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How He Tamed My Monster [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Shinobu has a huge problem, and he doesn't know what to do about it! He's tried everything from going to an all-boys school to staying away from the types of magazines his classmates like, but it's not helping as much as he'd hoped. One day, he gets so desperate, he almost falls into the hands of a female con artist... but Nao comes to his rescue! It turns out Nao just might be the key to saving Shinobu from himself... This is a love story between two close friends!
Includes four digital-only pages.


Hey, Wanna Do Me Too? -The Loving Beast and the Rival- [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


"Very nice. Squeal louder." No, I don't want my dear Mr. Suga to hear...!! He's the most clueless middle-aged manager. But to Tsukasa....... Mr. Suga's kind, wonderful, and the most charming man on Earth. The man of her dreams!! One day, one of the hottest guys in the company gets transferred to her department. They call him "Sir Ebi," and all the ladies want him. Everyone's jealous when Sir Ebi is assigned to the project she's working on with Mr. Suga....... but he's totally in the way! Sir Ebi won't leave Tsukasa alone...... Until one night, when they're together in the office, he makes a move on her! He's no gentleman, he's a wild beast!! His very touch sends shivers down her spine......! "Why me?" Who is Mr. Ebi really after, anyway!?


My Darling Is a Prisoner -How to Make a Pet out of a Handsome Guy- Comic


Chiaki has just moved into Room 201, which he is very happy with. But he is woken in the middle of the night by his neighbour groping him...! This is because there is a bizarre rule where any newcomer to Room 201 can be used as a sex pet!! Targeted by all the residents of a male-only apartment... can Chiaki hold on to his rear's virginity!?


Sensitive Virus on the Rise - Big Enema for an Aching Backside - Comic


After taking a rarely used shortcut...... I contracted the "sensitive virus"! Just from being touched on the shoulder, hair or backside, I get aroused. It's awful ! My friend gives me a close and personal examination, then I find that men are targeting me! Being forced to the floor by men I don't know...... This is my fight to protect my virtue!


Sticky Elevator - What Level Will You Go To? - Comic


"Which floor, Sir?" After struggling to find a job, Shuuya finally finds employment at a long-established, large department store. He goes into the training in high spirits, but for some reason he's the only one there... and the training is super erotic! He gets stripped by the instructor, played with, penetrated... It turns out that he's to be a special elevator-boy who provides "service" for his VIP clients! And on top of that, on his first day of work, the first person who comes into the elevator is a hot childhood friend of his! "S... Sir... I... I'll be taking you to another level..." What is the fate of this cute elevator-boy's bottom?!

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