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Men's Nudism -Eroctopus Tentancles- Comic Hot


A university research room. Hashiba, who works as an assistant for a professor known for being a little off, secretly has feelings for his boss.
Then one day, suddenly he and his privates are embraced by the professor.

"Ah! Not there!!"

In the blink of an eye his milk lands right on an octopus being experimented on...... .
......Then, the octopus starts acting weird!

"Wh......What the this...!!?...No! Oh no!"

What is the professor's objective as he observes hashiba's ecstasy!? Super thick tentacle.


Erotic Men: Egg Hello from the Sexy Men in the Shell Comic


Tatsuya is bored of the same old adult videos. Looking for some unique adult toys on the Internet, he finds a new type, the "Love Egg!" Without really know what it is, his curiosity gets the better of him, and he orders a set. The Love Eggs look just like eggs, but after pouring in some hot water, in just a few moments...a sexy man appears from inside?! This mystery man wastes no time taking Tatsuya into his mouth and starting his service! With amazing technique, Tatsuya climaxes in no time at all. And there's two eggs left. What kind of sexy men could possibly appear next? Don't miss this toy for men with bad luck that's loved by straight guys.

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