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Inexperienced and in Love [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


"Once you've done it with Nana Akiyama, other guys won't cut it anymore."
19-year-old Nana is a good-looking, popular college student who'd like nothing more than to keep rumors of his prowess in the bedroom alive. He has a secret, though: his age equals the number of years he hasn't had a girlfriend! In other words, he's completely inexperienced!! Nana's so committed to living up to the idea others have of him that he can't even say he likes sweetened coffee. His classmate, Akira Mizuno, doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's gay, and Nana's drawn to Akira's unapologetic way of living life while being true to himself... Will Nana's first love ever bear fruit, and will he be able to lose his v-card without mishap!? This is a cute and sexy romantic-comedy about popping your cherry!


The Wolf in the Flower Shop [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic Popular


Riku Kirishima, a rough-looking high schooler, is a lover of romantic comic books who takes care of his family in place of his late mother. He has a younger brother, who he cares for deeply. One evening, he is suddenly embraced by a man in the park who offers him $300 to spend the night. Riku runs away, but soon learns that the handsome pervert who approached him is actually the guardian of his brother's friend! Enjoy this love story between a handsome florist and a romantic high school tough guy!


The Brightest Place on This Planet [Plus Bonus Page] Comic


Yuki Hayakawa has cherished Takao Mochizuki since they were kids, but now Takao has found someone more special... Yuki comes out of this love triangle feeling defeated. Takao's homeroom teacher, Mr. Kanda, offers to comfort Yuki and suddenly kisses him, whispering, "I've been watching you all this time." Feeling sad and lost, Yuki lets Mr. Kanda make love to him... Where will this relationship that started with a physical connection go? This is Nako's debut manga about a mature teacher and a broken-hearted, hot-and-cold high school boy!
Includes a bonus page and an extra bonus page exclusive to Renta!

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