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The Billionaire's Fair Lady Comic


"You have his eyes..." are the last words Roxy's dying mother said to her. When she finds a stack of letters in her mother's belongings from her billionaire lover, Roxy finally discovers the identity of her real father. As a poor single mother wanting to give her daughter a better life, Roxy reaches out to a lawyer named Mike to help her get in touch with her father. Mike refuses at first and says that she has insufficient proof. Just when she thinks all is lost, Mike has a change of heart and agrees to help her. But why?



Daring to Date the Boss Comic


Elizabeth used to love her job. Her previous boss, Ron, was a caring man who loved his employees. Unfortunately, Ron passed away and his son, the infamous corporate raider Charles, took over the company. Elizabeth knew Charles was very different from his father, but when he denied her a raise to help pay for her son's tuition, she knew that he was the complete opposite of the loving and caring Ron. One night on her way home, Elizabeth finds Charles stranded on the side of the road and offers to give him a ride. Realizing that she is running late, she drags Charles along to her son's hockey game. Before long Elizabeth and Charles's relationship begins to grow and Charles shows more and more interest in the lives of his employees. Yet Charles is still secretly working on a plan to sell the company!



The Cinderella Bride Comic


One day serious, hardworking personal assistant Emma meets her employer's handsome grandson Gideon. Irritated by his arrogance, Emma hesitantly goes on a business trip to Manhattan with him. Overwhelmed by his commands, she doesn't know what to think of the private jet and the luxurious suite. They are all new to Emma. Unlike her daydreaming mother, Emma knows better than to believe in fairy tales, but what tempts her more than luxury is Gideon's passionate gaze...


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