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Smothered with Love by My Mafia Prince [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

"I wanna be the only one who knows how sexy you are." My boyfriend, Ryo, is the successor of a mafia family. Due to being raised by gangsters in the lap of luxury, his view of the world is a bit unusual. We even have bodyguards chaperoning our dates! Ryo can be a teensy bit too forward, but I love him, and he'd do anything for me. When you're smothered with hot, passionate love all the time, it's hard not to crave it more and more...


The Dog Spirit and the Shrine Maiden [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

It is said that a shrine maiden once offered her chastity to the dog spirit in return for his protection for ten generations... I am the descendant of that shrine maiden. But, lately, some eerie black shadows have been stalking me. Just when I'm about to get hit by a speeding train, this mysteriously powerful, handsome guy saves me. He says he's come to exchange vows, and then suddenly starts kissing me! I should shake him off, but I just can't resist his advances!!
Includes a bonus page and a character sketch exclusive to Renta!


Intensive Care [Total ch. 4] Completed Comic


On the way home from trying on her wedding dress, Nana is involved in a terrible car accident that robs her of her memory. Upon waking up in the hospital, she finds herself surrounded by Kogami, a man with a steel visage who calls himself her fiancee, and Yaotome, her doctor who comes off as compassionate in comparison. Kogami's one-sided overbearingness suggests nothing of the relationship that him and Nana supposedly once had. Was she really in love with this man? That is the question Nana asks herself as she feels herself drawn to the kinder Yaotome. How can she expect to go on with the wedding like this...?

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