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Life Ain't So Bad [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

AuthorSi Mitsuru

As his classmates go to mixers and enjoy their college-campus life, the closeted Sousuke spends his days wishing that he could find romance, too. Then, one day, seeking to meet people, he goes to a bath house he visits on occasion when who should he meet but the actor from an adult video he's "enjoyed" too many times to count!
Includes four digital-only pages.


An Untouched Man in an Uncovered World -Pounced on by a Beautiful Guy- Comic


To Tadayoshi, a 32-year-old who's never slept with anyone, everyone around him appears naked! Amidst his anguish, he one day meets an attractive client named Yuki, who asks him out for drinks. An intoxicated and stumbling Tadayoshi is taken back to Yuki's apartment where they end up getting closer... Tadayoshi finally gets to sleep with someone, but it doesn't go quite how he imagined it!


How an Innocent Manga Artist Holds Down a 9-To-5 While Being Held Down by His Hot Boss ( Current vol 4 ) Comic


Kaoru is a businessman... and a rookie manga artist... and an "innocent"... who has never had a girlfriend. His manga plotlines suffer from his inexperience in love, and now his editor's put his job on the line. Desperate to understand women, Kaoru drunkenly purchases a bra online. When that still doesn't help, he goes out after work to drink away his sorrow and is approached by an incredibly handsome man. Happy to have some company, Kaoru drinks until he passes out... The next morning, he wakes up in a hotel room in bed with the man from the night before and finds the guy took photos of Kaoru wearing the bra! And now Kaoru's getting blackmailed into doing all sorts of things...!


Worship My Voice Comic

Rookie voice actor Wataru Miyahara is sick and tired of top up-and-coming voice actor Norihisa Nagase's advances. Norihisa, over-confident due to his nice voice, good looks, and acting skills, approaches Wataru whenever they record together! To make matters worse, the two of them are going to work together on a yaoi drama CD...! A must-read for those into sexy voices! In addition to the larger-than-life love story about two voice actors, there's also the "Stand-offish Voice" comic about Wataru's voice actor companion. Also includes a previously unpublished work, where Wataru and Norihisa listen to the finished yaoi CD!


Go, Commando Detective! -Sir, My Crotch Is Suspicious!!- Comic

AuthorYuma Shobu

I'm Wazuki, a screwup detective. One day, after accidentally going to work without any underwear, I was somehow able to catch a criminal! Not only that, my superior, who's always acting like a drill sergeant, even got excited! Then, he starts squeezing me down there! What's going on!?


Master and Doggy Comic


Earnest college student Yuuji Uehara is head over heels for the cold, bespectacled Professor Tatsukawa!! But, no amount of fawning will win over his professor, who is a hardened misanthropist... "That's it! If I'm not human, he might like me!" When Yuuji appears before him in a dog costume, Professor Tatsukawa starts giving him orders. What kind of orders, exactly...!?


My Younger Boyfriend's an Ice Prince Comic


Shuya Sasaki's your average office worker, except his lover is the young actor and heartthrob Kyo Saito. Kyo's known to the world as a cool and suave "ice prince," but around his older boyfriend Shuya, he's so cute and innocent! Shuya feels superior, thinking he's the only one who knows the "true Kyo." That is, until the day Shuya's friend invites him to go drinking with some girls, and Kyo's personality does a 180...! Shuya's ultra-handsome younger boyfriend suddenly becomes a demon in bed! This is a heart-pounding, table-turning love story!


Prince Snow White -Being Loved by 7 Men.- ( Current vol 10 ) Comic


Taro has lost his home, his job, everything, and doesn't know where to turn. He finds himself taken in by a family of seven brothers he's never seen before. They're lively, and nosy...and he finds himself slowly becoming a person again through this slightly naughty lifestyle, but...!? In the bath, in the entranceway, in the can't miss this straight boy at the mercy of these 7 handsome brothers!


Love X Devil (Apprenticeship) -Three Wishes from a Devil-in-Training- [Plus Digital-Only Bonus and Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic

To pass his last exam, devil apprentice Togo Nishizaki must seal a pact with reclusive college student Makoto Sugishita and grant him three wishes in exchange for his chastity and "essence." Don't miss the unexpected, electrifying happy ending and the previously unpublished bonus story!
Includes a digital-only bonus and a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


An Outrageous Fetish ( Current vol 2 ) Comic Hot


Well-formed muscles are his favorite thing! Kasumi's hobby is observing the bodies of jocks while they play sports. One day, Kasumi sees a boy, Fujinuma, with a very shapely behind! Kasumi wants nothing more than to make a photographic record of Fujinuma's perfect body... Not satisfied with just watching, Kasumi invites Fujinuma to his place. Beaming innocently at the flawlessly sculpted body in front of him, Kasumi can't help asking Fujinuma to do something outrageous!


Alone with You [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

It's Yuzuru's last year of high school, and he still doesn't have any friends. In fact, he's almost invisible to everyone's eyes... The people who do notice him even call him "Ghosty." One day, he becomes friends with one of the most popular kids in school, Kyoya. But, Kyoya's idea of friendship isn't exactly what Yuzuru expected.... While Yuzuru struggles with this new-found "friendship," he realizes that behind all his popularity, Kyoya feels alone, too. The two opposites are soon drawn to each other as they see that they actually do have some things in common.... A cute high school love story between the popular kid and a "ghost."


How to Raise a Leopard [Digital-Only Spin-Off] Comic


Rinka's an egotistical and aggressive host at "Leopard". Despite being a 19-year-old high school student, he used his body to make clients do his bidding. He's currently head over heels for Tomoru, a dorky-looking teacher he met at school in a special extracurricular class. When Rinka comes after him with pheromones oozing out of every pore, Tomoru can do nothing but succumb completely... All chapters in this book include love scenes! The continuation of the love story between Rinka and Tomoru from "Leopard White Paper" can be found here as an unannounced digital-exclusive spin-off that is even more hot and heavy than the original! This book will be more enjoyable if you read "Leopard White Paper" and "The Peony Dripping With Love" first. "The Aggressive Host Walks Around Naked" is the story of what happens after page 12 of "Leopard White Paper (3)"; "The Aggressive Host Can't Resist" "The Aggressive Host Drowns in Love" "The Aggressive Host Becomes Jealous" are the stories of what happens after page 17 of "Leopard White Paper -The Peony Dripping with Love- (4)".


You're My No. 1 Fan Comic


Jun feels indebted to his manager, Mr. Miyase, who recruited him as a model, but it's more than that. Jun works hard while hiding his love for his manager, but one day, Mr. Miyase tells Jun that it's time he moved on to manage someone else...


Reamed on Livestream -Forced to Climax Live Online!!- ( Current vol 4 ) Comic


"Comments are flooding in. Cum already. Show them how much you love anal." "Ahhhh!!!" I, Yuusei Kimura, started jacking off on camera for a gay livestream site for a little extra cash. But, ever since horny lady-killer Shouma from the class next door found out, he's been threatening to tell everyone... "Consecutive orgasms by vibrator." "Live blowjobs." "Anal play." He does all that to me with everyone watching, until finally...!!! As much as I hate him having his way with me, the views and comments are skyrocketing! "If you do exactly what I tell you, I'll hit that spot you like and make you cum nonstop." I can't say no, and Shouma's making more and more hardcore demands every day. Now he's telling me to do "that" at school...!?


Attack on Dicktan! -There's a Monster in My Pants!- Comic

AuthorKei Kisaki

A sexy, smart, and successful Takumi finds himself at the top of the food chain. His life is set when he's hired by a top-tier firm... Or at least, that's what he thought. Turns out, this elite company is a gigantic collection of guys obsessed with doing it! Greeting clients with an exchange of fluids!? Making sales calls that end in spreading your legs!? Completely nude BDSM shows and outrageously beautiful male "companions"... In the meeting room!? Not to mention, a sadistic colleague who wears an angel's smile to cover up the demon within! Takumi also has something to hide. Something no one must know of... "Look what we have here..." The smirking fallen angel has the power to threaten Takumi's very existence! What else is in store for him...!?


Moobstretch -Stretch Session Obsession- [ Total vol 5 ] Completed Comic


Yutaka's really insecure about being pigeon-chested, so he decides to go to a stretch gym his colleague recommends. He tells himself this is for his health, so he can keep eating sugary sweets, and to get rid of his pigeon chest once and for all! A motivated Yutaka goes to the gym and finds himself in front of the super buff stretch trainer Asami who's going to teach him how to stretch... except Asami morphs into a different person as soon as he sees and touches Yutaka's chest!! Apparently, Asami is gay and has a fetish for men's chests, and Yutaka's is the best!! Asami totally exploits his position as a trainer and helps himself to Yutaka's perfect chest...!! Your sexual boundaries are bound to be stretched with this cute, fetish-driven romantic comedy!


Restraint Program Comic

Haruma is a member of the wealthy Kagetsu family. He's decided to spread his wings and move out for college, but to his dismay, his mother has hired Shoyo Kurehashi, a bodyguard who's with him 24/7. Vowing to keep Haruma safe, Shoyo fends off a would-be groper on the subway, and in exchange for his silence about the incident, Shoyo requests Haruma himself. The innocent rich kid has his first kiss stolen by the man assigned to protect him! Earnest though he is, the awkward Haruma doesn't realize Shoyo's deepening feelings towards him. Now practically living together, Haruma fears Shoyo's gonna gobble him up!! A naive, spoiled kid meets a tormenting bodyguard! This is romantic comedy with a hint of danger!


I Need You [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


Sugaya meets Tagami at a bar he wanders into on the way home from work. Tagami introduces himself, and they become drinking buddies. Sugaya is shocked to hear the story of Tagami's wife's death. But, why does he feel there's a line he just can't cross?


A Feast for an Incubus [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

After saving a self-proclaimed incubus named Aim from starving, Nao unwittingly becomes his partner. Confronted with a hungry demon who keeps pressuring him for intimacy, Nao stubbornly refuses because he wants his first time to be special. Attacking with pheromones doesn't work. Acting innocent doesn't work. Faced with imminent starvation, Aim finally invades Nao's school and kisses him in front of the entire class. "Hurry up and let me devour that delicious feast!" This love story is a test of wills!


The Boy Who Cried Truth [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


Riichi has looked like a beautiful girl all his life, and high school hasn't changed things for him. He's been head over heels for his friend Sakuma, who he's known since he was little, but since Sakuma's only into him for his girlish face, he can't bring himself to be honest with the boy of his dreams. Instead, Riichi resorts to flamboyantly half-telling his true feelings by joking and saying things like, "I love you, Sakumaaa!" He's got to because if Sakuma finds out, he might end up hating him.... Then one day, Riichi half-jokingly puts on a girls' school uniform, and Sakuma is clearly excited!!! Riichi figures he has to seize every opportunity he gets!! This is a high-energy love story filled with pure love and plenty of lies!
Includes a bonus page and bonus digital-only pages.

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