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Cumming and Cumming Endlessly! -187 Days Held Hostage by a Psychopathic Love- Comic Hot

AuthorAo Misono

It all started from one wrong number. Ever since, strange things start to happen around Saya. Phone calls from a stranger, and someone knocking on her door in the middle of the night...... Could it be a stalker!? One day, Saya is introduced to a hottie by her friend at university. Only minutes after being spellbound by the hunk, Saya is pulled back into fear after hearing him whisper into her ear...... Is he the stalker!? Creeping up to her, the man says, "We are destined to be together...... You don't mind if I stay with you, do you? Since I love you this much... "The phycopathic stalker doesn't know when to stop!

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