“A la Mode Girl”

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My Tyrant of a Childhood Friend Is a Romance Manga Artist? -What Does He Do with His Assistants in the Bedroom!?- ( Current vol 3 ) NEW Comic

AuthorAran Maeda
PublisherA la Mode Girl

"I've never met a monster like him!" Chinatsu's childhood friend, Hiromi, was popular at school, but in reality a tyrannical, controlling bastard. He would only reveal his true form to her... Chinatsu was freed from her days of oppression when Hiromi went to Tokyo for college... "The devil's back in town..." Years later, Hiromi's returned home and wants to see Chinatsu. He has her come over to his luxury condo. Chinatsu's slightly hopeful after seeing Hiromi's fancy home, but soon realizes the beast is alive and well... "It's been forever. Enough with the gloomy face." He's the same jerk he's always been... "Be the model for my manga." Caught off guard by his demand, Chinatsu's unable to disobey as she lies beneath him! "No...! What're you doing!?" A touching (?) love story featuring a manga artist and a sweet, obedient girl! "I hate his guts, but I love him..."


Drummer Boys! ( Current vol 4 ) NEW Comic

PublisherA la Mode Girl

This is a story you don't want to miss! Who's ever heard of a romantic comedy that revolves around the taiko (the Japanese drum)!? Stressed from being turned down yet again by another company, Tomoe storms to the neighborhood park at night to punch some tires. There, she meets a hot stranger (Hibiki) who invites her to his taiko performance. He's a bit pushy, but she goes anyway, and in an instant falls passionately in love with taiko as she watches Hibiki and his members beat their drums. It turns out, their group needs her to join them in order to get a record deal, and Tomoe's the one they want! Feeling desperate to have a place to belong and with her new passion for taiko, Tomoe agrees. There isn't much time till their next performance, so Tomoe has to stay at Hibiki's to practice... what will happen to these two!?

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