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That Cute Kid is Mine and Mine Comic

Hosokawa, an elite businessman, and Takagi, a graduate student, are both rivals in love with their cute old classmate, Gouda! But Gouda is extremely dense and thinks they're all just god friends. One is a precious childhood friend, while the other is a precious best friend. But love always happens suddenly!


Yaoi Fairytales - Imaginary Tales for Young Females - "Puss in Boots" You're My Number One Comic

"I'll show you a good time, Master" When the father of three boys passes away, all that's left to the youngest son is one cheeky male cat. Seeing the youngest son hanging his head in disappointment, the cat asks that boots and a bag to be prepared for him. Although the young man thinks the cat is strange, he does as he is asked. Soon he is being led around by the cheeky cat and in the end finds himself in the King's court being called a Duke. And on top of that, the young and innocent prince of the kingdom even proposes to him! From the cheeky yet earnest young cat, to the goofy and shining prince, and even a pheromone-driven handsome beast... our young hero's days are filled with trials galore.


He's Mine Comic

AuthorKyo Youya

After being rejected by the person he likes, Hakana is consoled by his childhood friend Rinya. He doesn't want to force himself into a relationship. Just having a physical relationship with Rinya is enough. Or so he thought, until Rinya's old lover Mikoto appears, looking for help. He wants to start over.. This is a sweet love story about bitter men!


Ata Comic

"It wasn't logical. I just really loved him." Under the same roof, despite being unrelated, Kagerou and Ata live as family, like older brother and younger brother. Kagerou is a straight-laced man with a simple heart. Ata is easily hurt, yet he's always falling in love. They're closer to each other than anyone else, yet they're as far apart as could be in terms of being lovers... This is a love story about boys who long for spring.


An Abandoned Cat's House Comic

AuthorNawo Inoue

The vampire Ed used to be alone, until one day he capriciously picks up an abandoned child named Phil and starts living together with him. Phil tells Ed he likes him and innocently becomes attached to him, which arouses Ed's lust. But he hesitates. What are these feelings? Ed becomes controlled by feelings he'd forgotten for a long time, and kisses Phil...


Cheap Chase Comic

A university student named You Shirasane is living with his lover, a skilled police investigator named Kaito Iwanami. You lives everyday romantically, despite struggling to deal with Kaito's horny-old-man way of speaking. Then one day, You receives a movie ticket from the manager of the hotel where he works and takes Kaito out on a date. But during the date, Kaito gets shot! Was it all a trap set by an evil criminal who bore a grudge against Kaito?!


Again Tomorrow Comic

One night, Shunya picks up a man who has amnesia. It turns out that the man is actually Yuusei Saotome, the young CEO of the company that Shunya works for. He grows fond of Yuusei, but Shunya doesn't tell him the truth, and says he'll just live with Yuusei until he gets his memory back. He feels guilty about tricking Yuusei, but starts to really care for him. Then, one day, Yuusei says "You're all I have" and kisses Shunya!


Border Control - Fate Comic

An undercover investigator named Kyougo Suzaki and an official who works for the Treasury Department named Itsuki Kijima meet at a lake rumored to "tie together all who meet there." Is this fate...?! It's a forbidden adult-male love story!


Yaoi Fairytales - Imaginary Tales for Young Females - "Snow White" Snow White's Misfortune Comic Hot


Snow White is being hunted by his evil stepmother because of his overwhelming cuteness! He meets a group of horny dwarves in the woods after being chased from the castle. They mess with Snow White's body as he sleeps... However, he has no choice but to hide in their house to protect himself. Even while he's there though, the queen is able to reach him with her evil magic! "Save me, Prince...! He's super handsome... But wait! He's a pervert!" What will happen to Snow White?!


Alterna Comic

"I feel like this jealousy is going to burn my insides up." Miki Sasaoka is a freelancer who has a crush on his childhood friend, a college student named Keisuke Takeo. But Keisuke isn't a guy who likes other guys... Or so Miki thought, until Keisuke is revealed to have found a guy he likes! "I'd rather steal him than have him stolen from me!" And so, Miki tries to take the person Keisuke likes away... It's a romance survival adventure hidden in daily life!


I Can Feel Your Hand Comic

"You piss me off." After school one day, a high schooler named Tsukiori gets cornered by several other boys in the PE storeroom. Someone saves him right at the last second, but since he was blindfolded, he couldn't see who it was. But his savior's hand felt similar to Misora's, who's always there for him... Then, Misora sees the scars on Tsukiori's body from when he was attacked by Ogata!


For My Cherry Blossom Comic

Stubborn, awkward, and naive, a high schooler named Minoru Kanbara is secretly in love with his peer Yuuto Matsunaga, who has a face like a pop star. But Yuuto always quickly changes partners, and is called the "butterfly of love." He's also straight. But one day, unable to contain his love any more, Minoru finds himself confessing his feelings... "I want to stop my heart from beating so fast, but I can't..." It's a complex love story about high schoolers!


Betting My Life With You Comic

Torajirou Ryuuzono was born at the end of the year John Lennon died. He's had a friend since childhood who's two years older than him named Sakura. Suffering through an unfortunate childhood, their absolute trust was the only thing that carried them through their difficult lives. "You're mine, OK? And I'm yours." Thus begins a story about men who put their lives on the line for each other!!


Career Gate Comic

The Gold Card is a pass that allows only a special class of people to pass through the "Career Gate". Ozaki and his co-worker Shinoda work hard to acquire the pass. Shinoda is plain and blends in, but is a hard worker and gentle; Ozaki secretly takes a liking to him. Then, Ozaki is ordered by his superior to serve a customer with his body... for Shinoda's sake! Shinoda saves him at the last minute, but the truth comes out. Shinoda's actually a Gold Career class who's in line to be the next CEO!


Blooming Darling ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

"OK, Takashi, it's time for you to attack me!!" That's easier said than done! Takashi starts going out with Haruhiko Fujimori, the owner of a flower shop in town called "Flower Hall." A week after they start going out, Takeshi falls victim to Haruhiko's sexual-harassment-laden 'skinship' as usual, but the tought that Haruhiko is now his lover fills himi with nervousness and anxiety... Even so, all of a sudden, they start living together! Haruhiko Fujimori gets down and dirty in this love story! "Love and Trap" contains "Blooming Darling," which deals with the events leading up to this story.


Yaoi Fairytales - Imaginary Tales for Young Females - "Buying Mittens" Buy Some Mittens and... Comic

Once upon a time, a small fox was asked by his mother to buy a pair of gloves. He takes the form of a young boy and heads for town. Upon arriving, he goes to the shop of a nice young hat-maker. His mother warned him sternly before going out: "You mustn't let your true form be discovered!" But right away the fox jumps at a loud sound and out pop his real ears and his tail. Looking up at the young hat-maker, his whole body trembling in fear, the young fox asks "Are you going to eat me...?" You'll have to read to find out what the hat-maker does next...


The Boyfriend Next Door Comic

Matsuda got into college and has finally started living alone, like he's always dreamed of. The person who lives in the apartment next to him is named Yaotome, who looks a bit suspicious with his stubble and the track suit he always wears... Furthermore, he's living with a little girl named Hana. At first, Matsuda had his guard completely up toward Matsuda, but then, all of a sudden, he finds himself thinking about him a lot!


Country Boy Comic

AuthorKita Konno

In this "Boy" series, we see the bittersweet youth of Tetsu and Shige, who have been best friends since childhood. After their parents get married, they become brothers and their relationship becomes a bit unclear. This is an anthology that depicts boys growing up, and includes the popular work "Visitor of The Night".


Classmate Comic

AuthorKiyo Ueda

There's someone who Izumi hates: Asakura, his classmate who's also in the tennis club. The reason was something Asakura said during practice. "What are you so happy about?!" He was just happy because he got his first serve in! Angry, Izumi starts skipping club practice. Asakura seems to realize, so comes and apologizes, saying that if the reason Izumi hasn't come to club is his fault, then he's sorry. But he says it with such a straight face that it's hard to tell what he's really thinking. Maybe he's actually not a bad person? Gradually, Izumi starts to get more and more interested in Asakura! This is a fresh love story about boys who've awakened to love!


A Lovely Day with Yuri Sensei Comic

Muguruma, who works for the publisher Sougendou, is in love with an author: Kyouichirou Yuri. He's a mystery author who's selfish, capricious, yet overflowing with talent. Muguruma becomes Kyouichirou's lover, but then Sakura, a pampered author from a noble family, starts to intefere. Then Kyouichirou's fiance, a female student appears, and as usual, Muguruma's worries are never-ending... This is a story about the love-filled and row-filled days of the pure and sweet Muguruma and the unreasonable Yuri.

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