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An Innocent but Abusive Love -My "Special Friend" and I on Display- Comic

"Do it in front of me," he says. After losing the love of my life, I find myself being forced into helping my fuck buddy pay off his debt... by doing the deed in front of a man who looks just like the boyfriend I once loved! He's going to see my private bits! And in such close proximity! "Don't lick me there...!" His intense gaze makes my body more sensitive! Shu is the only man I ever loved, but why is being forced to have sex in front of this man making me so wet? My partner's member grows hard in response to my dishevelled appearance and thrusts deep inside me, releasing a fountain of juices from within...


Sublime Arabian Night -A Virgin Sold on the Black Market- Comic


The lonely heroine Hinako goes out on an errand for her manager, whom she trusts. But what was waiting for her were shady looking men... "Don't you get it? You were tricked!" As those shocking words hit home, she gets sent out to be sold at an auction...... And the man who wins her...... is an incredibly rich prince from the Middle East!! "Suddenly my lips are kissed and I'm pressed against the bed... What's going to happen to me!?"


Cycle of Captivity [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic


Robbed of her parents due to an accident, Mitsuki is taken in by rich distant relatives who deprive her of her freedom. One day, her lifelong captor is suddenly found dead...and on the scene to help solve the mystery is her long-lost boyfriend Sota. Mitsuki is ecstatic at her reunion with Sota and the possibility of finally escaping her prison existence...but is freedom really finally hers?


An Unfair Marriage-Arranging Meeting Comic


The happy children (4 boys and one girl) of the Suzuki family are living on their own. Their parents live overseas, so this year on the birthday of the youngest, Asahi, they send the kids a video letter. When they happily start watching it... It turns out that the only girl among them, Haruna, is adopted! What's more, she has to marry one of her 4 brothers! To Haruna, who is confused, the brothers present an idea: "Have sex with us all to decide which one." Haruna can't turn down the idea, so she goes to bed with her brothers and...?! She loses her virginity to her younger brother, and her older twin brothers touch her from the front and the back... "Mom, I... went crazy with pleasure... again..." Don't miss this outrageous "marriage arranging"!

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