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You're My Irresistible Extracurricular!

[ Total vol 6 ] Completed
AuthorTakayuki Shidatsu
Review 5(1 Review)
Miidera is a promising new member of his high school's baseball team, but he's forced to take a temporary leave of absence after breaking his leg. Restless and alone, Miidera aimlessly wanders into an empty classroom where he meets Yukami, a senior in the art club who is apparently painting the school grounds. Miidera tries to leave, but he stumbles on his crutches, ripping a hole in the canvas! "I'll do anything!" he insists, stricken by the trouble he's caused, so Yukami asks him to model for a new painting. Miidera reluctantly agrees, and Yukami happily begins removing the younger student's clothes...! This is a pure yet erotic school love story from Takayuki Shidatsu, author of "Your Butt Fetish is a Pain in my Ass"!


Your Butt Fetish Is a Pain in My Ass

[ Total vol 6 ] CompletedHot
AuthorTakayuki Shidatsu
Review 5(1 Review)
Spring. What was supposed to be the beginning of an exciting university life began with a big butt attracting trouble!? On his first day living in the dorms, Amamiya is groped by a pervert on the train, and is rescued by a strong hand. But the moment that hand unexpectedly touches his butt, he moans sweetly......!? Shocked, Amamiya runs away without thanking them. "I have to forget about it......" As he thinks this, the person he sees again at the dorm is......! "To think I want to touch a man's butt......" "I'm a man, yet I get aroused when my butt is touched......" One man with a butt fetish awakened by the luxurious feel, and another with unwavering insecurity about said butt!! Who's to blame for their confusing feelings?

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