo in order to become a writer. His pen pal, Takeshi Sagawa, was the only emotional support he had. Then, one day, Takeshi happens to visit the town where Tooru lives, and Tooru nervously heads for their meeting spot. But the one who appears there is a yakuza with a bunch of his goons!


Oh, And a Bowl of Moxa is Coming Comic

I've been alone for my whole life... Afraid of being betrayed. Shunya Hinatsu is a skilled TV producer, and Sei Kiyama is a popular drama scriptwriter. They used to be lovers, but their relationship ended after Sei's betrayal... or so it seemed! Once they reunite, they both become prisoners to the feelings that they couldn't forget! This is a love story about cowardly people who hesitate to fall in love!

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