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Undressed by My Boss Tonight [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic

Koyoi was feeling down in the dumps after her boyfriend had broken up with her. That's when she saw Mr. Shindo on TV and it was love at first sight! She did everything in her power to land a job at his company, but just when everything was going well, he caught Koyoi kissing a picture of him! As punishment, he undressed her and...


The Maid and the Beast Comic

"You'll love me after I've fucked you." I thought he was crazy for saying that, but it actually came true...... My mom collapsed from illness and when we went to the hospital to get her treated, the doctor said it would cost a lot of money. Long story short, I ended up becoming a maid for the hospital director. But, when I entered his mansion, there was a couple having sex in the hallway! "You're both bold and naive. Not a bad combination." As he slid his tongue all over me, I thought of how I could never love a guy like this...... but I was wrong. Ohhh......! This feels so good!!


The Ultimate Hottie-Logue -Hottie Sex Catalogue- (Current ch. 2) Comic

There's a group of hotties known as the Guilty Seven at my college. I, Roka, have a crush on one of those guys, Shun. One day, I stumble upon him having sex with a girl on the roof. The president of the student council, Tenma, catches me taking photos of the guy I like getting it on...! In exchange for not handing me over to the police, I have to sleep with and collect photos of the Guilty Seven climaxing... even though I'm still a virgin!!


A Three Player Love Game! [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic


"It feels much better when I lick you, doesn't it?", says the sadistic older brother with glasses. He's like a king. "I can't stop......!" says the gentle but reckless younger brother. He's like a prince. These super handsome twin brothers are making extreme advances! Minami is a typical nerdy girl. She was leading a boring school life, when suddenly two of her childhood friends transfer into her school! They're the Maijou brothers, and they've both grown up to be super handsome...... Minami feels inferior for having degraded into a total nerd, and tries to avoid the two of them. But despite her efforts, the brother's advances are ferocious! At school, in public and at home... Wherever Minami goes, they cause her big trouble! But amongst all the fuss, Minami finds her cold heart and body slowly warming up to them......!

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