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Summer Storm Comic

It was an intense love, the kind that tears the heart to shreds like a storm roaring through. Hiromi is a bad boy who was never happy following the rules, and Mitsuki is the average girl-next-door. It's been seven years since they tried and failed to elope. Hiromi went to Tokyo alone, but has suddenly returned to their hometown. Seeing him brings back memories, and hearing his voice makes her heart yearn. Unable to leave him in the past, Mitsuki is shaken to her very core... A dramatic, mature love story sure to pull at your heart strings.


Moonlight Comic

"If I win, you'll let me sleep with you, OK?" Mimei and Kouyou grew up together. They both made their dreams come true and have become professional athletes. Since they've always been like siblings, they can't admit their true feelings and confess that they love each other...... Or at least, that's what Mimei thinks until Kouyou proposes a bet to get her into his bed......


Summertime Blues Comic

It was the summer when she was 17 that she met him. A love that can happen only once in a lifetime. Her feelings for him grew each time she saw him, so much so that it was almost overbearing. Time spent with him had been everything for her. She was happy, even if they ended up going separate ways. Years later, she sees him again, and the sparks of romance are once again rekindled as the bittersweet memories begin to take up a bigger place in her heart.


Soft Thorns Comic

Mayuko is in love, but she's satisfied with just looking at the object of her affections from afar. She secretly hides her crush for cool and popular Hiromi. That is, until one day, when an unexpected accident happens... Mayuko is asked to take care of Hiromi after he gets injured and she begins to see a new side to him. Even though the attraction she feels has slowly ignited and turned into love, she has no confidence in herself and cannot take the next step. Then, despite not being able to confess her love for him, their time together is about to come to an end...


My Flower Ikka Comic

For Ikka, her relationship with Mr. Saiki, her college teacher who used to be her tutor in junior high school, means happiness. She's his student, half his age, but her feelings are stronger than that. She knows, however, that for him it's a problem... His words, his kisses, his love... Everything says their feelings for one another are true and cannot be undone by that, so why do they have to part...?


Girlish! Comic

Yuka moves out of Tokyo to a new school because of her dad's job. She's tall, has short hair, and is the star player of the basketball team, so just like at her last school, all the girls treat her like a prince. Riku, the boy who sits next to her in class, however, seems to be avoiding her. Yuka can't stop thinking about him, but she knows this feeling isn't love... Why? Yuka has her reasons, and she isn't letting anyone in on them... This story has got everything about love from bittersweet to naughty.


Mermaid Tail Comic

Right after the end of Kasumi's "love affair" with a teacher at her college, Naoki asks her out. She'd never planned for it to happen - it might've been the alcohol, or rebound... but when she wakes up, Naoki's sleeping naked next to her... Naoki's feelings steadily find their way into her heart, as if to erase all memory of the lost love she'd once believed in. Kasumi feels something warm stirring inside her, but her wounded heart is holding her back...

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