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The Beastly Young Boss Next Door [Total ch. 14] Completed Comic

After Kanoko meets Sosuke at a bar, they share a tender night together... only to meet again at work the next day! Sosuke turns out to be the boss of a rival company that shares a floor with Kanoko's in the same office building. To make things worse, he tells Kanoko that he's liked her for a while... She turns him down, saying she can't date someone from a rival company, but when his fingers and tongue start to wander, she doesn't have the strength to refuse! It feels so good, she's about to lose her mind...!


My Life as a Girl Comic

Takao Hongauchi is a creepy, 28-year-old geek who's lived his whole life without ever going on a single date. After getting into a bicycle accident, he wakes up to find himself in the body of a college girl... a girl with a name very similar to his: Tacao Hongauchi. Apparently their souls have been switched, and he has to go on a date with this girl's boyfriend, Tsubasa! At first, Takao doesn't know what to do... His new body reacts from muscle memory, and every time he sees Tsubasa, his heart starts pounding! Who knew it'd feel so good to be in a girl's body...?


Doctor Lust -Momoka's Erotic Dreams- Comic

One day, I, Momoka, suddenly collapsed and was admitted to hospital. Despite thorough testing, the cause is still unknown. However, since that day, I've been having these erotic dreams... That's right. And in the dreams, I'm always another person having sex with someone I don't know. It's basically like I'm having someone else's sex... Huh, today's dream is... my sister!? I've become my older sister...! Whoa, Yukina... Her boyfriend is doing all these perverted things... The things he's doing to her body... feel amazing...!! If Dr. Kaji were to find out about these dreams, he'd probably think I'm some slutty girl... What in the world should I do...!?


Dirty Memory: A Secretary's Double Struggle Comic

After getting in a traffic accident and losing my memories, I've got two men claiming to be my lover! I tried seeing both of them in order to get my memories back, but... Ryosuke, from the executive department, takes me on dates and is so nice. I want to spend more time with him. He kissed me really roughly, but as he touched me more and more, it started to feel really good. The next day I was called into the company president's office. Then, the president pushed me down and forced himself on me! As much as I didn't want to, I got wet and excited. I get the feeling I've slept with the president before... "Am I really dating both Ryosuke and the company president!?"

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