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The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers Comic

Takano Yazaki becomes smitten with Sansui Murase, a business partner and lover to the leader of a gang. Sansui possesses a bewitching charm, and is known for seducing men. Feeling powerfully drawn to Sansui, Yazaki vows to serve Sansui as his loyal dog... Even knowing that another man has a monopoly on Sansui's heart. Several years pass... One day, Sansui is sniped by someone. Yazaki manages to serve as his shield, but... then Sasagawa, a member of a gang crime countermeasure force, and Honnou, a fixer of the political world, appear: The hatred and love of men with scars from the past begins to intertwine...


Attacked on a Tiger's Whim Comic

Tomoya Suou has been attacked by Masatora Murase twice in the past. The first time was in front of his lover, and the second time was in front of his superior. Masatora always appears suddenly, does whatever he wants, and then goes away. Thinking there would never be a third time, Tomoya was on the verge of forgetting, until Masatora appears in front of him again, having become the young leader of a gang. Even though he knows he's dangerous, Tomoya can't stop himself from getting drawn toward Masatora...

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