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How to Lend Your Student a Helping Hand Comic

Akira realizes that Koki, the guy he'd been crushing on, is going to become his stepdad. He feels guilty about wanting to touch himself while thinking of Koki... so guilty in fact, that he can't seem to like it anymore!! Right when he's trying to no avail, his high school teacher, the poker-faced Mr. Tojima finds him in a dark alley... and helps him finally release. Akira can't seem to forget the look on Mr. Tojima's face as he helped Akira and decides he'd rather live with Mr. Tojima than with his mom and Koki...
Includes a bonus page and a digital bonus page!


Girly Boys Get All the Love [Plus Bonus Page] Comic

After losing his job, Natsuki runs into Midori, a wealthy doctor who wants to pay him to cry. You'd think it's a sweet deal, except because of all the pressure Natsuki puts on himself as an "older brother" and "a man," he can't seem to do it. Then, Midori comes up with a plan... why not dress up like a girl so it's easier to cry?
Their relationship starts with money, but can it turn to something more...? A sweet story about a tear-obsessed doctor and a guy who looks great sobbing in a skirt!
Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!

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