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You Lose If You Admit You're in Love [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Junichi believes that gender doesn't matter in a relationship and asks Ryo, his pal since kindergarten, if he'd like to try something different with him. But Ryo is a guy who likes things "normal", and there's no way that he would ever acknowledge such a thing. He's astounded by the way Junichi goes around doing whatever he feels like with the guys at school or wherever he may be, and tells Junichi that it isn't normal. Somehow, he ends up being challenged by Ryo, and... This work also contains "Two Wandering Stars", a love story about Akihiko, another friend they grew up with.
Includes four digital-only pages.


From Friends to Boyfriends Comic

Yuta owns an antique bookshop and Chihiro is a monk. They're childhood friends-turned-boyfriends. Chihiro's beauty is uncommon for a monk, and he's often sexually harassed! Whenever this happens, he comes running to Yuta for some "purification." This is their daily life! One day, they are sent on a mission to check out a local haunted house...... This is Asami Takahashi's first comic, chock-full of fun and love!

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