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Awaken Forest Comic

AuthorYuna Aoi

Editorial newcomer Yoshimori knows that his fast-paced career is bound to be full of surprises, but he never planned on meeting one of his favorite authors at a book release party! When the talented writer Orito Suga shows up with his shy brother Masato, Yoshimori is deeply touched by Masato's lonely smile... and his sweet, sparkling eyes. Stress and looming deadlines soon force Yoshi to move in with the temperamental Orito. Will the young editor get the full story behind these strangely inseparable brothers, or will he be kept in the dark for good? "Awaken Forest" opens the book on a host of beautiful men and spills all of their deepest secrets, along with every new heartache and scandal! Whether they're punching the clock, feuding with a childhood bully or lusting after their best friend, these men know that in order to get what you want out of life, you've got to take a stand for what your heart truly desires! "Awaken Forest" promises that no secret crush will go unrevealed... and no bedroom door can stay locked forever!


Seven Comic

Nana (no-name in Japanese) has no memory of his childhood before the age of twelve, when a store owner took him in and cruelly named him. The only clues to Nana's past life are the burn scars on his legs and his irrational fear of fire. Enter Mitsuha, a vagabond writer, who crashes Nana's place at the insistence of a mutual friend. At first, Nana loathes Mitsuha's very existence - although he can't sleep alone, Nana doesn't like it when his new roommate climbs into bed with him, either - but eventually, he warms to Mitsuha's insincerity and kindness and finds happiness waking beside him. Can their budding relationship help Nana come to terms with his unknown past? Are Mitsuha's feelings real, or is Nana simply a replacement for someone he lost long ago? Momoko Tenzen, creator of "The Paradise on the Hill", presents two tales of haunted pasts and forbidden loves sure to intrigue and delight!


Kiss Blue [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

Confess your love and ruin a friendship? Or protect the friendship and keep your feelings hidden away forever? What would you do if you were in Tomosaka's place? He doesn't remember when it began, but it seems Tomosaka has been in love with Noda forever. The thing is, he can't exactly confess his feelings because the two are best friends. As his best friend, Tomosaka has sympathized with Noda during his first heartbreak, just as he is bearing witness as Noda juggles multiple and often simultaneous affairs with women. Because no matter what the sin, friends stand by each other. And to protect the friendship, Tomosaka has to lock away his feelings deep inside him. From Keiko Kinoshita, the same person who gave us "Little Crybaby" and "You and Harujion", comes a story that explores the boundaries between love and friendship. Lose yourself within the pages of "Kiss Blue".


Little Cry Baby Comic

A shy and clumsy university student; a salary man trapped in an arranged marriage; a not-so-skilled novice magician; two high school boys who have been fighting it out since they were kids; and a humanoid dog... what could they possibly have in common? Well, they're about to find love in the most unexpected of places. Oh, and there's another thing about them as well they all seem to cry over the simplest of things. Experience love's first joy and heartache in this collection of light-hearted stories from creator Keiko Kinoshita, of You and Harujion fame. So, get ready to grab a box of tissues and unleash the "Little Crybaby" in you.


The Color of Love Comic

AuthorKiyo Ueda

High schooler Nao is in love with his best friend, Taira, but is adamant about keeping his feelings secret... When Taira begins to notice a change in his friend, will Nao deny his feelings or accept them? Meanwhile, Makino has a history of bad luck when it comes to love, but because he only dates guys of a certain "type"... will he learn that loving is more than just physical attraction when the devoted Sasaki admits his feelings? And when Yoshino receives a romantic confession from his close friend, Yamazaki, will his fears about being lovers come true? Can he draw a line between Yamazaki as his friend and Yamazaki as his lover? More heart-warming stories by Kiyo Ueda are contained within... Short, sweet, and always sexy, "The Color of Love" shows that true love often comes in many different forms... After all, love isn't black and white - it comes in a variety of shades!


This Night's Everything Comic

Nanao is a bodyguard who couldn't care less about the ins and outs of his daily routine... But when he's put in charge of training the eye-catching (and very young) new recruit Aoi, his sarcastic jabs are challenged by the cool precision of Aoi's commitment to the job... Will these two very different men become partners in work.........and play? This Night's Everything pairs a beautiful orphan with a jaded assassin in the name of protecting a powerful public figure......... but it's the duo's private exploits that steal the spotlight! Can an old hand teach a trainee a few new tricks? Or will the truth about a shocking betrayal change the fates of both men forever?


Rose And Savage Comic

In middle school, Yasukuni falls in love with Tomokazu, a transfer student who dreams of becoming an illustrator. Tomokazu is reserved and shy, and Yasukuni can't leave him alone. And so, without ever knowing their first love, the two are suddenly pulled apart. Seven years later, Yasukuni enters an art college and reunites with Tomokazu. But Tomokazu's reaction betrays his expectations...


Son Of The Mimura Family [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

The second son of a rural man of property, Kyuu, has been best friends with Toshio since childhood. As Toshio grows up, he secretly falls in love with Kyuu. One day, Kyuu's older brother Sumi, who had run away from home, coincidentally comes in contact with Toshio. Then, Sumi invites him to deepen their relationship! This is the "Son of the Mimura Family" series, which depicts adolescence wavering in the rift between friendship and love.


Sunday's Child Comic

AuthorKita Konno

Eric is a young butler who inherited the position from his father. He's also the lover of Roland, the leader of the Durham family. There is an extreme gap in status between them... The title piece contains a love story about upper class and lower class, master and servant. It is followed by someone who struggles to live in the forest and survive in a harsh natural environment, a secret between a student and someone who was once a teacher, and a story about secret time that girls share together. This is an anthology of masterpieces from Kita Konno!


The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers Comic

Takano Yazaki becomes smitten with Sansui Murase, a business partner and lover to the leader of a gang. Sansui possesses a bewitching charm, and is known for seducing men. Feeling powerfully drawn to Sansui, Yazaki vows to serve Sansui as his loyal dog... Even knowing that another man has a monopoly on Sansui's heart. Several years pass... One day, Sansui is sniped by someone. Yazaki manages to serve as his shield, but... then Sasagawa, a member of a gang crime countermeasure force, and Honnou, a fixer of the political world, appear: The hatred and love of men with scars from the past begins to intertwine...


Want to Depend on You Comic

"Was I just a replacement from the beginning?" On the night of his father's funeral, a college student named Yamato meets a man who leaves a big impression on him. He doesn't give his name, but leaves behind some words that stick in Yamato's mind. "Are you his son? You look much like him." Several days later, much to his surprise, Yamato meets the man again, and beneath the moonlight, their love secretly begins...


Indefinite Sociogram [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

On his first day of college, Shingo reunites with his older childhood friend Kyou. Kyou ran away from home all of a sudden, and Shingo had wished for so long that he could see him again. And so, Shingo decides to move into the mysterious Seifuukan where Kyou lives. However, Kyou seems to be avoiding Shingo... This is a sociometric love story where pure and impure feelings intertwine.


Pride [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic

Two men appear in front of Chiyuki Amamiya, a public prosecutor who works at the West Tokyo Public Prosecutor' s Office. The first is Yoshitaka Morooka, the son of a well-established family and a junior of Chiyuki' s from Nihonbashi, and Masachika Katori, an ex-elite public prosecutor who was once called the prince of the office, but fell from power. Chiyuki just broke up with his lover, and misses the feel of warm skin beside him, so after getting drunk he sleeps with Masachika, but...


Healing Music Comic

A popular new pianist named Kunio Tokiwa lost his passion for piano after the death of his beloved uncle. He has no more reason to play... Then one day, after plummeting to the depths of despair and giving up on his life, a miracle happens. He meets a tuner named Yui Hasegawa. "I want you to tune my piano," Kunio says, but Yui immediately refuses. Then, Kunio hears a rumor that Yui is the boyfriend of the brilliant young pianist, Yamanouchi Kouji!


All The Time Comic

Because I' m in love with you. Sanpei Morimura has a cool personality and beautiful looks. One day, his co-worker Tani expresses his feelings. Morimura doesn' t dislike Tani - if anything, he' s attracted to him. Tani is aloof, but sometimes has eyes like a beast. From the moment their hearts awaken to love, their romance begins! A love between two men on equal footing!


Faraway Places Comic

AuthorJuji Fusa

Three years ago, Tooru Kanda threw everything away and moved to Tokyo in order to become a writer. His pen pal, Takeshi Sagawa, was the only emotional support he had. Then, one day, Takeshi happens to visit the town where Tooru lives, and Tooru nervously heads for their meeting spot. But the one who appears there is a yakuza with a bunch of his goons!


Oh, And a Bowl of Moxa is Coming Comic

I've been alone for my whole life... Afraid of being betrayed. Shunya Hinatsu is a skilled TV producer, and Sei Kiyama is a popular drama scriptwriter. They used to be lovers, but their relationship ended after Sei's betrayal... or so it seemed! Once they reunite, they both become prisoners to the feelings that they couldn't forget! This is a love story about cowardly people who hesitate to fall in love!


That Cute Kid is Mine and Mine Comic

Hosokawa, an elite businessman, and Takagi, a graduate student, are both rivals in love with their cute old classmate, Gouda! But Gouda is extremely dense and thinks they're all just god friends. One is a precious childhood friend, while the other is a precious best friend. But love always happens suddenly!


He's Mine Comic

AuthorKyo Youya

After being rejected by the person he likes, Hakana is consoled by his childhood friend Rinya. He doesn't want to force himself into a relationship. Just having a physical relationship with Rinya is enough. Or so he thought, until Rinya's old lover Mikoto appears, looking for help. He wants to start over.. This is a sweet love story about bitter men!


Ata Comic

"It wasn't logical. I just really loved him." Under the same roof, despite being unrelated, Kagerou and Ata live as family, like older brother and younger brother. Kagerou is a straight-laced man with a simple heart. Ata is easily hurt, yet he's always falling in love. They're closer to each other than anyone else, yet they're as far apart as could be in terms of being lovers... This is a love story about boys who long for spring.

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