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VIP-Only Elevator Girl: Sir, Please Press Me Here Comic


Emi works in an office and doesn't do a very good job at her real estate company. One day, the president calls her in. Just when she thinks she's finally going to get fired, she is ordered to become a VIP-only elevator girl in a high-rise apartment building full of major celebrities! However... in the elevator, she gets molested by groups of perverts, and even gets punished by the crazily-sadistic president... How is this part of her job?! Then, all of a sudden, a super-hot lawyer appears... "Does she come with the room?" And then, a battle for her starts! An elevator experience filled with nothing but hot guys... "Sir, I will now take you to the very top!"


One Woman in a Village of Men!? -Running Away, Falling in Love, And Getting Caught- Comic


Miyu has come to visit a hot spring in small prefecture up in the mountains for work. When she goes to meet the handsome owner of the hot spring, he is amazed at the fact that she is a "woman". It turns out that for the past several years only boys have been born in this town and it is a town filled of nothing but men! As she relaxes in the hot spring, a handsome man comes in and attacks her! "A woman's here!" says an aroused man as he mercilessly rubs her chest and fingers her down there... No matter how many times she escapes, the contest to make her their bride is never ending. But is there a secret love sprouting that has caught Miyu's heart!?

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